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fan 2013 year of MOOC & microeducationsummit & 170th birthday of The Economist

help edit presentations of sir fazle abed and xi jinping and jack ma as #1 world record job creators

sir fazle here's a doc - how would you turn it into a viral video or a few slides or other collaboration stimulus of valuing investment in youth/girls as sustainability goals generation- who are the peer networks you most want to share it with- please help us question 2 different things- the people you know who you can share  it with; the people you would dream of sharing it with -what actions would you first intend resulting from the intelligence you mediate

girls empowerment and jobs-educational solutions designed with those born with least opportunities - more job creators like sir fazle start here

more on xi jinping - start here

our 3rd world record job creator is jack ma -help ma change a whole market!!

So far Jack Ma has devoted his life to two main questions

How could young chinese people learning English change the future of a chinese city (Hangzhou)?

How to pioneer use of the worldwide web in china to help peoples and communities create jobs?


Jack comes from a family of traveling entertianers whom China’s cultural revolution did not exactly favor. This may help to explain his burning curiosity and joy of  co-creating now that “anything’s possible”. He wants his extraordinary energies as an action learner and mentor to education, environment’s most urgent innovation compasses together with intergenerational health and happjness challenges.


With sir fazle and xi jinping, Jack Ma offers youth the opportunity to celebrate being the most productive and sustainable generation. If Sir Fazle and Xi Jinping are the place leaders youth need to celebrate most, then Jack Ma offers the opportunity to connect local and global in worldwide trade spaces. Now that people around the world are spending 1000 times more on communications technologies than in 1946, its critical that tech wizards and place leaders unite youth around maps that lead to the best of local and global 

While transparent place leaders cant afford to have "favorite" businessmen , the knowhow networks of jinping and ma need to have extraordinary overlaps given how innovation of IR$ happens determines livelihood possibilities


if you like wrjc jinping you may like

cheng li's book on jinping explains how 2017 becomes critical years as jinping chooses top team for next 5 yeras - watch out for what skils specific co-leades bring

also inside china, supercities and regions depend on brilaint eladers differentiating that city - find examples

tsinghua is critical colege campus for public servants and lead busiensssmen informing each others; as are tech summit

worldwide summits that jinping actively particiupates in clarify leaders in other regions that msot want to win-win with china

canada- trudeau

pms from chile and argentina

russia's putin

korea's jae-in

help clarify list

if you like ma you may like

satoshi and other lead inovators of blockchain for sustainability generation - eg tapcsott , branson

ma cahisrs china entreprenehur network- search out nations most conscious busienssmen- some partner with ma on specific futures such as futrure of green , future of universities- search them out -also look for which eladers want their sectir to maximise sme livelihoods

who else is developing digital in ways that create world record jobs- liu of may not be job psecific but he is segmenting specific win-win gtrades ecommerce ;portals can be best at

world summit overlaps - ma helped make 2016 g20 famous as opportunity to revalue youth and sme's future economies; he launched ewtp for free trade of smes; national leaders of malaysia and argentina first to partner; 

canada's trudeau has been great china friend in g20 and both to ma and jinpings innovation goals

ma helps lead varuous education for jobs summits and youth entrepreneur knowledeg spaces eg UNCTad- search; map back top 10 technolgies of IR4 - which does ma need a best partner in ; who are youths other best partners by each tech


breaking news on which global summits youth (the hlaf of the world aged under 30) can trust most - urgent contributions from girls networks across china- any reporting errors solely

jinping is our world's twin number 1 record jobs creator as only person (leading family) who can turn biggest summits of policy leaders of 80 or more nations onto local youth actions round 17 s-goals and big tech small instead of bad media chat
here are some of key summits to put on every student diary concerned with mapping next 2 years with correct info and so in networks that can be the solution not the problem-
if course all of this needs searching continuously for good news- particularly in chinese and english
and its a moving diary with changes everywhere that trump and jinping and whomever is your regions most critical leader go - either to peacefully co-exist or to blow up in a regional disaster such as korea's northern peninsula! in an age of hi-connectivity , leaders around the world should be collaborating so that no place ever feels that isolated
other ideas: why wouldnt 2 leaders say jinping and merkel start a survey of their nations biggest corporations- which commit their purpose as aligned to a climate or other sustainability goal; would they join in being audited and celebrated annually at a g20 - this could become a sustainability mba curriculum freely distributed on a mooc platform- once 2 national leaders start this others could be invited - until we know which 20 nations design biggest corporations to be the most sustainable ones (this is not what hapens currenltly wherever a corporation is mainly led by one sided quartely extraction of profits insetad of all round trust-flows integrating do no sustinability harm to our future generations)
 Lets itemise some of the other summit networks which most urgently need xi Jinping world record jobs mediation skills -related blogs chinathanks and sinowtp and economistlearning
Invited to help
Belt Road Forum -
Created and chief implementor ver furst 5 years 2013-2017 and curiculum mapping most critical two 2017-2019
AIIB annual governors summit integrating all delegate nations (81 and rising in 2017) in transparent collaboration -see also greenbigbangclub
Created from 2015 and helped choose lean implementation leadership team and timely choice of annual place hosts
Invited to play role balancing equality of 5 voices while China is (and needs to continue to be) benchmark of every growth innovation
WEF in Davos and in China
Invited to double up the relevance of which years in future history post-industrial revolution leaps forward from incision of unexpected places
The coming of platform summits celebrating big data small role both in global 2.0 and industrial rev 4.0
This summit space (needing to be led by practice entrepreneurs) is very fragmented but china’s practice leaders (eg how fiferent jack ma is from wext coast internet capitalist) is integral wherever leapfrogging is studied to benfit maximum diversity of global village societies
China helped create vefore Xi leadership of china since 2012
You tell us
One note before this chapters sumit review
Since 1930 my family has been involved in mediating question – which of the world’s biigest organizations are expoentialuy compounding biggest risks to human sustainability and can partners be found to be in time to make life criticakl transformation
Expometial picture
This responsibility emerged from grandfather working in britisch councils in places highly impacted by the badwill of Hitler and Stalin, As a teenager my father spent his summer holidays inside consuls of such hi risk places. Therefore during hos half centiory role at The Economist of mediating end poverty, he had the advantage of knowing befire anyone else which big organsiation (eg Hitler and stalin inspired places) citiozens should not let their elected officials not to appease. At the same time Norma was over decades ahead of others in asking is the coming of this new media going to be tranfoprmable from hi-risk to pro-youth oppotunity the way he was mentored to do by Keynes. In particular could ever dumbing down aspect of the tv age be tirned into the smartest time for 7 bilion people to be empowered,
The G20 was born around 2 huge questions
Could addition of 13 nations in 365 days summit proces help 7 (and new and old media people) which had consciously or unconsciousl spun big’s geatest risks in rush to go global map actionable ways beyond exponentially colapiing system
How did China as the E1 of the 21st C fit into all the 20th centiry multilateral and other structures whose founding DNA didn’t have the remotest feel let alone optimitoc reasonomind of  consequences foir human race of Chian’s toptal transforma since lated 1960s.
You need to make your own mind up on various G20 jigsaws
At formation which g7 countrues (eg china) truly wanted a G20 with worldpossible of china the big new win-win connectoir . If you think some cloiuntreis hated that which were they.
Which of the new countries:
Wanted to partner china from te getgo iun the g20
Wanted to partner the big nations of the 20th century knowingly or unknowlingly blocking china’s and asia pacific’s role of 21st c leader
Which nations were preoccupied by their own issues (and rightfully so in that they  political instability at home)
If you have made several suitable jigsaws perhaps by challenge compasses – eg climate, education , health , finance – you might want to add to each jigsaw other nations most at risk of being ignored for the ir leapfroginhg potential. So from chapter 1 you can see the gilrs build nation capabilities of bangladshes is not only excluded from G7 and G20
but at risk of being sidelined in and of cluster of nations –either tryiong to win-win with India the hugest poplutaion in development flux, orthe stans particularly ; Pakistan was landlocked and other borders have often been carelessly been left as legacies of empires rush to disappear from places. Ironically most of the greatest solutions in eduvcation and lealth come form really small nations (norway, new zealnand, dubai)- where te nation is small enough for even the top leaders to be knlown by every community. In the case of climate, the places with the most extreme challenges in need of hi-trust long-term development partners are not much to be seen in G20 unless a member nation adopts them for purpose of transforming the network from elderly talk to pro-youth walk
IF you look at the G20 as a network of networks concerned with above hi-risk issues, timiomh of where g20 is hoted and prepared for 365 days has exytrorndinary consequences
China G20 Hangzhou Consensus 2016
Germany G20 Hamburg Lack of Consensus
Argentina G20 2018
Huge opportunity for girls and bootom uo trust networks to bridge china g20 and learn from germany as an accidenta detour
India G20 2019
Huge opportunity –eg digital platform capabilities out of nidia afre second only to china
Of course to be trusted in his mediation role with united countries of c.limate and sustainability gaols , Xi Jinping cant publicly stae what we have just written. And it is intended to provde context for collaboration debates out reaching to ever deeper cultural diversity. This is one reason why cultural diversity is sop ctiriical in every summit that jnping does have more founders control of , as does our emblem of expoentioal crisis. In the chiense language crisis include yins and yangs, last chance sto leapfrog in ways that eg the English lagiage doesn’t. When chiense youth ask that 10 times moré affordable ways of learning te English lanbgiage are made available oyr research show they mean 2 things that academic language teaching is worst at:
Quick scial confidence joys – eg using a foeeigners language to build friendships around which life involves especially now that any millennial is likely to need to be virtually productive
Very deep meaning which only youth can bridge between cultures –chartering the drama of world trade around sustainability goals to bring together  peoples even where history has engulfed peoples in wars (both across borders and by spinning internal underclasses which all te richest tacitly or directly (eg slavery) abused. Note one of the ironies of the last 150 years and the increasing dependence on the construct of nation is that boundaries were often drawn to separate people who could get on as one. The whole world of under 30s needs to make the argument that there will be more and more failed nations (and all the terrir and lost sustainabilty that implies) unless we come to terms with enemies of elder generation now need to be the friends that milennials dare to facilitate, transslate and linkin round genuinely win-win trading maps

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Forget the moon race, the next decade's srace to sustain peoples and mother earth is the hugest entrepreneurial and development chalenge humanitgy has ever faced. Exciting times to be alive provided we transparently value the reality that 21st C is about economies of develoopijng people not of consuming up things the way the carbonise indsutrila era assumed was the only goal to audit

Sustainability's greatest human developments have 2 wholly unique characteritics:

massive collaboration that is linked to intergenerational map of purpose

valuation models that are exponential rising over time not extractive each quarter

Millennials are blessed that in Bangladesh and China they have 2 nations that have over 40 years of experience of demonstrating these professional requirements allbeit from very different resource bases but the same crisis - two of the world's 8 most populous nations being trapped in systems which left their peoples in completely underdeveloped states of being.

Goal 17
When your place starts out inh tfe worfld with next to no assets other than hunders or even thousands of millions of people's lives to develop, you need to be the most trusted bottom-up partnering network over a long period of time, or have some very loyal invetsment friends. The first explains how sir fazle abed ended poverty; the second explain how china raced from a billion underdeleoped poeple to the most exciting human interests story ever seen. Sir Fazle started in a region of the world hit by a typhhon disaster that global relief organsaitins coldnt reach. He became their trusted conector and bridge bottom up relief and recovery empowering people in the communities to devfelop their own resilience capacity. China once it had confidence in trusting its peoples to be the hardest workoing in the worfld -if given the opportunity to grow commerce from the ground up - could look to the chiense diapora - tge 3rd richest in te world of the mid 1970s, and a netwirk who tyrned out to be both the most briliant tgraders and the designers of infratsructure for win-win trading.

Index of WRJC (version 1 to 2020)

E1 Xi Jinping (Rejuvenation global2.0; world's most transparent maps on win-win trade for allE99 Lee Kuan Yew E2 Sir Fazle Abed (world's favorite educator eg empowered girls to resolve poverty's greatest challenges, BRAC & Bkash)  
E3 Jack Ma leapfrog tech (big data small), ecommerce curriculum as one of china's 4 greatest inventions 1 -IR4  can develop 10 times bigger people-centred economics)  E98 Gandhi & Montessori & Mandela,  E4 Nilekani (bridges to English as 2nd most valuable language in world Modi, Kalam, Singh) W1 Tim Berners Lee (the www , we havent seen it yet- human collaboration can be so much bigger, bridge to any mit lab with human app) W2 Jim Kim being healthcare most courageous public servant lads to being the sanest western voice in world banking and most peace-loving North Korean American; ; W3 Pope Francis and W99 Pope John Paul; W4 Chris Patten , W5 Michael Palin, W6 Henry Kissinger -superpower mediator extraordinaire; E5 Yo-Yo Ma, IM pei.. Chengl Li Cultural leadsers sans frontieres; W7 George Soros; W8 Larouche family; W9 Williams & Freling & Prince Charles, Princess Anne;  E6 President Jae-in Moon and Governor Won; E7 Zhang Yue e8 Lei Jun, W10 Team Skoll including Briilliant & Gore & Oxbridge, W94 Ray Andersen W11 Team Branson including Bcorps , Stev Case 1776 hubs, and Climate War Room; W9 Team ted turner including jimmy carter, Rosa Parks lawyer (Tuskegee's Gray, Booker T-W), and michelle bachelet, W12 Guterres, W13 Steven Shriver and Ban Ki-Moon, W14 Pierre Trudeau and Macron, W15 Bangla-Americans including Quadir Brothers and Sal Khan, W16 Harrison Owen & Open Space storytelling alumni, E9 Muhammad Yunus, W99 Florence Nightingale (inc crick institute eg Paul Nurse) and Alexander Fleming and John Hopkins; W98 Adam Smith, James Wilson, and W Bagehot; W97 Keynes; W96 Deming E97 Akio Moita, E10 Toyota Foundations eg Abdul Latif, E11 UAE education hubs for valuing youth livelihoods eg Varkey and WISE, W95 Baltimore's founding daughters of social justice UB net including alumn Thurgood Marshall; W17 Don Tapscot ; W18 Paul Polak, E12 Pony Ma, E13 Rhen Zhengfei (Huawei), E14 Guo Guangchang (fosun) E15 Liu Chuanzhi (lenovo)E16 Feng Lun (vanton)


E2 empowered the world's poorest vilage mothers not only to end poverty but to build the rural nation of bangladesh. Through a mixture of education, financial service and professionals who gave their expertise to desitgning bottom-up markets, sit fazle designed development networks to invest in 8 million mothers livelihhods, and their imoacts on other 30 million family members including next generation livelihoods. Over te first 25 yeras of BRAC more that a hudnered microfranchsies were deleoped innovating markets for the poor in all relevant food security crops, maternal and infant health, livelihood education, poultry, milk, crafts and more. Banglades became the first rural wide lab for mobile leapfroging models - sir fazle's has become the laregst cashless bank in the world.

G2 famine killing over 50 million chinese in the 1960s and many millions of people during the early years of bangaldesh as a new nation was the rfeason why china totally cghanged its ruling systems in the 1960s. The whole purpose of chiense leadership was focused on ensuring rural people never starved again. The 2 big innovations: crop science applied to tghe prfoducitivity of rice which both sir fazle and chiense agricultural experts partered round; china's barefoot doctors networks

The food security value chais that brac went on to redesign during its forst two decades of serving rural moters included:


G3 China's barefoot doctors networks around 1970 wenjt to live inj rural areas to serve that populace. Sir Fazle was inspired by this idea but found that Bangldesh didnt have ebough qualified to serve the citeis let alone ones who would be prepared to live inh vilages without electricity of other infrsatructure. So he first targeted te number 1 disease killing infants - diarrhea was killing quarter on ifnants of bangaldesh in 1970s. The oral rehydration action learning franchoise was the first ever to scale rural bangladesh- it  needed a lot of rehearsal since it required personal coaching to every rural mother (most ilietare). It soon becamse clear that therfe were other basic inafnta an dmother cures that a vilage paraworlker could be trained to deliver and make a susstainable livelihood out of serving. Brac's first hudnered thosand microfrachose comprise such para-heath networkers

goal 6 and 14 relatiobships with water are int4eresting

lack of drinking water is a killer for poor people, as are the sanitation challeges

With growing economies and populations, water scarcity is intensifying and proliferating to new parts of the planet.  Ensuring there is enough water to grow food, turn energy turbines, quench the thirst of our cities is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Some 2.1 billion people don’t have access to water suitable for drinking and are exposed to disease and malnourishment as a result.  This is nothing short of an emergency. Yesterday at the United Nations, I joined leaders from several countries to discuss how we can accelerate progress on this goal.  This video explains why we must do so now.

equally we now know thyat many island nations are going to be te first to be obliterated by any further breach of climate harmony

then agan nations with blue economyies - ie nations whuch are not landlocked have in many other ways huge advantages

the blue economjy ande how to rfesponsibly colaborate around it bing one of the 4 main agendas tabled when china hosted brics business summit in 2017

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Keynote Speech

Customer Spotlights

Fireside Chat

Keynote Speech

  • Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group

Fireside Chat

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Join search for Sustainainabilty;s Curricula


stories of cities surprising Belt Road Cities

BR2 Dhaka where to go to with jack ma to see banking for billion poorest girls and more

BR2  home of nilekani - the billion person id an

BR6 Luxembourg hub of aiib2019

BR0 beijing - binnaul home of BRI weher 100 most trsetd national eladers of sustainable youth likon: home of tsinghua- universitiues that dont have partnerships with tsinghua will end up failing over 505 of their stidents livelihoods

BR0 Hangzhou - home of jack ma alumni

BR0 hongkong-shenzen - one of the world's 7 most wonderful bridges - china owes more to hongkong than it recognises with a new twist - all the best manufacturing jobs died before 2015-


Shenzhen: City of the Future. 

can shenzhen show how smart manufacturing jobs dont compete with sustainable communities they collaborate with them -can hpng kong arrange daytrips to the mainland for financial mivestors to understand the future of sdg economic zones


1 Investing in Girls Sustainability Goals
1.1 BRAC -how to build 100 million person rural health service with a 20 million dollar loan and girl empowerment other most amazing stories of the world's largest NGO- join the week long celebration between academic alumni of jack ma and girl empowerment epicenttre BRAC 30 sept 2018 - queries 

1.2 BKASH 3 since april jack ma has taken 20% partnership 
1.3 China Capitalism (CC)
1.4 Project Everyone
2 ValuingYouth
2.1 partners of 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17
2.2 end poverty -Goal 1
2.3 end hunger - Goal 2
2.4 healthy, lives - Goal 3
2.5 Quality Education - Goal 4
2.6 Gender Equality -Goal 5

please make sure our future events diaries are win-win

youthbrac1.doc youthbrac1.doc, 693 KB

Entrepreneurial Revolution - an investigation started at The Economist in the 1970s as to whether intergenerational investments in future systems would empower the net generation to be exponentially sustainable. Surveys of the next 40 years asked questions of 2015-2025 such as:

Would the global financial system be designed to sustain or collapse local communities?

Would 2015-2025 be the under 30s most exciting and productive time to be alive as they linked in sustainability of the human race.  Would the parts of the Western hemisphere that advanced the industrial revolution's empires demand that its politicians, professions and academics "happily get out of the way of the sustainability generation being led by the half of youth living within 3000 miles of Beijing"?

POP -Preferential Option Poor

Would every community's most trusted practitioners be educator, health servant and banker.

What would be the top 50 MOOCS that freed access  of action learning of sustainability goals as worldwide youth's most joyful collaboration through way above zero-sum models of wporldsocialtrade? This web makes the cases that the Abed family needs to be youth's number 1 hero to MOOC with - we always love to hear who your vote for number 1 MOOC is -text usa 240 316 8157 family of unacknowledged giant


100 links to BRAC

wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

tools worth a look

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

defining question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

youth world of 2013 most exciting curriculum??


top 30 twelve minutes presentations


1 the billion girl club - how the first billion teenage girls of the 21st century mentored each other in learning a living, and regenerating all 4 hemispheres

2 how open technologists helped nursing to become the most trusted grassroots information networkof the 21st century, and saved the affordability of healthcare and nutritition for everyone

3 how community clean energy microfranchises became the number 1 educational curriculum that the chinese authorities invited the world to co-blog

more coming soon

4 cashless bank-a-billion -a project of the global banks with values network

5 orphanage networks as the world's most inspired jobs agency network and home of financial literacy mooc

6 bottom-up EAgri: designing a collaboration portal on the top 30 crops that need to be mobilised by local value chain maps so that hard working nutrition workers are sustainable however small their farming assets and however variable a particular season's climate

7 what do BRAC's barefoot professionals linkin so that village organisations are collaboratively resilient whatever nature-made or man-made disasters popup


Special child health, nutrition, family and educational development series:

*The First 1000 Days



*Choices to make the first 2 years after primary

BRAC has more staff grounded round the child and parent-eye view of these challenges in the poorest communities than anyone else. Their collaboration knowhow is as valuable as body of knowhow that I have come across in studying societies' value multiplying needs in over 40 countries

Ideas on freeing media to cenebrate the pro-youth economic models which richest need to learn from poorest to genenerate the:

  • next billion green jobs
  • next billion family/community sustaining jobs
  • next billion open technology jobs most worthy of our borderless and interconnected futures


contribute to survey of world's other favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 6 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 6 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

send votes to , Macrae Foundation

  • 4) 6 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means



at 301 881 1655 love to hear from marylanders who can contribute to MOOC valuing net generation as age of conscious capitalism

Financial literacy education links:

BRAC's partner aflatoun

uk's face




Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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