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fan 2013 year of MOOC & microeducationsummit & 170th birthday of The Economist

under 30s network most likely to help elders sustain the planet

breaking may16 - from chuck DC friends of under 30s sustainability;

always on : from HO DC  ... download: BRAC leapfrog lessons from biggest cashless bank BKASH


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connects open space china, tsingua, youth conscious architects un, youth networks of 17 goals, vatican intergenerational world championships,  chilicon valley friendships, creative childrens first 20 years of olympiads and asian interests in this, the 4 lanuages confidences any youth concerened with socialworldtrade needs to enjoy - chiense, english, moither tongue and coding, the main colaboration hubs across hemispheres

the world's number 1 leapfrog models and coders of women4empowerment and youth4empowerment and MIT boston and legatum dubai and blum berkeley with the dubai annual search for 100 youth leaders to fund in run up top expo 2020 and coordinated by dubai's 22 yera old minster of youth

; the 50% of humanity living on 1% of planet within 3000 miles of beijing who will ultimately be seminal in all sustainability solutions the world of under30s collaborate around intime- and all partners in development economics mapped round valuing under 30s open everything leadership

from chuck



Regarding Ashden, I think that they are a good fit with us.  Ashden focuses on sustainable energy entrepreneurs, EmeraldPlanet on 1000 best green practices and Jobenomics on Energy Technology Revolution (ETR) small business and job creation.  I attached a copy of the ETR.  Merging all three templates might be an interesting discussion.   Feel free to pursue with your Ashden associates.


Regarding BRAC, I am supporting you, do as you think best.


Regarding Trump, Jobenomics supports any candidate (federal, state, local) who is interested in small business and job creation.   Trump’s position as the Republican presumptive nominee does not impact what we are doing.  However, we hope his campaign adds small business development to his big business emphasis.


Say hello to Manny and John, and remember to take care of yourself.

Chuck -glad you like  ashden
As the ultimate global brand of sustainability and youth job creation partnerships;  things at BRAC future shock me every visit-
  (as i am sure naila can also add detail to given her fashion4development award to sir fazle at un week 2014):
BRAC is on a moores law of value multiplication : the goodwill equity of brac is now four to 10 times larger than 5 years ago due its development of the largest cashless bank in the world that didnt exist in 2010 - not the least because Home | bKash  is now the number 1 small business co-logo all across bangladesh and fortunately we knew (and re-met last week Tania Zaman) then the head of brac brand in 2009  who had been employed to give brac a flexibly coherent identity system 
fortunately global brand partnership risk is the professional genre i developed in 1989 as father retired from The Economist so I need to find the way to offer the abed family pro-bono exponential risk audits to their global brand while they get on with youth empowerment especially on the 1% of the planet where over 50% of people live - confirmed at sir fazle's 80th birthday party as where brac's brand aims to be
growth branches spring up around people sir fazle has trusted for a lifetime but sure make the organigram of whom youth need to know first quite complex- fortunately the head of the real and cashless banking system is someone who in 2009 attended our 69th birthday party for muhammad yunus in the company of the bbc's nature correspondent paul rose -ironically i was at primary school with the son of former bbc nature guru david attenborough whose explanation for not mediating climate crisis sooner was very gentlemanly- the bbc offers such enormous power that i dont offer my voice change until evidence is beyond reasonable doubt (um err after the system has tipped to collapse) -such is the bbc mindset; pity it could otherwise have so many opportunities to be youth's greatest valuer
good news:  we were told by the guy who started brac's entry into online learning 11 years ago to come back and make a day of presentations in july - probably timely as bangladesh has launched an elearning nation ;platform and brac has about the only content to ;put on it!
consequently the best way to build on sir fazle's kind chief guesting of my father's remembrance party at japan embassy in dhaka in 2012 seems to be to send the family a report with 10 ideas the globalyouthcommunity under 30s most want to open space across the leadership team, the university or wherever the technology wizards are next going to multiply brac's goodwill by the next  factor of 5
here is a very rough lusting of 10 for global youth community to brainstorm that needs to be finalised within a week - as often could do with lot of help editing
thanks chris
1 Support youth demand for open technology labs  stating up in 3-languages  to search leapfrog partners apps around the world –in Bangla, English, Chinese. 
Link the great youth hubs/hackathons in Preferential Option Poor mobile innovation – eg MIT , Blum-Berkeley, Ihub, Brac Uni, 1776 DC, Dubai internet city, Branson hub Jamaica …
2 Introduce open space and mass viral innovation processes to brac university- and to teachers and public/community servant training courses. Partner other hardest working (geographically disadvantaged) pro-youth universities – eg Sir Fazle Abed’s Alma Mater Glasgow University desperate  to empower 21st c Adam Smith students to join in and fellow alumn Gordon Brown currently the UN envoy for education- transparency footnote amy and brooking annual summit on educators who scale
3 Databank the world’s favorite microfranchise catalogue by market for easy use by educators, students and communities
4 Consider jobenomics tv channel – potentially a co-ownership trust between Bangladesh,  USA and suitable Chinese partner can be co-branded    -transparency footnote amy
5 Consider supporting an association of youth communities founded by under 30s and concerned with tools of borderless friendship eg languages, hackathons … transparency note amy and mostofa and dubai expo 2020
6 Always analyse partnership compound risk exponentials –eg learn from how microcreditsummit spun away from youths goals and Bangladesh as open source knowledge epicenter. Either avoid being annual hero of any one global summit or - consider co-launching microeducationsummit since that can involve everyone in learning is the 21st c economy
7 SD Goal 1-17 see if an on-demand platform such as Sal Khan will partner in a brac edited space and dashboard of sustainability
8 See if Soros, and his ineteconomics youth community, will help quick start goal 1 end poverty curricula – he is and was the closest living mentor of my father
End Poverty Economics MOOC
Preferential Option (action learning with) Poorest Village Mother as Developer of Economy
Bottom-up resilience- always communally within arms reach of poor Maternal, infant, nutritional health
Redesigning value chains Cultural change of income generation and life critical services to community
Microfranchise – Efficient, Effectice, Expandable, Sustaining positive cash flow Financial service founded on the poorest village mother – complete system now at 4 levels of nationwide investment
Infrastructure leapfrogging for the poorest
Firewalling nations and families microeconomy from any macroeconomic systems
Every Sustainability Generation youth linked in to open learning economy and end poverty trust-flows
9 Understand supercity potentials of Calcutta to Dhaka- integrate a regional superport as a tri-country (Bangladesh, India, China) investment process. Have best relationships with the other top 11 supercity youth entrepreneur hubs.
10 Hall of Fame of Job Creating Leaders and Educators. If my father’s work is correct then sustainability youth –and their parents - need to celebrate job creators more than any other hero type. Global Youth Community could develop a newsletter process including nominations to the Abed family and the BRAC could maintain a hall of fame listing. Ultimately open learning and collaboration is the 21st century development economy- action learning multiplies multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things. Sadly all global professions still lock in the non-sustainable industrial age’s zero-sum metrics. Open Learning’s hall of fame of job creators can go beyond the numbers –it can simply make evident how much the old professional monopolies (and the globalisation they big banged)  devalues trust and devalues youth’s futures everywhere.  
Footnote – items with the transparency tag have started to be researched over the last 10 years by Norman Macrae Foundation youth ambassadors Mostofa Zaman and  Amy and her peers.
chris mob 240 316 8157 ;

HarvardX and MITx: Two Years of Open Online Courses Fall 2012-Summer 2014

HarvardX and MITx: Two Years of Open Online Courses Fall 2012-Summer 2014

Andrew Dean Ho 

Harvard University; Harvard University - HarvardX

Isaac Chuang 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Office of Digital Learning

Justin Reich 

Harvard University - HarvardX; Harvard University - Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Cody Austun Coleman 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jacob Whitehill 

Harvard University

Curtis G Northcutt 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Joseph Jay Williams 

Harvard University

John D Hansen 

Harvard University

Glenn Lopez 

Harvard University

Rebecca Petersen 

Harvard University - HarvardX

March 30, 2015

What happens when well-known universities offer online courses, assessments, and certificates of completion for free? Early descriptions of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have emphasized large enrollments, low certification rates, and highly educated registrants. We use data from two years and 68 open online courses offered by Harvard University (via HarvardX) and MIT (via MITx) to broaden the scope of answers to this question. We describe trends over this two-year span, depict participant intent using comprehensive survey instruments, and chart course participation pathways using network analysis. We find that overall participation in our MOOCs remains substantial and that the average growth has been steady. We explore how diverse audiences — including explorers, teachers-as-learners, and residential students — provide opportunities to advance the principles on which HarvardX and MITx were founded: access, research, and residential education.

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Join search for Sustainainabilty;s Curricula


stories of cities surprising Belt Road Cities

BR2 Dhaka where to go to with jack ma to see banking for billion poorest girls and more

BR2  home of nilekani - the billion person id an

BR6 Luxembourg hub of aiib2019

BR0 beijing - binnaul home of BRI weher 100 most trsetd national eladers of sustainable youth likon: home of tsinghua- universitiues that dont have partnerships with tsinghua will end up failing over 505 of their stidents livelihoods

BR0 Hangzhou - home of jack ma alumni

BR0 hongkong-shenzen - one of the world's 7 most wonderful bridges - china owes more to hongkong than it recognises with a new twist - all the best manufacturing jobs died before 2015-


Shenzhen: City of the Future. 

can shenzhen show how smart manufacturing jobs dont compete with sustainable communities they collaborate with them -can hpng kong arrange daytrips to the mainland for financial mivestors to understand the future of sdg economic zones


1 Investing in Girls Sustainability Goals
1.1 BRAC -how to build 100 million person rural health service with a 20 million dollar loan and girl empowerment other most amazing stories of the world's largest NGO- join the week long celebration between academic alumni of jack ma and girl empowerment epicenttre BRAC 30 sept 2018 - queries 

1.2 BKASH 3 since april jack ma has taken 20% partnership 
1.3 China Capitalism (CC)
1.4 Project Everyone
2 ValuingYouth
2.1 partners of 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17
2.2 end poverty -Goal 1
2.3 end hunger - Goal 2
2.4 healthy, lives - Goal 3
2.5 Quality Education - Goal 4
2.6 Gender Equality -Goal 5

please make sure our future events diaries are win-win

youthbrac1.doc youthbrac1.doc, 693 KB

Entrepreneurial Revolution - an investigation started at The Economist in the 1970s as to whether intergenerational investments in future systems would empower the net generation to be exponentially sustainable. Surveys of the next 40 years asked questions of 2015-2025 such as:

Would the global financial system be designed to sustain or collapse local communities?

Would 2015-2025 be the under 30s most exciting and productive time to be alive as they linked in sustainability of the human race.  Would the parts of the Western hemisphere that advanced the industrial revolution's empires demand that its politicians, professions and academics "happily get out of the way of the sustainability generation being led by the half of youth living within 3000 miles of Beijing"?

POP -Preferential Option Poor

Would every community's most trusted practitioners be educator, health servant and banker.

What would be the top 50 MOOCS that freed access  of action learning of sustainability goals as worldwide youth's most joyful collaboration through way above zero-sum models of wporldsocialtrade? This web makes the cases that the Abed family needs to be youth's number 1 hero to MOOC with - we always love to hear who your vote for number 1 MOOC is -text usa 240 316 8157 family of unacknowledged giant


100 links to BRAC

wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

tools worth a look

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

defining question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

youth world of 2013 most exciting curriculum??


top 30 twelve minutes presentations


1 the billion girl club - how the first billion teenage girls of the 21st century mentored each other in learning a living, and regenerating all 4 hemispheres

2 how open technologists helped nursing to become the most trusted grassroots information networkof the 21st century, and saved the affordability of healthcare and nutritition for everyone

3 how community clean energy microfranchises became the number 1 educational curriculum that the chinese authorities invited the world to co-blog

more coming soon

4 cashless bank-a-billion -a project of the global banks with values network

5 orphanage networks as the world's most inspired jobs agency network and home of financial literacy mooc

6 bottom-up EAgri: designing a collaboration portal on the top 30 crops that need to be mobilised by local value chain maps so that hard working nutrition workers are sustainable however small their farming assets and however variable a particular season's climate

7 what do BRAC's barefoot professionals linkin so that village organisations are collaboratively resilient whatever nature-made or man-made disasters popup


Special child health, nutrition, family and educational development series:

*The First 1000 Days



*Choices to make the first 2 years after primary

BRAC has more staff grounded round the child and parent-eye view of these challenges in the poorest communities than anyone else. Their collaboration knowhow is as valuable as body of knowhow that I have come across in studying societies' value multiplying needs in over 40 countries

Ideas on freeing media to cenebrate the pro-youth economic models which richest need to learn from poorest to genenerate the:

  • next billion green jobs
  • next billion family/community sustaining jobs
  • next billion open technology jobs most worthy of our borderless and interconnected futures


contribute to survey of world's other favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 6 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 6 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

send votes to , Macrae Foundation

  • 4) 6 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means



at 301 881 1655 love to hear from marylanders who can contribute to MOOC valuing net generation as age of conscious capitalism

Financial literacy education links:

BRAC's partner aflatoun

uk's face




Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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