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millennial reporters wanted at partners in world record book of job creation

B01 Bangladesh economical miracle of 15 million poorest village mothers grasssroots networking -good news reporting with and and unacknowledgedgiant


online library of norman macrae--


Pre-Digital Villages Bangladesh Curricula

Bottom Up Disaster Relief coordinator and bridge to development

2 POP Trainers network modelled on Paulo Freire and Action Learning Research

3 Transforming village culture and trust by building health service networking from scratch-prioritising maternal and infant nneeds so as t increase life expectancy and reduca family size

4 Microfranchise version of microfinance - credit for lowest cost livelihoods development and savings and other financial services for poorest; value chain transformation secures livelihoods and maximises BRAC's sustainability (ultimate goal 90% self-financing and 10% funding for egdgiest innovation)

5 Largest non-governmental schools network from primary up with particular impact on girl effect

6 World class agricultural epicentre of poorest  crop science, poultry, dairy


Curricula of Post-Digital Bangladesh Villages and BRAC International

7 BRAC University -first in Bangladesh then as labs eg with Berkeley

8 BRAC Bank -rural to urban 2nd generation families including girl effect

9 Ladders prior to microcredit membership; ultra poor, and extreme challenges of open society (eg post genocide reconciliation),

10 Cashless banking completes end to end banking for poor system in Bangladesh


If you understand BRAC curricula as a benchmark easiest to naviage through all world record job creation networks



When I visit Sir Fazle Abed at the world's favorite social network of systems BRAC, I see maps emerging millennials next 3 billion jobs. Two question to you-how can we share this good news so that everyone can try it out, and if you know of any organisation youth could enjoy valuing more than BRAC please tell me-

6 Next half  billion jobs of health

5 Next half billion jobs of land - food, water, energy, zero footprint commons/infrastructures, rural-urban harmony of futures

4 First half billion jobs of everyone's a life long learner and peer to peer teacher/mentor of flow

3 First half billion jobs of youth's open source tech wizards

2 ER's First half billion jobs of redesigning purposes of all other trillion dollar markets to joyfully frees entrepreneurial livelihood

;1 First half billion jobs of professionals under 35 who align professions and public service to end poverty and invest in millennials' goals of borderless "global village" world.

 43 years after The Economist 1 2 declared open education as epicentre of youth's greatest Entrepreneurial Revolution:

planetmooc invites you to celebrate and map free education's greatest freedom enetrepreneurs: from how the world's most collaborative NGO BRAC spreads job creating edu everywhere it links to free universities such as blechers world first in 1999 to how youth most vauable use of the web moocs , khan-acs and OLA's!!!



BRACAbed ,











rsvp Wash DC YouthCReativelab hotline 1 301 881 1655


microfranchises correspondence welcome - From Entrepreneurial Revolution's search for microfranchises  started in The Economist in 1972:
Bangla Microbanks- Grameen and BRAC - the pro-youth economics significance of microbanks can systematically be audited to the extent that they turn value chains bottom-up. Born of the new nation of Bangladesh's extreme poverty in the 1970s, these banks lead the world of pro-youth economics through the the number of replicable microfranchises they innovate - catalogue of where to help develop this curriculum. Furthermore, since 1996 Bangladesh became the first place to attract partnerships in mobile village solutions to all the most vital needs youth and families have to be sustainable


help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

-------------in our searches is youth world's most valuable organization - other nominations welcome most valuable for community sustaining banking, most valuable for sustaining farmers, most valued for job creating education. most effective in flowing disaster relief through to development, most affordable healthcare, most vital connections with open source technologists ...


brac's home web 1 2 3 4
fan web of sir fazle abed

About BRAC Partners

Strategic Partners

Institutional Donors

Government Alliances Corporate Alliances

Implementation Partners Knowledge Partners

Partnerships for BRAC International
please use this ning to discuss sustainability solutions that brac open sources

HAPPY 2013

Will you join collaboration entrepreneurs in pro-youth educational revolutions like MOOC (Massive Open Online Course/Curriculum) -and so linkin pro-youth economies all over the world of post 2015 millennium goals?

Coursera, Udacityand edX are defining the form, and themselves.
interesting catalogues MEP 1,

help urgently call for microeducationsummit so that post-2015 millennium goals converge win-wins  (instead of being separated tasks) and leaders wholly invest in youth's extraordinary capability mobilising collaboration technology

more on BRAC Partners

We  rely on a vast array of partners in our mission to serve the poorest  communities around the world. It is important for us to look beyond our  present role of mere service providers and invest in building a  broad-based coalition of rights-based development partners capable of  fighting the policies that drive neo-liberal urbanism, and pressing for  collective bargaining rights of the poor and marginalized. By working in  partnership, we improve our efficiency and effectiveness, and increase  our impact on poverty. We collaborate with government agencies and other  humanitarian organizations operating on the local, national and  international level, who provide us with cash and in-kind donations,  expertise, shared resources and other forms of support. All of these  programs reflect the strengths and determination of BRAC, its employees,  partners and supporters who, working hand in hand with the citizens of  Bangladesh have demonstrated the power of ideas and local action.



2011 Annual Donor Consortium Meeting Presentation [PDF-2 MB] by Executive Director

2010 BRAC Annual Reports

Audit Reports:


Financial Information

BRAC uses every dollar efficiently

A naturally thrifty organisation, we keep our overhead low - always less than 7 percent - to make more money available for our programmes. With modestly-compensated staff members, who live in simple accommodations close to the people they serve, BRAC uses every dollar efficiently. When we enter a community, we do so with the idea of assisting the largest  number of people possible, with the support and services they need most. Having honed our skills over three decades, we know how to start small and how to rapidly scale up effective, anti-poverty efforts. The growth of BRAC in Bangladesh over the past three decades is reflected in our solid financial performance. Our annual programme expenditures in 1980 were USD $780,000, which grew to USD $485 million in 2007. Underlying this staggering growth is our transformation from a small, local development organisation to a global movement fighting to end poverty.

Our Tax ID in the USA is: 20-8456741.

Our UK Registered Charity Number: 1115482


Financing BRAC International Programmes

Internationally, BRAC has built a solid financial base in Bangladesh, growing from a tiny start-up into the largest development organisation in the country. In 1980, programmes in Bangladesh were funded exclusively with donor money. However, over the years we have steadily reduced our dependence on donor contributions through growing microfinance, and developing social enterprises that have not only created employment for many poor people, but have also enabled us to generate income for our programmes. Similarly, when we first launched programmes in Afghanistan in 2002, we again found ourselves in a start-up mode, self-financing our budget in the first year. As we began to demonstrate success, we received donor funds to scale-up our programmes. As in Bangladesh, we have begun building a path to financial self-sustainability and as of 2007, 40% of annual expenditures were self-financed.

Financing BRAC Programmes in Africa

2006 marked the start of our programmes in Africa. In extending our reach to Africa, we must rely on private donors as donor countries make grants in Africa directly to national governments, rather than to organisations on the ground. Given that we are unable to access government grants on the scale needed for our programmes in Africa, we need sustained philanthropic support to continue expanding and launching new programmes, while we work toward financial self sustainability in every country where we operate.

BRAC won the CGAP Financial Transparency Award in 2005 & 2006

BRAC’s commitment to accountability and transparency has been recognised by CGAP, an independent policy and research centre dedicated to advancing financial access for the world’s poor.


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does amy remember anyone at wise or at bracSee More
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"First World Bank ‘Blue Bond’ Approved for Seychelles Photo by IISD | Lynn Wagner STORY HIGHLIGHTSThe World Bank approved its first project in the Seychelles in over 30 years. The project aims to improve the country's fisheries…"
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"Welcome and Opening Remarks Michael Evans, President, Alibaba Group John Tory, Mayor, Toronto Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier, Ontario Hon. Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism and Leader of the Government in the House of Commons,…"
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"goal 6 and 14 relatiobships with water are int4eresting lack of drinking water is a killer for poor people, as are the sanitation challeges Jim Kimis a LinkedIn InfluencerPresident at The World Bank1d Edited With growing economies and…"
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"Index of WRJC (version 1 to 2020) E1 Xi Jinping (Rejuvenation global2.0; world's most transparent maps on win-win trade for all) E99 Lee Kuan Yew E2 Sir Fazle Abed (world's favorite educator eg empowered girls…"
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what if the world wholly values youth as sustainability generation?

17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Our favorite is the new economy of valuing world's poorest girls-  brac, founder Sir Fazle Abed, is the world's most knowledgable network in empowering girls sustainability- started in bangladesh in 1972 its first 25 years of grassroots networking was entirely face to face as bangladeshi girl villagers had no electricity so no telecoms nor other ways of being connected beyond the village;
leapfrog models - when mobile is your first telecom; when solar is your first elecetricuty ; when cashless is your first bank ...
bangladesh was one of the first nations to test how to use mobile with world poorest womens networks; most leapfrog market models can benchmark an ultra goals version that brac has helped linkin - start with the developing worlds largest cashless bank using mp3 tech
related references from the sino-english first edition of world record jobs creators

Index of WRJC (version 1 to 2020)

E1 Xi Jinping (Rejuvenation global2.0; world's most transparent maps on win-win trade for allE99 Lee Kuan Yew E2 Sir Fazle Abed (world's favorite educator eg empowered girls to resolve poverty's greatest challenges, BRAC & Bkash)  
E3 Jack Ma leapfrog tech (big data small), ecommerce curriculum as one of china's 4 greatest inventions 1 -IR4  can develop 10 times bigger people-centred economics)  E98 Gandhi & Montessori & Mandela,  E4 Nilekani (bridges to English as 2nd most valuable language in world Modi, Kalam, Singh) W1 Tim Berners Lee (the www , we havent seen it yet- human collaboration can be so much bigger, bridge to any mit lab with human app) W2 Jim Kim being healthcare most courageous public servant lads to being the sanest western voice in world banking and most peace-loving North Korean American; ; W3 Pope Francis and W99 Pope John Paul; W4 Justin Trudeau , W5 Michael Palin, W6 Henry Kissinger -superpower mediator extraordinaire; E5 Yo-Yo Ma, IM pei.. Chengl Li Cultural leadsers sans frontieres; W7 George Soros; W8 Larouche family; W18 Paul Polak, E12 Pony Ma, E13 Rhen Zhengfei (Huawei), E14 Guo Guangchang (fosun) E15 Liu Chuanzhi (lenovo)E16 Feng Lun (vanton), E17 Yuriko Koike and Abe, e18 Li Ka-shing founder ckgsb e19 moreno, blum and perini, E20 robin li  W19 Thorkil Sonne,

help edit presentations of sir fazle abed and xi jinping and jack ma as #1 world record job creators and search out youth economies with special thanks to youth mediators

here's a doc and global youth fast changing urgent intelligence debate on

sustainability worlds record jobs mapmakers- how would you turn it into a viral video or a few slides or other collaboration stimulus of valuing investment in youth/girls as sustainability goals generation- who are the peer networks you most want to share it with- please help us question 2 different things- the people you know who you can share  it with; the people you would dream of sharing it with -what actions would you first intend resulting from the intelligence you mediate

BRAC PRIMARY SCHOOLS 5.3 million girl alumni of BRAC

A second chance at education 
Over the past 29 years, the number of BPS has grown exponentially. We started working in 1985, opening 22 one-room schools and providing three years of schooling up to class 3, which was later extended to class 5. The main objective of non-formal primary schools is to develop a school model for the underprivileged and primary school dropout children, especially girls, to complete the five-year primary school syllabus in four years.

BRAC also works with other development organisations to expand education opportunities for disadvantaged children by partnering with them and providing them with technical and financial support to implement BRAC’s non-formal primary education model with changes as needed. These collaboration activities are called education support programmes.

Key features

  • The one-teacher school is operated by the same teacher for the same cohort of children for a period of four years and delivers lessons in all subjects
  • The school hours are flexible and fixed according to needs
  • Children do not pay any fees and there are no long holidays
  • Little or no homework as most of their parents are not capable of assisting them
  • Children with special needs receive corrective surgeries along with devices like wheelchairs, hearing aids, glasses and ramps
  • Children belonging to ethnic communities receive class lectures and course materials in their own languages up to class 2 so that they can overcome language barriers and cultural gaps
  • BRAC develops textbooks and other materials for up to class 3 and government textbooks are used in classes 4 and 5
  • Students are taught about social values and their rights and responsibilities coupled with basic financial education to empower them
  • BRAC primary school graduates are being tracked by BRAC for further study

Mechanism to ensure quality of teaching
A typical BRAC teacher is a woman from the community in which the school is, with 10 years of schooling experience. Teachers undergo an initial 12-day training course in order to repeat basic information on teaching and learning and to enhance their teaching abilities. They subsequently participate in monthly, subject-based refresher courses and yearly orientation prior to advancing to the next class. In collaboration with BRAC University’s Centre for Language (CfL), BRAC provides a two-month long (21 days each) teacher training programme in English to the teachers.

What is the linkage with the government education system?
Bangladesh government has allowed BPS students to appear for Primary Education Terminal Examination which is a fundamental board examination that takes place at the end of class 5.

The effectiveness of this programme was evident when the graduates of the non-formal schools were well ahead of the country average when it came to passing grade for the primary school examination - 97 per cent success rate in 2009, and 99.54 per cent in 2010.

How do we track graduates at secondary schools?
BRAC experienced that its graduates admitted in secondary schools often cannot complete their education due to many critical circumstances. We started the ‘tracking of BRAC graduates at secondary schools’ programme to ensure their enrolment at the secondary level, promote regular attendance, reduce dropout rate so that they successfully complete the course.

BRAC is also regularly in touch with secondary school authorities and other organisations to manage scholarships and full/half free education for BPS graduates.

a.    Shikkha Tari: Boat School
b.    School for dropped out children
c.    Performing and fine arts
d.    Total learning experience (TLE)
e.    School for street children
f.     Social and emotional learning (SEL)
g.    Aflatoun
h.    Mobile library for BRAC Primary Schools
i.     Interactive digital content in primary education
j.     Kumon mathematics at BRAC schools

Quick facts:
14,153 primary schools 
389,910 students, of whom 62.17% are girls
5.3 million students completed courses to date, of which 60.43% are girls
5.55 million students transferred to formal schools to date, of which 60.12% are girls
14,153 teachers

Read Stories:
Innovative Steps Towards Primary Education in Haor Area
Akhi studies hard to be a teacher.
Alam, a Non-formal Primary School Student, Now Runs His Own.


Related Videos:
Mitali Dango: BRAC School Teacher
BRAC Primary School Students Singing.


youthbrac1.doc youthbrac1.doc, 693 KB  1  2 3

which value chains could teachers know how to help youth redesign to end poverty - fashion, crafts, agriculture, banking, health, disaster, education ...

Valuing half of the world under 30 13 Replies 


can you help under 30s map worldyouthcommunity 
brac, and love the world of education again

Open Learning Campus welcomes you. If you are looking for World Bank OLC please start at or ; other search queries text usa 240 316 8157 -or start at superplaces -sustainability designed by every family not a handful of bi-polar political big brothers

Breaking news Match 2016 - chinese youth lead creative children delegation to brac to discuss open education's entrepreneurial revolution and joyful consequences for girls the world over

Breaking News March 2015 First Bangladesh OLC launched by U of Berkeley and BRAC Sir Fazle Abed. 

Welcome to partners in mapping Open Learning Campus- and

Four world record job creation explorations in one


1 Open Platforms eg 5 billion peoples: Xprize replaces Yazmi?, Khan and OD Coursera- NG leads china partners out of Baidu

2 Labs for partnering the greatest changes in teachers and students, families and communities

3 Designers of the future of the net -generating the smartest liveliood creating media

4 Missing job creating curricula and ending the 4 monopolies of pre-digital state-dominated examination of youth’s futures


internet as entrepreneurial revolution of learning learning

 Mandela Extranet Partnerships including Google and Branson

Feb 2015 Breaking News  Latest skype with Taddy Blecher in South Africa confirms that all teacers and students at 7t grade will soon get ipads for accessing te missing job creating curricula such as MII Maharisi’s love yourself, financial and entrepreneurial literacy, coding


As you know, with eg learning satellites of 5 billion people in play,  there is a lot of mashing up of curricula going on - and it would be really useful if Rome and Glasgow and Paris and Madrid and Budapest and Warsaw could find common ground over next few months if any is to ever be found out of Europe in time to valuing millennials livelihoods


ps could you tell me whether or not you decided to spend 6 weeks in Dhaka round the turn of the year; as far as I can see peoples diaries and information networks over next 6 months are not synchronised yet in ways that could maximally support sir fazle abed; it would be a shame bordering on catastrophe if millennials never had accurate understanding of how much of Bangladesh's first 44 years depended on his life's action learnings and open engineering mindset

wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

Timeline of Open Learning Campus (OLC) -latest newsletter

2014 world record top10 job creator jim kim's world bank takes collaboration lead : launching OLC (with coursera) august 2014, 2nd annual youth summit october 7 2014, first annual UN-partnered millennials competition spring 2015


100 links to BRAC

how did villager networks around Sir Fazle build rural health service? build village education? build banking networks? build valuetrue maps of food , water and safe-for-children communities? 

background research links on women4empowernent curricula at and millennials (25-35 profesionals) most valuable knowledge network ever to human race at


1972: in the West The Economist starts debating OLC after seeing students experiment with early digital learning network (UK national dev program computer assisted elarning; milllenials goals and swot of planetary sustainability of net generation published after 12 years of global views mediation; NZ educators start continuous experiments at book form becomes favorite export to 10 million chinese parents

in East BRAC starts greatest bottom-up lab for OLC -Bangladesh becomes doubly famous for this when Muhammad Yunus starts linkng in 4 years later- latest updates celebration's MOOC Yunus; yunus invites atlanta to turn youth peace laureate summits into twin capitak events with most value to host than olympics or world cup



1989 Berners Lee launches the web- soon mit media lab in boston becomes most resourced open source tech wizards innovation lab;early 1990s Samara launches Africa's and Asia first freedom of peoples info satellites-sonn Kenya's IHUB backed by ushahidi becomes the  worldwide youth's most exciting open source tehnology wizard's networking space

- 2014 update Yazmi.comled by DC-Ethiopia diaspora networks

Late 1990s S.Africa's free university launched- 2014 update Blecher parners now shoot for 1 million additional job creation across whole 14 million youth african schooing system by 2020- ihub partners all over africa (and indeed in any capital with future) invited to linkin

Late 200s Khan Academy invesnts the most valuable reporting format of all -maximum 9-minute audio blackoards-0 game is on- which audio-blackboards are so valued by youth to peer to peer learn with that their viral actin networking makes trending on twitter look like a sideshow

puzzle 1 : Back in 1962 The Economust celebrate the win-win peace economics model of japan and projects milennail population statistics will require Asian Pacific milllenials to be responsible for more than half of the planet's open and  sustainbility investments 1975- 2025- who;s connecting this? jack ma?  Yao Ming with Brookings Inside Out China and Unseen Wealth teams? rsvp washington dc hotline 301 881 1655

How did bottom-up NGO BRAC become the world's largest most collaborative network for partnering in millennials sustainability? While it is known globally and locally for sharing extreme innovations in community banking, its foundations were first built on 3 subnetworks:

bottom-up disaster relief

massive scaling of microfranchisie solutions to life critical challenges

what the WISE laureates value as number 1 job-creating education network in the world (parallel nominees by context of freedom of entrepreneurial skills)

help us review 2013 MOOC

2013 was a year in which professors might have found out what a huge gap ...

- is khan academy's 60 minutes introduction to coding the most valuable training billions of youth have ever been offered? otherKhan links

Who's mapping the most valuable collaboration youth networks in the world -here's why 42 years of entrepreneurial revolution surveys lead us to value orbiting around families of Abed and Soros and Turner- whose collaboration with youth's futures do you value most?



  • what would a million youth most wish to see in a 6 weeks mooc guided tour to -if you can help our research please email  washington dc 1 301 881 1655

hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

youth world of 2013 most exciting curriculum??

What would the world miss if MOOC had never existed? world tour next stop: Dhaka  date to be announced

sample urgent correspondence- - have you tried - biggest change in 40 years since dad (The Economist's Norman Macrae) and i first saw 500 youth sharing knowledge around a digital network..

now anyone with a set of slides that shows how collaboration with them can most change the world can get linked in to job-creating education, mentoring hopefully be star players in free university - a fascinating question to explore is which mooc will first connect a million youth live- more

Feb 2013 breaking news- 2 curricula we are prioritising research for this month are

  • collaboration NGO (which NGOs would you wish to see contribute to this course) and
.Norman Macrae -first to journalise the EU, Japan and Asia Century, Entrepreneurial Revolution, Net Generation is a hard act for his family to follow. Parting 2010, he left instructions to co-host parties wherever places (or his pro-youth economics friend muhammad yunus) invested most in their youth's collaboration round heroic purposes. Following party at boardroom of The Economist,  one of the next 3 parties- Japan Embassy in Bangladesh - planted the idea that Norman's friends can celebrate those who design MOOCs around 10 times more job creating systems of education- wow yes please!,and thanks so much to sir fazle abed for agreeing to host a follow up party on this March 2013.

Favorite Partners of Journal of Youth Economics : BRAC, MOOC Developers, Youth Jobs Competitions; The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant Family Foundation and Friiends in Japan, S Africa,...


1 2 3 .. SocLab

 Youth  PARTNERING - BRAC:& JICA  1 2 & Nike & MIT Legatum & MastercardF & GatesF & DFID & Aflatoun & Kiva & wholeplanet

Our Foundation - and friends of youth job creation -  at are delighted to nominate BRAC as the most purposeful partnering organisation we have ever seen. Of course we enjoy comparing views -who's your nomination?

What is more the Abed family have spent more energy on future of schools than anyone we know 

Norman Macrae Foundation Washington DC 1 301 881 1655

This is all very good news for all those celebrating 2013 as Year of The MOOC  -as well as those who see education as the gateway to changing the purposeful freedom of life's 7 most valuable pro-youth markets of the net generation's post-industrial revolution mapped by The Economist and its readers since 1972


40 years ago, my dad at The Economist and I first saw 500 youth sharing knowledge around a digital network. Both of our lifetime passions united in searching for the most purposeful organisations of the net generation - a search dad branded in The Economist from 1972 Entrepreneurial Revolution and which ten years later became our 2024 Report on investing in millennium goals so that the net generation could be the most productive and collaborative time to be alive





So now that Massive Online Open Curriculum has come full circle - we invite everyone to link in to BRAC to call for microeducationsummit and to design 7 MOOCs most needed for youth economics to free the net generation to be the most  communally productive and and purposefully collaborative tome on the planet



.M Goal Aid Networking . .Clean Energy.. .Joy of Peace and Safety..


HOW? BRAC 1 2 3 became the world's bottom-up NGO accidentally. 1972: Bangladesh was about a year old as a new nation liberated after a costly war with Pakistan (with the least in the world) when an extremely local typhoon wiped out about half a million people and the only infrastructure left standing was the offices of shell oil that Sir Fazle Abed had just been appointed to lead after years as as a graduate of architecture from Glasgow University and Chartered Accountancy in London. All the traditional disaster relief agencies linked in round Sir Fazle. Once the immediate work was over Sir Fazle made the decision that serving the poorest's market needs was more valuable (to him) than serving big oils needs. His first 2 apps: Bottom up healthcare and schools networks now create jobs over 100000 each. Apart from the schools, most jobs are open sourced as microfranchises by entrepreneurs. Sir Fazle has now transformed Value Chains (VC- what is?) of about 20 life-shaping service markets in Bangladesh. Along the way. knowledge networking partnerships around investment banking for the poorest has helped transfer solutions to about 12 other poorest or most conflicted countries (a spectacular case write-up is Uganda - see MIT Innovations 2012 Issue 2). And BRAC is the leader of the global alliance of banks with values and a pioneer of cashless banking partnership


BRAC is one of the top 10 networls for every youth of net generation to link into because it has demonstrated how to innovate job creation in more trillion dollar global (life critical markets) than anyone else we can find. Its methods of value chain analysis - and mapping the greatest purpose a global market scetor could servive in any society are as valuable for ensuring full employment in europe as they are for ending poverty in developing world. It has more economics models than old charities and foundations; it has more economic models for governments; it has more economic promotional models for corporations; in fact any market that is important to youth is likely to find somethiung it can grow more sustainably by colaborating with  -the most economical organisational architecture in the networking world partly because it helps partner all the other most economic brand architectures



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does amy remember anyone at wise or at bracContinue

Started by chris macrae. Last reply by chris macrae Dec 2.

goal 17

“The Future of Everything –…Continue

Started by chris macrae Oct 9.

goal 17

“The Future of Everything –…Continue

Started by chris macrae Oct 9.

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Africa Innovate DC Series 1 : Addis Ideas
APRIL 7, 2016 - 5:30 PM

Africa Innovate DC Series 1 : Addis Ideas

Free order #506533559 of 1 Ticket on April 4, 2016…

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2015.9  in scaling jobs-related curriculum moocs and khan academies are likely to continue to disappoint until china versions them in much same way that yahoo and ebay and paypal missed the big pic j…

2015.9  in scaling jobs-related curriculum moocs and khan academies are likely to continue to disappoint until china versions them in much same way that yahoo and ebay and paypal missed the big pic jack ma rejigged them ;


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can we map how MOOCING free university will make even man's moon races look like small scale collaboration

 3rd quarter plan 2013

Dear Searchers in Dhaka and everywhere youth job creation and community sustainability need to be free 

I appreciate all ways of harmonising organigram of BRAC brand architecture as the winner of father's Collaboration Entrepreneurial Revolution Quest challenge started in The Economist in 25 dec 1976-ref :…


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Join search for Sustainainabilty;s Curricula

1 Investing in Girls Sustainability Goals
1.1 BRAC
1.3 China Capitalism (CC)
1.4 Project Everyone
2 ValuingYouth
2.1 partners of 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17
2.2 end poverty -Goal 1
2.3 end hunger - Goal 2
2.4 healthy, lives - Goal 3
2.5 Quality Education - Goal 4
2.6 Gender Equality -Goal 5

please make sure our future events diaries are win-win

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Entrepreneurial Revolution - an investigation started at The Economist in the 1970s as to whether intergenerational investments in future systems would empower the net generation to be exponentially sustainable. Surveys of the next 40 years asked questions of 2015-2025 such as:

Would the global financial system be designed to sustain or collapse local communities?

Would 2015-2025 be the under 30s most exciting and productive time to be alive as they linked in sustainability of the human race.  Would the parts of the Western hemisphere that advanced the industrial revolution's empires demand that its politicians, professions and academics "happily get out of the way of the sustainability generation being led by the half of youth living within 3000 miles of Beijing"?

POP -Preferential Option Poor

Would every community's most trusted practitioners be educator, health servant and banker.

What would be the top 50 MOOCS that freed access  of action learning of sustainability goals as worldwide youth's most joyful collaboration through way above zero-sum models of wporldsocialtrade? This web makes the cases that the Abed family needs to be youth's number 1 hero to MOOC with - we always love to hear who your vote for number 1 MOOC is -text usa 240 316 8157 family of unacknowledged giant


100 links to BRAC

wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

tools worth a look

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

defining question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

youth world of 2013 most exciting curriculum??


top 30 twelve minutes presentations


1 the billion girl club - how the first billion teenage girls of the 21st century mentored each other in learning a living, and regenerating all 4 hemispheres

2 how open technologists helped nursing to become the most trusted grassroots information networkof the 21st century, and saved the affordability of healthcare and nutritition for everyone

3 how community clean energy microfranchises became the number 1 educational curriculum that the chinese authorities invited the world to co-blog

more coming soon

4 cashless bank-a-billion -a project of the global banks with values network

5 orphanage networks as the world's most inspired jobs agency network and home of financial literacy mooc

6 bottom-up EAgri: designing a collaboration portal on the top 30 crops that need to be mobilised by local value chain maps so that hard working nutrition workers are sustainable however small their farming assets and however variable a particular season's climate

7 what do BRAC's barefoot professionals linkin so that village organisations are collaboratively resilient whatever nature-made or man-made disasters popup


Special child health, nutrition, family and educational development series:

*The First 1000 Days



*Choices to make the first 2 years after primary

BRAC has more staff grounded round the child and parent-eye view of these challenges in the poorest communities than anyone else. Their collaboration knowhow is as valuable as body of knowhow that I have come across in studying societies' value multiplying needs in over 40 countries

Ideas on freeing media to cenebrate the pro-youth economic models which richest need to learn from poorest to genenerate the:

  • next billion green jobs
  • next billion family/community sustaining jobs
  • next billion open technology jobs most worthy of our borderless and interconnected futures


contribute to survey of world's other favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 6 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 6 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

send votes to , Macrae Foundation

  • 4) 6 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means



at 301 881 1655 love to hear from marylanders who can contribute to MOOC valuing net generation as age of conscious capitalism

Financial literacy education links:

BRAC's partner aflatoun

uk's face




Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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