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if you only had 12 minutes to inspire million youth in freeing nurses all over the world, how'd you do it

Washington DC fist week of march madness 2013:  I was in a meeting just across capitol hill. among many scary and dumbing-down presentations one was by a insurance salesman - she said 150 is an important number everyone here should know - that's because the first 150 year old has already been born-


this was in the middle of a presentation on the importance of encouraging the public to save

well if we are now designing a nation so that 45 years of working life needs to pay for over 100 years of medical bills while we are either too young or too old to work, we'd better make healthcare 10 times more affordable- and remove it from politicians control

(please note I see absolutely nothing democratic about letting a political gang of overweight egos rule a nation's most inportant social apps every 4 years only to be replaced by another group who shout even louder but have even less practice competence- there must be other ways to fund the most life critical services than top-down poiticians whose main labor is to fund  huge ad campaigns or to censor public media from letting the peoples (let alone dixie girls) be informed about future choices)

just to twist the knife in further-  the same insurance rep was saying that on average every decade of retirement costs a retiring person over $100000 more of medical bills than they have planned for


BUT the only way I can think of moving towards 10 times more affordable healthcare is to celebrate free nursing colleges designed around the idea that nurses become the most trusted community information networkers of century 21 - we need to celebrate hundreds of million of new age nursing jobs something my father predicted in his 1984 book on how to create 3 billion jobs and ensure the net generation's youth are 10 times more fully employed than ever before

the wonderful nurses I am wishing you will help linkin can be mobilised by all sorts of apps

they can track measurements so that the few with difficult future births are identified in time to link them to experts

they can celebrate nutrition networks and help end obesity

if you live in usa go to clinton's arkansas where the states community broadband project (from obamas 4 billion dollar fund) is on open source helathcare

in many cases what won't be needed is an all round nurse but one trained for a specific segment - maternity midwifes; childcare; keeping adolescents happy; hospice care; ...

one of the greatest microfranchises to date makes laser cataract eyecare 10 times more economical than ever before; to every surgeon  (12+ surgeries a day , about 25+ in-patients at anyone time) there are a couple of dozen nusres only trained for eyecare patients; it has been found that the majority of 15 year old girls can be trained up in under 6 weeks to become such dedicated eye-savers; now I am not saying that is a job many girls would want to spend a life doing but if you go visit which recruits its nurses to be from tye poorest vilage sceondary schools in India you will find that can also be a dream job for some


now it is fashionable among those who fundraise for social entrepreneurs to say that aravind was invented by a somewhat obscure but marvelloously passionate indian doctor - and so it was but the microfrmachising took pretty well every expert network connction of larry brillaint- so demand to know the real story of all first people who came togather wherever you lter see an open source franchise changing the world; the story of the one man inventor is a con trick used by fundraisers of the sort we dont need education to mislead young people with now that we all enjoy a million times more colaboration technolgy than when man raced to the moon in the 1960s

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