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Sir Fazle Abed -top 70 alumni networks & 5 scots curious about hi-trust hi-tech

Part 1 of Top 6 Lessons for worldwide youth to celebrate BRAC and massive open online collaboration

Lesson 1 of Pro-Youth Economics of Net Generation - source The Economist Entrepeneurial Revolution dialogues since 1972


You don't compound a best for the world  (1 2) purpose by aiming to get bigger. Sustainability crises all over the world start bottom-up in communities as Adam Smith first defined freedom around in 1758. Becoming biggest and best for the world is the inter-generational impact compounded by being most respecftful bottom-up and most collaborative for youth who love to open up life saving apps.


example of a live saving app targeted start of 1980s -25% of bangladeshi infants under 5 died


Ying and Yang Video of Sir Fazle Abed:

small may be beautiful but in bangaldesh (replicating to a) large scale is absolutely essential


Other references

The Economist via Keynes number 1 lesson on risk- Economists are only capable of designing 2 opposite outcomes; what 99% of parents want for their next generation out of every community, or what the biggest and most speculative sponsor

Schumacher - sustainability will depend on transparently mapping a 2 million global vilage economy - one which becomes borderless by ending externalisation of risk onto those who are already least (digitally) connected


Nation's evolution rules are bottom-up contextual and open. She is quite likely to decide man is the next dodo if we keep on designing banks that are too big to fail let alone too big to exist!


Examples of where dna to be bottom up and colaborative came from


BRAC innovated the first bottom-up ngo in disaster relief world by accident - when a very local cyclone and tsunami washed a way a million bangladesh's infrastorucure around sir fazle was all that was left standing - at that time he had just become Shell Oil's national leader. All the world's largest funers needed to partner with BRAC if they were to do any relief -let alone development - of a nation born with the least and emerging from yeras of civil war in which villagers were left the most disconnected peoples in the world of the 1970s.

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are you a friend of bottom-up economics?


Bottom-up economics aims to free purpose of worldwide market sectors to integrate extremely affordable services needed by those who locally have the least or the least  connections (eg illiterate, underclass, loss of cultural safety, at risk of digital divide ...)


Discuss - Adam Smith was a bottom-up economist; Keynes warning on wars between 2 opposite types of economists ruling the world (of man-made systems)


Discuss nature is a bottom-up system designer- how can any place every enjoy thriving non-crabon economy unless public servants advised by bottom-up economists


True or false - the purpose of entrepreneurs since word was coined circ 1800is botto-up and about freeing every person to enjoy a happily productive lifetime

Pro-Youth Economics Checklist -if you wish more detailed references in The Economist to the following principles please coorespond with


Keynes: The elderly economist poses the greatest risk to the future of youth. This is because:

  • 1      increasingly only economics rules the world (of man made systems)
  • 2      economists are capable of exponentially designing or destroying the futures      that 99% of parents most want life-shaping       market (eg banking, energy, food, health and safely, education,      land, media professions and public servants)  purposes to serve


Keynes, Schumacher

Mediating Revolutionary Goals -eg Wilson, Sniith

Future History principles at The Economist since 1950s


Never muddle principles of saving economics with balance   of payments. Place can only grow if capital structures family savings as intergenerational   investment in productivity of next generation out of every community


The world wars of 20th c saw economists make short-term   fixes to currency and other macroeconomic tools that need to be reformed   before the first net generation integrates every locality into a global world.   Next television and its advertising spots saw the end of economical public   servants


A catch 22 is the more social the consequence of a market   (eg education, health) the less effective soundbiting politicians are at   running it. Hence we need newly empowering models of privatisation


Note values that industrial age economics has never   directly counted - eg renewability of resources, peace , family's work in developing   children. The future's greatest opportunity is to start counting them; its   greatest risk is not to


The only resources to afford planetwide quantum leap in   human progress are cleaner energy, technology empowering smarter education   (for lifetime productivity) for all


World War 2 caused USA   to start spending about 20% more of its GDP or arms and military. The   opportunity to reverse this as soon as te soviet union collapses must be   seized if USA   is to be as positive economic player in start of 21st century as it was in   start of 20th century.


62 & 75 Nowithstanding this, Asia Pacific region is   where the most massively underemployed populations have been locate to middle   of 20th century. Everyone should celebrate 1976-2075 as Asia-Pacific   Worldwide century.


Entrepreneurial Revolution principles at The Economist   since 1972


76 Sustainability of net generation is not achievable by   20th  c largest organisational   typologies. The required innovation search is the most exciting and urgent   challenge to economics


82 Urgent search needed for multiwin models:of value   exchange (model of productive and demanding relationships gravitated by a  markets purpose"


84 Replace scarcity economics of thing production by   abundancy economics of knowhow multiplying value in use.


76 Celebrate million times more collaboration technology   by 2010s than when man raced to moon in 1960s


84 Borderless economics requites zero tolerance of   externalisation economics even as all biggest professions of 20th c made   money by externalising advice


84 Sustainability's key metric spins exponentially into   the future. Localities provide advance warnings of planetwide collapse in   sustainability


84 The start of the 21st century offers a chance to invest   in youth being 10 times more productive everywhere. A nation's future should   not be rated on how much debt its elders have got into but how fit its   investment in knowledge-age youth productivity are. This should not be   thought of as a zero-sum game. In fact, the greatest risk to man at start of   century 21 will be seen to be discrepancies in incomes and expectations of such   and poor nations. Uniting human race around inversing in youth co-producing   millennium goals is core.



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KERRY GLASGOWIS HUMANITY'S LAST BEST CHANCE - Join search for Sustainaabilty's Curricula

2021 afore ye go to glasgow cop26-

please map how and why - more than 3 in 4 scots earn their livelihoods worldwide not in our homeland- that requires hi-trust as well as hi-tech to try to love all cultures and nature's diversity- until mcdonalds you could use MAC OR MC TO identify our community engaging networks THAT SCALED ROUND STARTING UP THE AGE OF HUMANS AND MACHINES OF GKASGOW UNI 1760 1 2 3 - and the microfranchises they aimed to sustain  locally around each next child born - these days scots hall of fame started in 1760s around   adam smith and james watt and 195 years later glasgow engineering BA fazle abed - we hope biden unites his irish community building though cop26 -ditto we hope kamalA values gandhi- public service - but understand if he or she is too busy iN DC 2021 with covid or finding which democrats or republicans or american people speak bottom-up sustainable goals teachers and enrrepreneurs -zoom with if you are curious - fanily foundation of the economist's norman macrae- explorer of whether 100 times more tehc every decade since 1945 would end poverty or prove orwell's-big brother trumps -fears correct est1984 or the economist's entreprenerialrevolutionstarted up 1976 with italy/franciscan romano prodi

help assemble card pack 1in time for games at cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae - 60s curricula telecommuting andjapan's capitalist belt roaders; 70s curricula entreprenurial revolution and poverty-ending rural keynesianism - library of 40 annual surveys loving win-wins between nations youth biographer john von neumann

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