BRAC net, world youth community and Open Learning Campus

fan 2013 year of MOOC & microeducationsummit & 170th birthday of The Economist

guess whos coming to brac inn sept 30 to oct 6 and what network resources (eg jack ma links) are they bringing

ying lowrey is bringing everything she knows as jack ma's and trsinghua leading researcher of smes, fintech/edutech, birl empowerment , everything that brac and china can learn from each other

the un has a financing problem - can someone who knows about this join us spet 30

green world has a problem- can one of the ,ksit masive english language supopirtres of renewable climate from prince charles and bbc bridcasting circles join in - proeviously prince charels helped launch banker for the poor, princess anne he;lped launch nearly free nusrig colege, one of the other princes he;lped launch varkey's million dolar gteacher prized

open elarning workld possible ahs a problem- even though banladeshi american sal khan has produced more open elarning content per buck than anyine else few if any gteachers now how to belend elearning with teal time school cklassromms and all their exams - but then education commission leaders like jack ma and erna solberg say the classroom and siuts standard exames are the problem- kids need experiential learning iun their communities outside the calssroom- but how will taht ever happen if we can never use open elarning

mostifa zaman 12 yeras into connting world ro=youth amnassadors with brac and gramen knowledge invited ying -this was part of a process where he had been asked by sir fazle abed to coodrnate all ideas on education throufg directir dr islam- oroiginally the 2 world class education summkits wise and gordon briown had said that brac was the first case to understand- but netither network now ask their alumni to know anything about brac

the origin of chinese studnets actively studying brac emerged when amy and yuz=xuan attended sir fazle's 80th birthday party- it is currently uncleas which chiense youth ambassadors will be attending

one of the reasons why sept 30 is the right tome is in april jack ma fomred huis first bangladesh ventire with brac's bkash - this is already the partner network which bill and melinda gates say is one of the greatest of their discoveries- its a collaboration pathaway between poorest cheinse and south asian women like no other- but how does banking foir these women connect with livelihood education - and whoi has the big data permissions

brac spet 25 yera developing personal permission before digotal sgtarted to come to bangaldesh- no other clountru has that origiun trust netwirk but india has a triust netwrkl formed by infosys billionnnaitre nalkani when he left infosys over 10 yeras ago to work on the legacy prpoject of kalam- kalam the past president of india and cheof scientist had wanted all non-greenn curriculum torn up by 2020- the billion person universall iedentityu offers big daya small opportunity to distribute elarnking or finance diercetly to those who most need it

imagine the invitation process for sept 30 is like lure open space- who do you most want to be the people who come to be the right people to help empower women , jack ma, sir fazle abed and alumni of all of sustainability goals most couragoes bottom up micrifranchise and open learning solutions

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dear christiana
if father alive today he would update surveys on china and bangladesh as the 2 most miraculous development cases of last 50 years with most knowhow all world wide youth need access to if they are to be the first sustainability generation and enjoy full livelihoods- both are future-history misunderstood like all 20 nations (peoples) survey my father did at particular times from 1962 to 1989-   most of these surveys can be clicked through first slide attached- my family's main contribution to sept 30- others need to work on contributions of friends of jack ma and of brac but slides 2.3 indicate some possibilities
who wants to join in - what other understandings can be linked now and who needs to help their places youth action learn or scale fintech.edutech from whom - jack with melinda gates has been invited by un guterres to design most of the education spaces needed
it may not be a popular view but serving in world war 2 as teenager navigating airplanes over modernday myanmar and bangladesh father wanted to end wars by celebrating how any post-war nations people could be newly included in win-win trading routes instead of colonisation win-lose ones (designed for few nations to get ever bigger)
thats why he and prince charles first celebrated reincluding japan in world's goodwill 1962-64- due to deming and focus on civil engineering micro electronics quality systems - anyone who traded with japan first gained win-win futures- of course the superports of taiwan singapore hong kong were early gainers- by early 1970s japan was 2nd wealthiest financially , china diaspora 3rd wealthiest
the reason why bangla and china mainland are worth reviewing is they have  applied the same community-rising  miracles to develop eg 1970s rice science to end poverty, last mile village health networks - and then again in 1996 same starting place with microsolar and mobile for sharing life critical info but all the while china has the rich diaspora as inward investors and bangladesh has had nothing but aid- but brac with additional education help from british aid then turned aid into sustainable social businesses- nonetheless get out a map - bangladesh remains hemmed in by the borders partitioned at india's independence it cant build a shared super railroad to the rich china coast
sept 30 is at crossroads of all these ideas with jack ma's and tsinghua's main academic researcher coming to brac for a week to exchange every idea anyone brings; hopefully it is also start of continuing alumni exchanges- with jack ma's first investment in brac associated in april this is the time to blossom everywhere that girl empowerment collaboration can
what could china and bangladesh learn from each other and spread across s asia -with china thats 3 billion people  (including half of world poorest girls)- if they solve sustainability goals the rest of the world can replicate- to be quite frank this is an english culture conflict reconciliation to sort out not an american one- it was england that did the colonising but it is now england who has more peace credibility at least while trump is trump
or join jack ma's pathway to the tokyo olympics (back in 1964 celebrated by prince charles and akio morita) after which jack wants to change markets ,like education and health that ecommerce alone cant change; jack is also putting 15 billion dollars into keeping research into AI and next tech open while usa is trying to close this down
we need london to join in now because there are really 4 languages that can save borderless youth as sustainability generation chinese english mother tongue coding- digital peer to peer learning methods can make learning any of these 10 times cheaper than pre digital teaching
trump is not going to represent english langiage knowhow the right way round; brexit has distracted uk contributions to future which eu isn't well positioned for anyway; britain needs to be among those who cheer loudest at may 2019 belt roid beijing where all sorts of side summits can linkin 
i understand whatever i write will have errors or politically impolite pieces- but the people who join in sept 30 can see all the picees and start clusters of new education tech (missing curricula) as well as fin tech formats which according to all my fathers work needed to be bottom up (ie like bangla girl power) and collaborative like belt road meetings of 100 leaders can be if we go beyond question of whose building/owning the physical infrasrtucture and let youth see the right solutions to replicate through communities; london bbc royal geo society british council etc enjoy unique contributions to make on green but above all english speaking futures and in effect what james wilson and queen victoria started in turning colonisation to commonwealth is still needed all across borders between nations that british colonial age over 4 centuries spiraled
mostofa would probably have much better explanation/focus - he's updating every day with what jack ma's friends want to discuss most and is sitting in brac headquarters so can check 47 year of girl empowerment  adds to all oi the above
cheers chris macrae
On Friday, 3 August 2018, 08:34:03 GMT-4, Christiana Stewart-Lockhart <> wrote:

Dear Chris,


Many thanks for this. We’d be very happy to help if we can. Could you tell me a bit more about the project and exactly how you are hoping the IEA might be able to help?


All best,





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To: Christiana Stewart-Lockhart <>
Cc: Mostofa Zaman <>
Subject: Re: RE: sept 30 to oct 6 9th remembance party norman macrae, 50th of entrepreneurial revolution, 175th of The Economost's birth


Thanks Christiana


Sustainability Press Club Association

One of the things we want to do is issue a vear of 2019 short leaflet - if father or like minded souls were around in 2019 who would be the most unique 50=100 people concerned with under 30s around the world he was interviewing or vice versa- we will map these by key regions- we especially want the english language component to be strong as an antidote to brexit and trump. Some would say that it was my dads work in 1961 that re-established good trading connections between europe, japan and first parts of far east to innovate -so it would be pity of youth of english speaking nations are to be most excluded now


If thats the kind of contact someone in IEA or partners would want to be connected with - listing from your viewpoints eg what issues economics or education hasnt yet got a transparent model for youth to be the sustainability generation then we would love to know who to correspond with as we build this directory 


we will certainly know who jack ma and who sir fazle abed nominates by oct 6- we then need to find out how to do the journalism to contact extended partners of ma and sir fazle abed- fortunately we have at least 2 outstanding universities -tsinghua in beijing together with its cgtn media division can certainly clarify china contacts -  read to put their alumni on to this if that is the regionally suitable way to form the diary


best chris macrae


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Dear Chris,


Many thanks for your kind email. We really appreciate your father’s contribution to the history of the IEA and are delighted that his name is still being remembered! I suspect it may be difficult for people to take part due to the location but I will be sure to share your email with colleagues.


Wishing you all the best for the event and do let us know how it goes.


Warm regards,



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Cc: Mostofa Zaman a shape="rect" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">>
Subject: sept 30 to oct 6 9th remembance party norman macrae, 50th of entrepreneurial revolution, 175th of The Economost's birth


Please could you relay this if relevant to any friends at IEA

My father, Norman Macrae, contributed quite a lot to IEA including review 100 of Hobarts and as a judge of the Fisher awards


He was The Economist's end poverty sub-editor for 40 years and at time of moon landing started genre of Entrepreneurial Revolution- around the Death of Distance hypothesis that mobilising 1000 times more tech connectivity 2015 versus 1946 : would this lead to sustaining or destroying 21st C generations out of every community?


We are delighted to announce that the 9th remembrance event (co-sponsored by Norman Macrae Family Foundation) is returning to Bangladesh the last country he surveyed following the 3rd remembrance party hosted by the japan embassy in Dhaka around 2 roundtable dinners - chaired by Sir Fazle Abed of brac girl empowerment and the worlds largest partnerships ngo and the founder of bkash Kamil Quadir now the world's largest cashless bank. Regionally Norman had spent 3 years in Bangladesh/Myanmar as his last teenage days were spent navigating planes in world war 2



Instead of a roundtable dinner we will helping arrange a dialogue week - it will mainly take place at brac but its chief guest will be alibaba';s main academic researcher professor Ying Lowrey of Tsinghua University , Beijing. Norman had hoped from his 1977 survey that the fifts of the world's people in china would become the centre of gravity of sustaining worldwide under 30s


From Ying's viewpoint she seeks to understand Bangladesh at year 47 of girls development of  this extraordinary place and peoples - WHY NOW because jack ma has just made his first investment in Bangladesh's digotal banking for the poor -the model that Bill Gates says impresses him like no other


 and many other people see the girls economics solutions of Bangladesh being the replicable microfrnachises most needed  respond to south asia's ultra poverty challenges- between China and South Asia we map over 40% of the world's people as well as the majority of poorest women


BELT ROAD QUERY: at the same time only a first look at the maps of the east will show that Bangladesh is partitioned in by historically uncollaborative neighbors - India and Myanmar - and so the legacy from the days of the British Raj currently blocks Bangladesh from connecting SME commerce with the rich south coast of china and linking in with all the main maritime flows towards Gulf, Suez and Med Sea


we ask people to find their own traveling costs; we will mainly sponsor the accommodation ; if people don't want to come but want to submit a hugely replicable idea for appraisal we will do our best to facilitate that


if you want more information please ask me in dc or Mostofa Zaman who has been coordinating youth journalism/education out of Bangladesh villages since my father first started consider Bangladesh in 2007


some more updating of my fathers future histories aimed at including nations in win-win trading models in ways that prioritised ending poverty can be found at Maps where we welcome the opportunity to linkin to like-minded learning=livelihood networks



chris macrae  washington dc mobile 1 240 316 8157

we are redesigning some of the archives of norman macrae and friends and they will update at 



Text Box: Map Jobs-rich education as 21st C economy on every belt ...



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Registered In England 755502. Charity No CC/235 351 Limited by Guarantee. Any opinions, conclusions or other information in this message are those of the individual sender and not necessarily The Institute of Economic Affairs, (which has no corporate view), its Managing Trustees, Academic Advisory Council members or senior staff. Any information contained in this message that does not relate to official business of The Institute of Economic Affairs shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it.

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Join search for Sustainainabilty;s Curricula


stories of cities surprising Belt Road Cities

BR2 Dhaka where to go to with jack ma to see banking for billion poorest girls and more

BR2  home of nilekani - the billion person id an

BR6 Luxembourg hub of aiib2019

BR0 beijing - binnaul home of BRI weher 100 most trsetd national eladers of sustainable youth likon: home of tsinghua- universitiues that dont have partnerships with tsinghua will end up failing over 505 of their stidents livelihoods

BR0 Hangzhou - home of jack ma alumni

BR0 hongkong-shenzen - one of the world's 7 most wonderful bridges - china owes more to hongkong than it recognises with a new twist - all the best manufacturing jobs died before 2015-


Shenzhen: City of the Future. 

can shenzhen show how smart manufacturing jobs dont compete with sustainable communities they collaborate with them -can hpng kong arrange daytrips to the mainland for financial mivestors to understand the future of sdg economic zones


1 Investing in Girls Sustainability Goals
1.1 BRAC -how to build 100 million person rural health service with a 20 million dollar loan and girl empowerment other most amazing stories of the world's largest NGO- join the week long celebration between academic alumni of jack ma and girl empowerment epicenttre BRAC 30 sept 2018 - queries 

1.2 BKASH 3 since april jack ma has taken 20% partnership 
1.3 China Capitalism (CC)
1.4 Project Everyone
2 ValuingYouth
2.1 partners of 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17
2.2 end poverty -Goal 1
2.3 end hunger - Goal 2
2.4 healthy, lives - Goal 3
2.5 Quality Education - Goal 4
2.6 Gender Equality -Goal 5

please make sure our future events diaries are win-win

youthbrac1.doc youthbrac1.doc, 693 KB

Entrepreneurial Revolution - an investigation started at The Economist in the 1970s as to whether intergenerational investments in future systems would empower the net generation to be exponentially sustainable. Surveys of the next 40 years asked questions of 2015-2025 such as:

Would the global financial system be designed to sustain or collapse local communities?

Would 2015-2025 be the under 30s most exciting and productive time to be alive as they linked in sustainability of the human race.  Would the parts of the Western hemisphere that advanced the industrial revolution's empires demand that its politicians, professions and academics "happily get out of the way of the sustainability generation being led by the half of youth living within 3000 miles of Beijing"?

POP -Preferential Option Poor

Would every community's most trusted practitioners be educator, health servant and banker.

What would be the top 50 MOOCS that freed access  of action learning of sustainability goals as worldwide youth's most joyful collaboration through way above zero-sum models of wporldsocialtrade? This web makes the cases that the Abed family needs to be youth's number 1 hero to MOOC with - we always love to hear who your vote for number 1 MOOC is -text usa 240 316 8157 family of unacknowledged giant


100 links to BRAC

wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

tools worth a look

help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

defining question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

youth world of 2013 most exciting curriculum??


top 30 twelve minutes presentations


1 the billion girl club - how the first billion teenage girls of the 21st century mentored each other in learning a living, and regenerating all 4 hemispheres

2 how open technologists helped nursing to become the most trusted grassroots information networkof the 21st century, and saved the affordability of healthcare and nutritition for everyone

3 how community clean energy microfranchises became the number 1 educational curriculum that the chinese authorities invited the world to co-blog

more coming soon

4 cashless bank-a-billion -a project of the global banks with values network

5 orphanage networks as the world's most inspired jobs agency network and home of financial literacy mooc

6 bottom-up EAgri: designing a collaboration portal on the top 30 crops that need to be mobilised by local value chain maps so that hard working nutrition workers are sustainable however small their farming assets and however variable a particular season's climate

7 what do BRAC's barefoot professionals linkin so that village organisations are collaboratively resilient whatever nature-made or man-made disasters popup


Special child health, nutrition, family and educational development series:

*The First 1000 Days



*Choices to make the first 2 years after primary

BRAC has more staff grounded round the child and parent-eye view of these challenges in the poorest communities than anyone else. Their collaboration knowhow is as valuable as body of knowhow that I have come across in studying societies' value multiplying needs in over 40 countries

Ideas on freeing media to cenebrate the pro-youth economic models which richest need to learn from poorest to genenerate the:

  • next billion green jobs
  • next billion family/community sustaining jobs
  • next billion open technology jobs most worthy of our borderless and interconnected futures


contribute to survey of world's other favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 6 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 6 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

send votes to , Macrae Foundation

  • 4) 6 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means



at 301 881 1655 love to hear from marylanders who can contribute to MOOC valuing net generation as age of conscious capitalism

Financial literacy education links:

BRAC's partner aflatoun

uk's face




Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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