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fan 2013 year of MOOC & microeducationsummit & 170th birthday of The Economist

JRN: cataloguing youth's 100 jobs-rich networks with chinathanks and eduthanks

online library of norman macrae--  

welcome to our young journalists search

From 1972 my father norman macrae  (nicknamed UnacknowledgedGiant of The Economist, founder of Entrepreneurial Revolution) spent rest of his life debating  how and why education and china needed to be the 21st c main economies - not just for educators and chinese but all 21st c youth's livelihoods -by uniting open society systems beyond the highly bordered 20th century -for example celebrating 4 global village languages : chinese, english, mother tongue, coding. 


Youth surveys have found 5 dimensions which connect JobsRichNetworking

  1.  Who.s designing tech to build Jobs Rich Networks (eg Jack Ma download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -and see why greatest #learinggeneration thanks hangHangzhou   ref superecityU)
  2.  Which place leaders are uniting JRN - fazle abed, Xi-Trump 
  3.  Which teachers love youth enough to innovate Jobs Entrepreneurial Revolution  (worldwide examples are searched annually milliondollarteacheraward; american examples are shannon may (bridges international) founding tech's most economic village school network and Baltimore's al hathaway uniting inner cities so that poorest youth create livelihoods and redesign urban worldwide?
  4.   Who are the greatest storytellers helping we the peoples (youth and parents and communities) mediate this change including diversity's money-poor and learning-rich?
  5. Whose investment models or learningopen maps should be celebrated by the 3 generations determining sustainability: youth te half of us under 30, parents and grandparents

100 JRN - searched by young journalists of and

WHY HELP THIS SEARCH? Education can be far larger economy than the industrial age consumption of things because knowhow can multiply in use (abundant "mass flourishing" value) instead of being used up ( scarcity value). China's 1.3 billion people could be an unstoppable confucian force for good needed to go from being underemployed to helping all youth find worldwide livelihoods

WHAT ARE JOBS RICH NETWORKS (JRN)? We ask for your help in editing these- we feel youth know and connect when they see these.  We aim to map 2 types of examples- those who are meta-hubs for many JRN and specific examples of JRN that are good for youth and leaders of sustaining human livelihoods to be participating in

please tell us of your sightings and if you would like to join bracnet, to help co-edit directly please rsvp

A: A1) WISE (Qatar) summit (next nov 2017 theme co-creativity) is a metahub for networks concerned with learning for a living. That was the dna of its first education laureate sir fazle abed; its most vibrant entrepreneurial partners linkin

A1.1 WISE youth education incubators- examples

A1.1.1 Making Ghanaian Girls Great! | Varkey Foundation  -more accelerator projects

A0 Since the un launch of 17 sustainability goals , the most exciting view unifying technology wizards and girl empowerment networks concerns -happiness and health service networks and places celebrating these- how do we map the skills teachers let alone students will need if these sectors replace 20th C leading brands ( soda's coke, apple's luxuries) -see more

WISE cities concerned with future of jobs learning such as

A1.1.2 beijing and A1.1.2.1 madrid as well as the UAE where A1.3 neigboring summit is the million dollar teacher prize out of dubai with such royal patrons as prince william those with 3 year goals are invited to co-partner A1.3.1 Dubai Youth Expo 2020  as well as 1.4 Tokyo-AliBaba Olympics 2020

A2.0 loving creative innercity's youth (aka SD Urban Goal 11):  NB A2.1 west baltimore's A1.2 UBC network can unite goal 11's social justice of jobs creation (baltimore from 1881 is epicentre of 1.2.1 girl empowerment and 1.2.2 black SJ) and turn having a lot of community time on your hands into culturally joyful movements - recall the beattle's liverpool, look around anywhere you have found beautiful craftmanship; the poorest inner cities are also the creative open space for a whole region becoming a A1.3 supercity where everyone is learning as well as teaching- Baltimore inner city networks neighbors in DC include take it on jim kim youth professionals;

the world development report education in press sept 2017; two annual summits at brookings on education scaling (1) challenge and girls education (1) challenges; the china100 launch of search for china america youth ambassadors

IF ever nations decided they needed a 21st C 11 plus examintaion -our recommendation focus on one exercise: review how a 9 year old boy spent his next 41 years creating the supercity of Hangzhou by value multiplying with the 4 most open language connections being ambassador for www supercitizenry and global village (aka tabao, grameen) networkers could offer - and what happened next : in 2016 he helped issue invitations to 45 national leaders at G20 and EducationCommission, in 2017,,watch this space


The Resistance, as always, is evolving and experimenting. We are one faction of those fighting for the future: a group of writers, thinkers, and artists using our powers to fight imagination with imagination. Through a pirate communications channel (CoLab Radio), we are imagining Alternative...
Communities defining what health means to them and innovating on ways to address issues that perpetuate poor health despite disinvestment and systems failures is not a new concept. At CoLab, enabling agency and self-determination is at the heart of the work we do in partnership with communities at...

Mr. Mel King, Director and founder of the SETC ... - Fab Lab Connect › Fab Lab Connect
Jul 27, 2015 - Melvin H. 'Mel' King, an American politician, community organizer, writer, and past Adjunct Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of ...

Mel King "Fab-Lab" Dedication Ceremony - YouTube

Dec 29, 2016 - Uploaded by Boston City TV
Superintendent Tommy Chang and representatives from Boston Public Schools gather at Madison Park High ...

Mel King "Fab-Lab" Dedication - Promo - YouTube

Dec 20, 2016 - Uploaded by Boston City TV
Superintendent Tommy Chang and representatives from Boston Public Schools gather at Madison Park High ...

Mel King has spent a lifetime as an advocate for Boston families ...

Sep 24, 2015 - Boston — Mel King sits on a bench on Columbus Avenue in Boston's ... SETC headquarters has a “Fab Lab” – a cutting-edge invention area ...

Community-based Fab Labs nurture young talent - The Boston Globe

Apr 1, 2013 - The Fab Lab in the South End is part of a patchwork of some 40 labs ... former state legislator and Boston mayoral candidate Mel King, said it ...

Video: Mel King "Fab-Lab" Dedication Ceremony - City of Boston

Title: Mel King "Fab-Lab" Dedication Ceremony. Language: English. Event Date: 12/19/2016. Department: Cable OfficeSchools. Description: Superintendent ...

Mel King Fab Lab Dedication Ceremony - World News

Mel King "Fab-Lab" Dedication Ceremony, Mel King "Fab-Lab" Dedication - Promo, South End Technology Center Fab Lab Dedication, ...

Fab Lab User Group Meeting

9:00-9:15 Fab Lab Program Overview Neil Gershenfeld 9:15-10:00 ... 10:00-10: 45 Fab Lab Reports Norway: Benn Molund ... Boston: Mel King Prospective Sites:

Mel King - From Tent City to our Technology - Strabic
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Sep 18, 2014 - L'objectif de notre visite, plus de 10 ans après, est de rencontrer Mel King, un vieil homme qui a monté ce FabLab avant même que le nom ...

Fab Lab Boston - Kristen English, Kelly Hurd and Pita... | Facebook

To see more from Fab Lab Boston on Facebook, log in or create an account. ... and Jackie, Fab Stewards David, Shameya and James, and of course, Mel King.

MIT Fab Labs Bring "Personal Fabrication" to People Around the World

Aug 31, 2004 - Older student helps younger student at the Ghana fab lab. ... from the Norwegian fab labrecently visited the flagship fab lab at Mel King's South ...

How to make (almost) anything - The Boston Globe - › News › Boston Globe › Ideas
Jan 30, 2005 - "The value is ultimately in collaboration," said SETC director Mel King. ... (That is not to say the Boston fab lab, which started a year ago, isn't ...

Free to Make - Page 72 - Google Books Result

Dale Dougherty, ‎Ariane Conrad - 2016 - ‎EDUCATION
The closest fab lab to MIT is across the Charles River in South Boston. When I visited the South BostonFab Lab, which is run by Mel King, a civil-rights leader in  ...

FAB11 Boston: the MIT Media Lab is too small! : Makery

Jul 31, 2015 - 11 years have gone by since the first annual fablab get-together that took place within the walls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...

Boston Fab Lab - Chris Bamborough

Mar 15, 2016 - In Neil Gershenfeld's book “Fab” Mel King plays a pivotal role in the emergence of the Fab Lab movement. Mel has a fascinating history which I ...

Fab Foundation – Fab People
Mel King here in Boston is that person. Haakon ... That's far and above the most distinguishing factor for a fab lab guru, they must love to make things. It helps a ...

Mel King - Wikipedia

Melvin H. 'Mel' King (born 20 October, 1928) is an American politician, community organizer, writer, and past Adjunct Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of ...

The FAB LAB Network: A Global Platform for Digital Invention ...

by M Stacey - ‎2014 - ‎Cited by 5 - ‎Related articles
the Fab Lab Network now consists of 270 independent manufacturing .... South End Technology Center (SETC, a facility run by Mel King, an activist expe-.

maison du libre » Éducation : ce que les fablabs peuvent nous ...

Aug 31, 2015 - Nicolas Huchet et Mel King au Boston Symphony Hall le 6 août 2015 ... Les initiatives socio-éducatives sont multiples, et le Fablabil, fablab ...

Neil Gershenfeld in conversation with Mel King: "The people from fa...

Nov 12, 2011 - Neil Gershenfeld in conversation with Mel King: "The people from fab lab Barcelona, won the elections and are now running the city of ...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Davos Reader

Gideon Rose - 2016 - ‎Political Science
SETC is run by Mel King, an activist who has pioneered the introduction of new ... the fab lab for handson training have since gone on to careers in technology.

Ghana Gets a Fab Lab - Wired
Sep 10, 2004 - The Fab Lab, first built in 2002, is a hands-on laboratory that provides .... Fab Lab recently visited the flagship Fab Lab at Mel King's South End ...

B1 Brac is a girls network of over 500 learning solutions improving global vilagers life from worst in the world-


help brac find net maternal health 20 as valuable as b1.1.1 oral rehydration -the first Bangladesh nationwide solution network BRAC scaled in 1970s. Today BRAC is the world largest and most colabirative ngow - is partners sustained more livelihoods of poorest girls than any other network. Whenever we want to start youth brainstorming any sustainability gaols, we recommend searching BRAC's girls clubs knowhow first -because that will help you understand the deepest system challenges first. 

 ..B2 Moringa (audrey cheng kenya) may be yout's best example of a basics coding school- the world bank's youth in development network asked 300 youth to benchmark this education suystems and report back if they found a more replicable one; there is a high end of coding eg which blockchain coders value youth futures most which may call a cross between general academy and alibabauni but should be invested in by all supercitizens so that for job creating youth its nearly free to be an alumni of just as south africa's B3 mandela extranet and maharishi institutre partners of Taddy Blecher are .



Blecher's new jobs curricula partebrs include:

B3.1 entrepreneurship with branson

B3.2 coding with google africa

B3.3 Empowerment/Tao with Maharishi

B3.4 Financial Literacy

15000 nearly free gradiates are now leading development economies in south africa and helping teachers of grade 7 (the modal age of exit) simplify these curricula for adoelscent entrepreneurs 

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the curious news of 2015 is that the world is now spending 1000 times more on communications technologies than 1946; the question is now that the costv of carrying round 2 schools in your pocket is way under the 100 dolar laptop- dare we design a world of eduthanks around these 2 types of devices

the 20 dollar smart phone

the 20 dollar next generation RACHEL

Both of these questions raise 2 sorts of questions- what happens to any place where teachers unions block this revolution in learner centred teaching? how do we bridge the last gaps - today the online service provision for the 20 dollar smart phone is still far more per month than the mobile phone; today rachel which catalogues all open learning so you dont need to be online isnt yet produced in mass scale that would bring down its costs

nonetheless anyone who is an alumni of rachel has extraordinary opoportuniteis- dachel is bow the best service provider for up to 50 stduents at a time wherever there is no internet from refugee camps to prison cells; the core stuents of rachels want to map back jobs skills traiining not get trapped in paper curriculum that made teh 20th centiry both so costly to be a scholar of and one that divirecd education from vocational apprenticeships

we suggest that and regional educational authority that doesnt start massively collaborating with RACHEL alumni is destined to be leading its youth back to the stone age 

some tech maps

wise accelerator projects are some of the best in education world- more recent batch ending 2016 were presented at wise madrid february 2017 and are as follows  -where else do you see accelerators in education?

2015-16 Program

The five innovative projects of the 2015-16 WISE Accelerator originate from Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Selected Projects

  • eduTechnoz

Reach: Regional
Headquarters: Pickering, Canada
Date of creation: 2012
eduTechnoz is an online portal that provides fun educational content such as online games, eBooks and interactive worksheets for children learning Arabic. They have reached a significant regional audience, with more than 50,000 users: children, parents, teachers and schools. The material is designed based on accredited curriculums and cognitive skills research. Furthermore, the platform measures individual progress and can be tailored to address specific skills and needs, with the possibility of being adapted for any school system. They have worked with Qatar National Library since 2014.

Read more about eduTechnoz

  • Kepler

Reach: Rwanda
Headquarters: Cambridge, MA USA
Date of creation: 2013
Kepler is a non-profit university program designed for the developing world. Its mission is to expand access to excellent higher education for students coming from communities of need. It combines the best of online learning, such as MOOCs and online, competency-based degree, with in-person seminars and intensive education to employment support. They provide an US-accredited degree, a world-class education and a clear path to good jobs for thousands of students in Rwanda for around $1,000 tuition per year.

More about Kepler

  • Making Ghanaian Girls Great! (MGCubed)

Reach: Ghana
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Date of creation: 2014
MGCubed is Ghana’s first interactive distance-learning project. The project uses VSAT technology to enable live, interactive distance learning. Six master teachers in Accra provide English and Math classes that are broadcasted live to multiple classrooms. The project is expected to impact more than 6,000 marginalised students between the ages of 9-14 in 72 schools across Ghana. In addition to the in-school classes, there is an after-school girls’ club called ‘Wonder Woman’ including both students and out-of-school girls. The workshops engage girls in topics such as early pregnancy, early marriage, women’s rights and financial literacy, as well as introducing them to different adult female roles. The goal is to empower them, raise their self-esteem and motivate them to stay in school.

More about MGCubed

  • Green Shoots

Reach: South Africa
Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa
Date of creation: 2010
Green Shoots uses a cloud-based Moodle platform to implement an online Maths Curriculum for South African grades 3 to 9. The program tracks individual learners progress throughout the school year, and it gives comprehensive teacher trainings that develop learning through ICT. It also provides development programs for school management and Education Department official to encourage real-time data-informed decisions when planning strategies and interventions for Maths teaching and learning. They are now partnering with Gooru Learning to be able to scale their model for a wider international audience.

More about Green Shoots

  • TeachPitch

Reach: Global
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Date of creation: 2014
TeachPitch is an online library accessible via a community technology that helps teachers identify the best online learning resources available. Teachers sign up to the platform for free and find the best online content curated by TeachPitch. The library system offers a growing range of functionalities, allowing teachers to save, share, rate and review the resources they find. The project’s system and repository technology makes them a valuable management tool for schools, suitable for teacher evaluation, induction and professional development. The platform has over 10,000 teachers from over 100 countries with a continuous rapid growth rate.

Read more about TeachPitch


the current incubator projects for 2017-2018 are

  • Aflatoun Education

Reach: Africa
Headquarters: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Date of creation: 2014

Alfatoun Education is a platform that strengthens teacher capacity globally by delivering Social and Financial Education through online and offline technology. The platform provides a self-study course that gives teachers who have already participated in Aflatoun workshops refresher and supplementary training. The modules deal with both program implementation and active-learning methods transferrable to any subject. The project has impacted over 150 teachers and 6000+ students so far.

Read more about Aflatoun Education


Reach: Global
Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Date of creation: 2013 is a school management system providing real time data from the classroom to help schools understand what actually works. With its award winning workflow tools for teachers, allows teachers to truly personalize learning by better understanding every student’s individual needs. The real time data from the classroom results in rich insights for the administration to make more informed decisions. Today, over 200,000 teachers use's tools to plan lessons, align to curriculum, and assess their students.

More about


Reach: Philippines
Headquarters: Manila, Philippines
Date of creation: 2013 is an online platform empowering students in the Philippines with opportunities to find education pathways for their dream careers. Students gain advice by filtering and ranking offers based on price, quality and relevance, and navigating through 200 career pathways. The website also offers convenience by allowing students to apply to schools online directly. With a current reach of 50,000 users every month, the website has witnessed user growth of over 20 percent a month.

More about

  • Joko's World

Reach: Global
Headquarters: Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
Date of creation: 2013

Joko's World is a suite of interactive learning applications that brings world cultures and intercultural understanding to the classroom in a fun way. Joko's World blends music, geography and culture in a unique and educational way, allowing students to build skills and knowledge on a diverse range of cultures. The project uses games that allow students to incrementally build skills and knowledge through game-based challenges that offer instant feedback. The project currently has more than 10,000 users globally.

More about Joko's World

  • Learn Syria

Reach: Global
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Date of creation: 2013

Learn Syria is an education campaign bringing free digital education to Syrian refugees via a collaborative platform and Rumie tablets that work offline. The project works with local partners and thousands of skilled volunteers online and has built a full digital Syrian curriculum for children from grades 1-12 for autonomous learning. This content is then loaded onto its learning tablets that work fully offline and are deployed through local partners in Turkey and Lebanon. The project reaches over 25,000 Syrian students.

Read more about Learn Syria


the inaugural batch of accelerator projects were

The five innovative projects of the 2014-15 WISE Accelerator originate from Chile, France, Kenya, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Selected Projects


  • Ideas Box​

Reach: France, Jordan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Burundi, the United States
and Australia
Headquarters: France
Date of creation: 2013

Ideas Box is a portable media center dedicated to improving education broadly defined, and designed to be adapted to any context, including humanitarian crises. It creates an enhanced learning environment even in the most difficult conditions. It is highly standardized in its container and hardware (Internet, laptops, tablets, e-readers, arts & crafts), and finely tailored in content to each context. Ideas Box centers have arrived in Burundi, and implementation is under way in Jordan and Lebanon for populations affected by the Syrian crisis. Beyond emergency situations, orders are being finalized for communities in France, the United States, and Australia.

More about Ideas Box

  • Kytabu Textbook Subscription

Reach: Kenya
Headquarters: Kenya
Date of creation: 2012
Kytabu is a mobile textbook subscription application on Android and Windows‎ platforms that allows students to lease learning content in a piecemeal manner. Created to overcome the cost of bulk buying of textbooks in Kenya, Kytabu is using the mobile platform to bring learning content to thousands of students in Kenya's education system. 

More about Kytabu Textbook Suscription

  • Mobile Taleem

Reach: The project currently reaches 200 direct (teachers) and 12,000 indirect (students) beneficiaries
Headquarters: Pakistan
Date of creation: 2012
The project addresses the need for deeper understanding of foundational content among primary teachers in rural Pakistan who lack access to training and learning opportunities. Through localized lessons aligned with national standards and delivered via mobile phone, the project is designed to increase math and English subject competency in order to improve the quality of education students receive.

More about Mobile Taleem


Reach: Lesotho
Headquarters: Chile
Date of creation: 2013 offers teachers the ability to pre-record interactive audio lessons for their pupils. Delivered via any mobile phone, no Internet is required and learners have access to their daily homework lessons via free SMS and GSM voice. The platform marks the lessons automatically and provides teachers with insights into individual learners’ progress. The project addresses the lack of books and teaching material in Africa, as well as the difficulties arising from overcrowded classrooms, and has over 400 lessons on the platform to date.

Read more about

  • Ustad Mobile

Reach: Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Kenya, and Zambia
Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date of creation: 2012
Ustad Mobile is a platform for creating, delivering, and tracking learning experiences using nearly any mobile device. Educators can make use of audio, video, quizzes, and games with no need for advanced IT skills. The platform allows learners to use even low-end phones and works without requiring the Internet or even a signal. Various organizations are currently using the platform in Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Kenya, and Zambia.

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Join search for Sustainainabilty;s Curricula


stories of cities surprising Belt Road Cities

BR2 Dhaka where to go to with jack ma to see banking for billion poorest girls and more

BR2  home of nilekani - the billion person id an

BR6 Luxembourg hub of aiib2019

BR0 beijing - binnaul home of BRI weher 100 most trsetd national eladers of sustainable youth likon: home of tsinghua- universitiues that dont have partnerships with tsinghua will end up failing over 505 of their stidents livelihoods

BR0 Hangzhou - home of jack ma alumni

BR0 hongkong-shenzen - one of the world's 7 most wonderful bridges - china owes more to hongkong than it recognises with a new twist - all the best manufacturing jobs died before 2015-


Shenzhen: City of the Future. 

can shenzhen show how smart manufacturing jobs dont compete with sustainable communities they collaborate with them -can hpng kong arrange daytrips to the mainland for financial mivestors to understand the future of sdg economic zones


1 Investing in Girls Sustainability Goals
1.1 BRAC -how to build 100 million person rural health service with a 20 million dollar loan and girl empowerment other most amazing stories of the world's largest NGO- join the week long celebration between academic alumni of jack ma and girl empowerment epicenttre BRAC 30 sept 2018 - queries 

1.2 BKASH 3 since april jack ma has taken 20% partnership 
1.3 China Capitalism (CC)
1.4 Project Everyone
2 ValuingYouth
2.1 partners of 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17
2.2 end poverty -Goal 1
2.3 end hunger - Goal 2
2.4 healthy, lives - Goal 3
2.5 Quality Education - Goal 4
2.6 Gender Equality -Goal 5

please make sure our future events diaries are win-win

youthbrac1.doc youthbrac1.doc, 693 KB

Entrepreneurial Revolution - an investigation started at The Economist in the 1970s as to whether intergenerational investments in future systems would empower the net generation to be exponentially sustainable. Surveys of the next 40 years asked questions of 2015-2025 such as:

Would the global financial system be designed to sustain or collapse local communities?

Would 2015-2025 be the under 30s most exciting and productive time to be alive as they linked in sustainability of the human race.  Would the parts of the Western hemisphere that advanced the industrial revolution's empires demand that its politicians, professions and academics "happily get out of the way of the sustainability generation being led by the half of youth living within 3000 miles of Beijing"?

POP -Preferential Option Poor

Would every community's most trusted practitioners be educator, health servant and banker.

What would be the top 50 MOOCS that freed access  of action learning of sustainability goals as worldwide youth's most joyful collaboration through way above zero-sum models of wporldsocialtrade? This web makes the cases that the Abed family needs to be youth's number 1 hero to MOOC with - we always love to hear who your vote for number 1 MOOC is -text usa 240 316 8157 family of unacknowledged giant


100 links to BRAC

wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

tools worth a look

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

defining question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

youth world of 2013 most exciting curriculum??


top 30 twelve minutes presentations


1 the billion girl club - how the first billion teenage girls of the 21st century mentored each other in learning a living, and regenerating all 4 hemispheres

2 how open technologists helped nursing to become the most trusted grassroots information networkof the 21st century, and saved the affordability of healthcare and nutritition for everyone

3 how community clean energy microfranchises became the number 1 educational curriculum that the chinese authorities invited the world to co-blog

more coming soon

4 cashless bank-a-billion -a project of the global banks with values network

5 orphanage networks as the world's most inspired jobs agency network and home of financial literacy mooc

6 bottom-up EAgri: designing a collaboration portal on the top 30 crops that need to be mobilised by local value chain maps so that hard working nutrition workers are sustainable however small their farming assets and however variable a particular season's climate

7 what do BRAC's barefoot professionals linkin so that village organisations are collaboratively resilient whatever nature-made or man-made disasters popup


Special child health, nutrition, family and educational development series:

*The First 1000 Days



*Choices to make the first 2 years after primary

BRAC has more staff grounded round the child and parent-eye view of these challenges in the poorest communities than anyone else. Their collaboration knowhow is as valuable as body of knowhow that I have come across in studying societies' value multiplying needs in over 40 countries

Ideas on freeing media to cenebrate the pro-youth economic models which richest need to learn from poorest to genenerate the:

  • next billion green jobs
  • next billion family/community sustaining jobs
  • next billion open technology jobs most worthy of our borderless and interconnected futures


contribute to survey of world's other favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 6 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 6 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

send votes to , Macrae Foundation

  • 4) 6 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means



at 301 881 1655 love to hear from marylanders who can contribute to MOOC valuing net generation as age of conscious capitalism

Financial literacy education links:

BRAC's partner aflatoun

uk's face




Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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