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Sir Fazle Abed -top 70 alumni networks & 5 scots curious about hi-trust hi-tech

world record job creator game - open learning campus

search for 10 world record job co-creators that millennials value most- but make their roles win-win -eg dont choose 10 from same expertsie or same country

try to make sure you include-

some who sustain the greatest bottom-up microfranchise solutions

some who are celebrated by youth for having life experience of leading teansramformation of impossible become possible

some who have billions but want their sustainability  legacy to be celebrated through 21st C

some in the middle of open source tech wizards

some who can negotiate with leaders of the 100 biggest organisation... for ending poverty and ending lost generations of youth to joblessness in a bodrerless world

include some tops job creators in whatever profesisonal or practice area you are most passionate about trillion dollar auditing for the future of goodwill and millennial's goals

make sure you have some in middle of open education platform and ending the 4 monopolies of old educators

include womens voices in deepest safest ways; include a culture or hemisphere you know least about and whose peers will need to bridge this joyfully

if you cant pinpoint a person but can desciobe a millennial colalboration network, do so

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KERRY GLASGOWIS HUMANITY'S LAST BEST CHANCE - Join search for Sustainaabilty's Curricula

2021 afore ye go to glasgow cop26-

please map how and why - more than 3 in 4 scots earn their livelihoods worldwide not in our homeland- that requires hi-trust as well as hi-tech to try to love all cultures and nature's diversity- until mcdonalds you could use MAC OR MC TO identify our community engaging networks THAT SCALED ROUND STARTING UP THE AGE OF HUMANS AND MACHINES OF GKASGOW UNI 1760 1 2 3 - and the microfranchises they aimed to sustain  locally around each next child born - these days scots hall of fame started in 1760s around   adam smith and james watt and 195 years later glasgow engineering BA fazle abed - we hope biden unites his irish community building though cop26 -ditto we hope kamalA values gandhi- public service - but understand if he or she is too busy iN DC 2021 with covid or finding which democrats or republicans or american people speak bottom-up sustainable goals teachers and enrrepreneurs -zoom with if you are curious - fanily foundation of the economist's norman macrae- explorer of whether 100 times more tehc every decade since 1945 would end poverty or prove orwell's-big brother trumps -fears correct est1984 or the economist's entreprenerialrevolutionstarted up 1976 with italy/franciscan romano prodi

help assemble card pack 1in time for games at cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae - 60s curricula telecommuting andjapan's capitalist belt roaders; 70s curricula entreprenurial revolution and poverty-ending rural keynesianism - library of 40 annual surveys loving win-wins between nations youth biographer john von neumann

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