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Top Cities Valuing Youths Future Livelihoods : Beijing, Baltimore, Bangladesh, You tell us

With over 1.3 billion people China must-needs be celebrated as youth sustainability's happiest nation..Beijing leaders understand responsibility for next half billion livelihhods in china- better yet China launched the idea that the G20 be annual open space for solutions to sustaining all youth's livelihoods; it was the first to see that sustainability goals are collaboration goals out of every community starting with those that Industrial Revolution 1 didn't reach (eg villages with no electricity, no telecoms, cut off from mdoer learning , rotten distribution channels, no running water of sanitaion . Understand diaries like of the 2 biggest decision-makers in the world; understand how the starvation of 50 million Chinese while America was racing to the moon became the half century homework for Xi JInping guided by Mao's announcement: WOMEN HOLDS UP HALF THE SKY...note the good fortune that Jack ma spent the foirst 30 years of his half century on the planet developing English as the most affordable of second languages turning his home-cityt Hanghpou into the cengtre of social world trade - an honot it had last fulfilled in marco polo days. While leading the province containing Hangzhou a young XI started remapping 21tc century infrastructures (now called one belt oin road) needed so that the East's silk road became 21st C connections to every hemisphere and Jack Ma from 1994 asked how can the worldwide web create the most jobs- his answers were celebrated with Xi and 20 national leaders at the Hangzhou consensus- turing the G20 into annual open space of empowering solutions to youth's next 3 billion livelihoods download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -see also on why Ali Baba intends 21st Century Olympics to be sponsored by health and happiest industries- strangley Americana was buil on Coca-Cola when a sugary soda was the right stuff for the pause that refreshes (building ameruica's early 20th c infrastructure and accompany America GI's in their defeat of hitler at less than 5 cents a bottle -source woodruffe/macrae- world class brands From a year after its birth as a new nation in 1971, BRAC took on challenge of finding solution to the greatest development challenges - thise suffered by ultra poor girls in the space IR1 had excluded or externalized; while 46 years later other countries may have more Ultra challenges that Bangaldesh, development solutions in bang;adesh are ranked by do they linki the ultra-disadvantaged- this has not only made bangaldesh violages the space to go benchmark digital leapfrogging solutions but serves as huge reminder that those aid experts who want to boast track recodres of success (with no failures, no learning) canjt be the greatest entrepreneurial revolutionaries- its noteworthy that bangaldesh invented th sustainable bottom up charity- ie the charity with positive c ashflopw, the public servant leaders without politics; the empowerment of those in disadvantaged communities not the professional possession of sliloised knwoledge .. Back from USA's home e-hub for and ,1881saw Baltimore become America's social justoice epicntre of freedom for girls and black americans- and indeed all constitiecies not explicitly included in the decalartion of idependence and its first amendments ..its truly notable that America the home of the free didn't abolist slavery until 13th amendment legislated in 1865 and the definitice case law that black girls are people not belongings didn't get proven to 1881- in fact the 4 girls who won their case had sued an ocean liner that had thrown them off it; they were thus 25 years ahead of Gandhi being thrown off a south African train carriage which resulted 45 years later in indias DOI and in between in mointessoris innovation of village scholling across the cotiet of india; te 4 black girls of balitomre were a century ahead of mandela's end of apartheid- like Banladesh Baltimore develops solutions with faith's greatest emotional energies (id education ,culture, ) frugal resources (conscious property development) and maximum collaboration (Hopkins for health, under armor for digital as well as real fashion- Baltimore is the usa's only crossroad goal 11 city valuing solution [artners from developing world and inside usa; its the deepest port in the world's largest fresh watershed thus America's greatest friend to climate yout too ( .

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dear peter and henry - can i introduce you and other friends of sustainability of girls i have know henry since 1972 when we both earned an ma in maths statistics form cambridge university- he's been an actuary almost ever since; his wife is a teacher in madrid- hence wise in madrid following on wise in beijing from where i am now writing ( i would know ise or beijing without 3 ladies amy qin and yuxuan who i would recommend being guided by wherever you want to get grounded in exceptional common sense - or come to baltimore where ) is being launched to bridge what they connect with what wizard tech can do save disadvanataged youth - the fact is that in 2012 when kim first came to tghe world bank he asked every under 35 professional to review their profession for impact on the poorest and to end old parts of that profession- he is not winning that war of generations nor will he unless baltimore and chinese girls social justice starts editing the world value judgments i first meet peter in 2007 when i was trying to sample 2000 of muhammad yunus book on model bangladesh used to end extreme female poverty- peter hosted the book clubs out of new york - it turned out we had both previously worked for price water house coopers - me as intangibles valuation consultant and researcher of the world's biggest brand leaders lack of consciousness, peter as chartered accountant - we both know that big organisations are now run by the least sustainable metrics in the world i dont know if there is a smart staring point in this discussion/open space i found back in 1996 that i dindt trust any of the biggest professions metrics- there was no point trying to improve them - one needed an opposite way round model and when that showed red lights believe in that odel clearly aig among others proved there is big bad insurance just as there is big bad banking just as there is big bad accountancy the problem is not having fixed this the ex[oential cost maybe youth livelihoods everywhere chris From: Peter Burgess <> To: christopher macrae <> Sent: Sunday, 16 April 2017, 12:47 Subject: Re: Fw: Dear Chris Thanks for sending this to me ... interesting. I have been interested in the actuary field since a friend at college went into it ... and then later in the 1960s when I got more deeply in to the work being done by accountants and financial analysts. As ability to do analysis got more sophisticated, the process and the results became worse and worse. My agenda was to broaden analysis so that everything was brought into the thinking, as well as past, present and future ... and this worked very well for me in a limited way in my work in corporate profit improvement management. When I got into consulting with the World Bank, the UN and others, I was disappointed at the simplistic analysis, the silos and the unwillingness to be intellectually honest. Last week at a meeting at Fairleigh Dickerson University (FDU) there was some discussion of the need for accountants to incorporate actuarial thinking into their work. My take is yes and no. Accounting has to do the accounting so that we know where we are and where we have been ... accountability ... and that should remain rather simple. Financial analysis and thinking about the future needs to be done with a very open mind and an appreciation of everything, and especially future risk. A quick scan of TEA suggests that the actuaries in Europe have a very limited financial view of the future of the world ... and in the end ... perhaps sooner than they can imagine ... their financial framework is going to break catastrophically. Interesting and though provoking ... thanks ... and Happy Easter !!!!!!!!!!!!! Peter _____________________________ Peter Burgess ... Founder and CEO TrueValueMetrics ... Meaningful Metrics for a Smart Society True Value Accounting ... Multi Dimension Impact Accounting LinkedIn: Slideshare: Twitter: @truevaluemetric @peterbnyc Telephone: 570 202 1739 Email: Skype: peterbinbushkill On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 6:37 AM, christopher macrae <> wrote: peter are you interested in what actuaries are thinking about ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Henry <> To: 'christopher macrae' <> Sent: Saturday, 15 April 2017, 19:33 Subject: Chris, I send you the attached pdf in case you are interested in what actuaries in Europe are thinking about. Also it contains an article on blockchaining, which you have explained in some of your e-mails can help trade to be direct between supplier and purchaser and which is likely to be a significant catalyst for income generation in the future. Best wishes. Henry.


With over 1.3 billion people China must-needs be celebrated as youth sustainability's happiest nation..Beijing leaders understand responsibility for next half billion livelihoods in china- better yet China launched the idea that the G20 be annual open space for solutions to sustaining all youth's livelihoods; it was the first to see that sustainability goals are collaboration goals out of every community starting with those that Industrial Revolution 1 didn't reach (eg villages with no electricity, no telecoms, cut off from modern learning , rotten distribution channels, no running water of sanitation . Understand diaries like of the 2 biggest decision-makers in the world; understand how the starvation of 50 million Chinese while America was racing to the moon became the half century homework for Xi JInping guided by Mao's announcement: WOMEN HOLDS UP HALF THE SKY..

Baltimore launched cyberchinacenter as part of its 136 year history in leading social justice of girls and blacks across america; out of baltimore we seek on tech wizard per supercity who believes tech can yet help under 30s be the sustainability generation

Out of bangladesh the world's greatest challenges built by girls with the least have been designed since 1972 round the family oif sir fazle abed (and with the added joyful spirits of the yunus family)- tell us when you would next like to visit the abed family of if yoiu can come to sing for hope's next new york celebration -why 2010s as world's most exciting decade depends on wom...

cybercenter newsletter -spring 2017 many of our wizard technologists say that early experiences with music formative; moreover if every community

is to be a great space for families to live (eg safe for girls to grow up- see ford foundation broadcast, plan international... - local artistic activities will bring huge numbers of jobs

friends see mapping back huge artisc celebrations around tokyo olympics as one newtork crossroads- the governor of tokyo is one of 30 leaders calling for transformation so that next decade sees the greatest #learningeneration - her favorite curriculum as a girl - zen; research of latin cultures also values the arts - see eg vatican university's and expect arts will be celebrated at the new underground collieum being designed to celebrate youthy cultures of the world- watch how the youth minoister in dubai herself under 25 can be expected to celebrate expo of youth at dubai 2020

new zealand's  has turned every child into a bideo fil-maker- many of the most promising youth entrepreneur competitions start with a round of video presenting concepts and seeing which attract what sorts if teams; all of this should be part of every school entrepreneurial literacy curriculum;  the second half of the 20th century used tv advertsising to distant youth from many of the greatest heroibes every community needs - not just kicking balls into goals but the florece nightingales of the world now need to be assisted by extraordinary designers of apps; there is no point in the world spending 1000 times more on comunications technolgies than 1946 if we dont colaboirative celebrate wherevetr a life changing community app could be replicated across open societies- back in 1984 we expeceted the world would need to search out at least 30000 microfranchises -ironically the world's poerst 100 million plus nation has searched out about 500 of these while many rich nations score next to zero ; if the web was truly a social media- catlogues of how to apply microfranchsie to local needs and livelihoods would be the number 1 home page, there would be thriving good local banks, green infrastructures would get aaa ratings from smartest pension funds and every school would change curricula in line with these local job creatig solutions


Jack Ma’s dream of using the internet to bring small businesses around the world into the global economy has taken a first major step toward becoming reality.

On Wednesday, the Alibaba executive chairman was in Kuala Lumpur to announce that Malaysia would host the first overseas e-hub for what Ma calls the Electronic World Trade Platform. The eWTP concept envisions the creation of digital free-trade zones where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can easily plug into global trade via e-commerce. The zone would offer simple and straightforward regulations, lower barriers for entry into new markets and provide small businesses with easier access to financing.

For the past year, Ma has been calling for the establishment of an eWTP, and the idea has since gained traction with business and government leaders. Last September, the eWTP was included in the official communiqué of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Alibaba’s home base. But the new Malaysia location, a partnership with state-run Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (MDEC), the country’s digital economy development agency, will be the first such e-hub to be set up outside of China.

What is the eWTP? Watch this video to find out:


“I laid out the vision for eWTP last year, and we, as a company, have taken on the responsibility to make this a reality,” Ma said in a statement. “The first e-hub under the eWTP outside of China will go a long way towards making global trade more inclusive and provide much needed support to a hugely important constituent: SMEs and the younger generation.”

Malaysia is tying up with Alibaba because the country is looking for ways to position itself as a fulfillment and logistics center, expand its internet economy and attract foreign investment, according to Alibaba’s statement. Part of those efforts have so far included the establishment of its own Digital Free Trade Zone, which aligns with the goals of the eWTP. Given those matching priorities, Ma and Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, who was at the launch ceremony, agreed last October to set up the e-hub in Malaysia.

“Alibaba Group is at the forefront of private-sector development of e-commerce solutions, and their ambitions to enable trade, particularly for SMEs, make them the perfect partner in this new initiative,” Najib said of Malaysia’s DFTZ. “This is an exciting development for the country, and to be an early participant in eWTP will provide a plethora of opportunities for Malaysian organizations.”

During the launch ceremony, Alibaba and MDEC, affiliate Cainiao Network and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, and Ant Financial and Malaysian banks CIMB and Maybank, signed memorandums of understanding to offer a greater range of services related to digital free trade.

Fast Facts about the Malaysia e-hub

The e-hub involves multiple partners carrying out numerous functions to facilitate cross-border trade. They include:

an e-fulfillment hub based near Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which will function as a customs clearance, warehousing and fulfillment center for the region
a one-stop, online, cross-border trading services platform that will link the Malaysian e-hub to the original one in Hangzhou, allowing for easier trade for SMEs between the two countries
e-payments and financing to facilitate business-to-business trade for Malaysian SMEs
training programs for startups and works to support Malaysia’s digital ambitions
The e-hub is just a first step in the move toward a more-robust eWTP. Alibaba and Malaysia expect further cooperation in the areas of logistics, cloud computing and online finance. Cainiao and Lazada Group, the leading Southeast Asian e-commerce company owned by Alibaba, will work with Malaysia Airports Holdings to set up an e-commerce and logistics hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport Aeropolis as a part of the DFTZ.

Alibaba Cloud will build a cloud-computing platform in Malaysia to support SMEs, while also offering training to potential engineers in the country. Also, in addition to offering financial support for B2B trade between Malaysia and China, Ant Financial, CIMB and Maybank will look to offer payment services to China tourists visiting Malaysia.

Alibaba said it wants to establish these special trading areas in markets around the world, creating an “e-road” between them. Last year, the company helped to launch the China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Free Trade Area, which will now be connected to the DFTZ in Kuala Lumpur.

“With innovation throughout the supply chain, support from governments and important private sector collaborations, we will achieve our aim of enabling SMEs and young people to thrive and enjoy in the fruits of the next phase of globalization,” Ma said.

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KERRY GLASGOWIS HUMANITY'S LAST BEST CHANCE - Join search for Sustainaabilty's Curricula

2021 afore ye go to glasgow cop26-

please map how and why - more than 3 in 4 scots earn their livelihoods worldwide not in our homeland- that requires hi-trust as well as hi-tech to try to love all cultures and nature's diversity- until mcdonalds you could use MAC OR MC TO identify our community engaging networks THAT SCALED ROUND STARTING UP THE AGE OF HUMANS AND MACHINES OF GKASGOW UNI 1760 1 2 3 - and the microfranchises they aimed to sustain  locally around each next child born - these days scots hall of fame started in 1760s around   adam smith and james watt and 195 years later glasgow engineering BA fazle abed - we hope biden unites his irish community building though cop26 -ditto we hope kamalA values gandhi- public service - but understand if he or she is too busy iN DC 2021 with covid or finding which democrats or republicans or american people speak bottom-up sustainable goals teachers and enrrepreneurs -zoom with if you are curious - fanily foundation of the economist's norman macrae- explorer of whether 100 times more tehc every decade since 1945 would end poverty or prove orwell's-big brother trumps -fears correct est1984 or the economist's entreprenerialrevolutionstarted up 1976 with italy/franciscan romano prodi

help assemble card pack 1in time for games at cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae - 60s curricula telecommuting andjapan's capitalist belt roaders; 70s curricula entreprenurial revolution and poverty-ending rural keynesianism - library of 40 annual surveys loving win-wins between nations youth biographer john von neumann

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