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Sir Fazle Abed -top 70 alumni networks & 5 scots curious about hi-trust hi-tech

x vote /text washington dc 240 316 8157 for a different reasons that youth can virally network around happiness of dr yunus
3 most valuable reasons for supporting muhammad yunus as world record job creator?

how financial services can be designed so that world's poorest wonen develop 100 + million nation to benefit their childrens futures

how mobile connectivity and solar  are sustainability gamechangers if your society has never be on an electrcity grid before let alone a telephone line

how student union clubs could turn job creation into your livelihood's most valauble reason for social networking


we invite global youth to chooose a top 10 way of linking into a world frecord job ctreatotr and then linking all world recodr job creator

10 sir fazle abed - the only person to have linked in a whole nation as a bottom up girls/youth opportunity lab/web -see course on brac or blash top right

9 living national leader who is most apssionate about building next generatkions jobs - shelh muhhamed  Dubai

8,7 two oif the greatest live educatiopn experiments -

  • the jagdish family Lucknow Indiua have over 50 years designed a 50000 children schooling system where both teachers and children and parents/communities love to explore all the changes of becoming bordreless world citrizens; ;extreme innovations include- pre-adolescent youth exchnages between countreis; having the spoace capacity to hist world calss summity (eg world chief justovces with chilereren elading the questioning) , student prize comoetitions...civics curiculum led to unesco cetifyong lucknow as peace curriculum leade
  • taddy blecher has formed partnerships out of south africa since 1999 9mandela Extranet coida, Maharishi institite) woith curriculula builtb by eg branopn enetrepreneurship, goodglke africa eg coding; after graduateingnearlyfree 15000 extraordinary university stsidenst many alumni are helping to clarify miessing job cfreation curriculum - applicable to 7th graders mainly through peer to epoer teaching modes

6,5 media - 2 diferent ways to change world by being great storyteller uniting mass of humanity's best actions - muhammad yuius ; and harrison owen facilitaing communit deamd for best soutions over 3 day open space

4 george soros the last of the keynsian economist anyone concerned with youth futiues siopensociety and ineteconomics


3 jim kim one of the geeatest health servants in theh woprld and since 2012 inviting every young professional ewtorkls at world bank to transform the  futrure of their professin to race towards sustainability however much this distuirbs monopoly rules of eldrs of the professione

2,1 global web - berners lee west; jack ma east- 2 different ways to start up the world wide web around the vision of the most productive media all 7 billion peolel have ever had a chance to mobilise

if you need more information on the top 10 send questions to

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10 sir fazle abed


BRAC Total collab system

Bkash quadir 2


Mpesa Nick Hughes


Village phone –bangla lab


Giirl;s adolescent clubs

Oral rehydration scale


Village school system scale

Market leadersh pioultry


Market leadetship milk


Perfect francise aravind with larry brilliant


Yale village chieftain


Tv search for market purpose Africa 24tv


Will fashion4dev change fashion

9 sheikh mohammed

Place leadershiop dubai-

Leonsis supercities


Leaders quest


Singapre case


Place leadership ibraham prize


Cl kalam


8 Jagdish Gandhi

Edu as #1 nation’s purpose



Heritage of kalam


Gordon Dryden


Teach for world




Wuse lareatyes


Dubai summit 100mn dollar teacher


Will ng or khan change edu/ how will content brpoadband elearind nation

7 Taddy Blecher

Edu missing curriculula blecher Mandela extraner partners-

------------branson google Africa


adolescent health curricula


cf Y4S

englishp2p brazil

coding p2p Kenya


aflatoun – primary fin lit


amma and nanotech for poor

6 Jim Kim

POP change top down professions



Pope Francis


Paul farmer partners in health




Zara sysyem cf1


Al Hathaway system/  cf1

5 George Soros

Economics maths errors soros


Ray Andersen






Bottom up multibationals polka


4 Muhammad Yunus


Solarabilliion williams

Emereal planet


Systen stories 1



Mashable social hgood summit


Skoll social world championships

3 Harrison Owen



System stories 2



Tedx salons

2 Tim Berners Lee

Web West



Many mit cases

1 Jack Ma


Web East Ma


Leapfrog models-ali baba supopky chain



Leading china apps


Tsinghua Ali Research youth opportunity center






500 wome 1776 ihub

china mooc building

acumen novigratz –patienst caloitla

john Mackey conscoius capitalism


P2p solutions



Eva Vertes

Nigeria flying doctors



How can youth celebrate the most valuable stories

Can global youth share learnings for places supported by job creating leaders?


Where are teachers and communities most concerned with job creating education


Why do open source vision of web matter to sustainability?


Whose system rules lock in what next generation can possibly do?

hello people - i am a bit curious - what will it really take to share real time information so we do something collaboratively big to move on youth's sustainability - eg john's friend frank has been chatting to me in last 48 hours on how to hook in with gunter pauli's networks researching hundreds of millions of blue-green economy jobs- but i am not sure from what i have seen in usa in last year that we can even align around something much simpler in terms of having all the people permissions- hence lets start with a case of how china's biggest youth in village project (Yuxuan leads) can interface with BRAC the world leadung partbership in all sustainability village projects- and if you have comments of how to design process smarter please do     top 10 world class job creators

------------------------------case 1 global youth ciollabiration china and bangaldesh villagers sustainability


while i am not sure exactly how much we will fit in next week, please could you keep the conversation going with mostofa along the lines of please find out both in brac and brac univesrity who contact points are on vilage solutioins by the different practice areas -helath agriculture and so on

gettiung an organigram of bracs 100000 people is best customised to specific practical need- so if yuxuan as you find out what the village chalenges are you have already started to know who in bvrac can be conytacted on what - hopefully that knowledge exchange will get better and better -nad become 2 way informing brac too of china's win-wins

not sure if i have framed this request clearly - the point is there are information requests like this which it is better to do contuinously and directly with mostiofa as he's in dhaka regukarly, (hopefully also is uoptdtae on which global youth are expereimenting with what oractices) and it needs contiinuous searching, and there becomes a postential level of detail that I dont want to add extra copmplexity by being in the middle of



it could be that the ali baba connectiion emnerging with hyuxuan's alm mater tsighua university professor (and wider search with marinez, kiehl, intel for which tech wizards care about whhat vilage apps_)   will in the future require something similar but in that case asking through bkash's (development world's largesyt vcashless bank) networks will be pivotal for you and mostiofa to keep investigating

actually i dont know if there is anything that can be searched and translated from chiense - it looks as if august starts the 6th wave of tsinmghu professor  inviting youth to do soimething around ali baba- i wonder what the previous waves have connected; yuuxuan i will assume you are thinking about how to question lowrey on this from chuinese angle- obviously it would be great if the two of you -and amy - find there is info you want to exchange live going forward - and if this gives us some way of understanding which other departments in tsinghua hub their students to the ali program that would be great, and if there is any social connection between ali alumni and harrison lowen china alumni that would be superduper

stephanei am i right in thinking that the vagina app may be the bigest going through your youth crowdfunding at the moment and if so would it ever have robustmess and relevance ti bangaldesh or chinese village girls; if it mght i think you should share what you can with yuxuan and mostofa now so they can have conetxt in mind

stuydent-0side - something i dont understand well is when you start a new yera at berklet and poitch - they make it clear there are up to 5 stages of different sorts of support from

1 viral one minute video and ;pitch of conceopt and forming a first team

2 accelerating development of the idea over winter break

3 getting funds/prize which are similar to a furst criwdfund

4 already becomoing known by a patient calpitalism source and best of berkeley gfaculty

firstly i dont think we have mapped what that would look like in a complete global youth process in s;pite of duba's syart at

secondly if at the same timne we are keeping eye out for a few leapfroging teams (across a supercoders network) i dont know who amongst us is wholly up to linkin on this


i guess after i have chatted with sir fazle i will understand whether he will let global youth interview all his main technology partners from gates to soros down- i would see this as something that should form as a special project youth team around shameran- maybe people can comment;  i mean i have the same query to ask of the people in baltimore who have been investing 25 years in youth in development and in particular their chinese youth alumni Site

frankly when i compoare what it to map global and local communications networks for a global brand leadership clieant at top ad agencies or consultancies , i feel we are not organsing enough manpower/structure stateside  to connect enough collaboration information-  some compeletely different ways of working will be needed to live up to sir fazle and shameran's needs from global youth

These questions concern amy's special powers on storytelling and sir fazle's on disaster

1 storytelling - amy for 33 years now dad norman macrae and i have argued human sustainability will depend on massively opening space for and viralising jobs good news storytelling. The first day i met you i thought storytelling was your special power- ok i am arrogant but its because of that perception that I am quite proud of many of the people i have introduced you to. So here is a series of questons- next weekend may be the last time you, me and yuxuan can be toigether to skype people. Should we see if we can arrange a skype to ask chuck one last time if he was offering you a job conditional on what goals. If not chuck, how about a skype asking whether he you ian ryder, john caswell and me need to meet to discuss whether we have enought contacts at bbc and british council to pitch why they need you. There are particular connections on the billion jobs of green -which muhamad yunus club of astronauts want universityofstarsgaran  prince charles wants , lord sainsbury's daughter wants , what 3 bbc tv presenters she knows (and mostofa, burgess and i have contacted want that),  ambassador networks of the british council want, royal societies of georgarphy and arts want - action networking good jobs news is the number 1 skill britain's bbc could be marketing in a world where its separation from the Europe has put all of its youth's international partbers at risk.  Wherever rotten politics or rotten banking has ended up erecting trade or other walls between nationsglobal youth networking jobs good news is the antidote to make characters like trump and hilary redundant  (ironically vested interest mass tv media democracy is even worse than communism often was because ultimately its the same broken system of designing a nation around a few people's top down planning and tv inflated egos -zero chances of human sustainability in spiralling that). Its what youth of green brunei want, what the youth ambassador to king of cambodia want - both of whom you had breakfast with day 1 of 3 at world bank summit on youth in development, and who want to help dubai build uae youth's connections round the world

Stateside we know sam wants green tv; naila and rosa parks lawyer fred gray knows the family that founded CNN wants that; at the IADB's 2014 version of demand solutions they sent their youngest latino producer to compoetre the summit.. John Kiehl has said he wants to design an app that datamines all the datawebs with green news which summarises what those tv stations know in usable opportunity form. Rosalia who hosts quite year 1 Unhabitat review of goal 11 has often told me she wished green education curricula could free bith children and teachers- after all she is the past ;presidnt of ecuador and ecuador was where darwin's field srudied theory of natiral selection and evolution/survival of fittest. David firth 15 years ago used to be a leader of open spaces applied to this area with support from leading naturalists at the university of bath and at that time the UK maheo networks most connecetd to gunter paukli's blue green economy's jobs.


Bangladesh's and the world's number 1 expert on bottom-up disaster resilience

As sustaionability girls greatest value multiplying system designer this is one of sir fazle's abed families top 10 skills and opportunity curricula for girls and community buodlers. Have we searched out in chiense which beijing poverty allevitaion organsiation also has official permission for bottom-up disaster networking - this has 3 components- 3 reslilience preparedness of communituies, 2 actual dusater releif, 1 uniting all cultuitres the development relief could turn into development. Oddly enough jim kim wouldnt be wjhere he is today if it wasnt for the youth exchnage connections between medical skills and the stage that disaster relief can turn into development. This could/should have been a primary opportunity for globasl youth at vatican to be linking in now.


Paul Rose - The Courage to Dare - Zermatt Summit 2014

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KERRY GLASGOWIS HUMANITY'S LAST BEST CHANCE - Join search for Sustainaabilty's Curricula

101ways-generation.docx 101 ways education can save the world WHAT IF WE DESIGNED LIFELONG LIVELIHOOD LOEARNING SO THAT so that teachers & students, parent & communities were empowered to be ahead of 100 times more tech rather than the remnants of a system that puts macihnes and their exhausts ahead of human life and nature's renewal 2016 is arguably the first time thet educatirs became front and centre to the question that Von neummn asked journalist to mediate back in 1951- what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade? It appears that while multilaterals like the Un got used in soundbite and twittering ages to claim they valued rifghts & inclusion, pubblic goods & safety, they fotgot theirUN tech twin in Genva has been practising global connectivity since 1865, that dellow Goats of V neumnn has chiared Intellectual Cooperation in the 1920s which pervesrely became the quasi trade union Unesco- it took Abedian inspired educations in 2016 ro reunite ed and tecah as well as health and trade ; 7 decades of the UN not valuing Numenn's question at its core is quite late, but if we dare graviate UN2 aeound this digital coperation question now we give the younger half if the world a chnace especially as a billion poorest women have been synchronised to deep community human development since 1970

Dear Robert - you kindly asked for a short email so that you could see if there is a CGTN anchor in east coast who might confidentially share views with my expectation of how only Asian young women cultural movements (parenting and community depth but amplified by transparent tech in life shaping markets eg health, food, nature..) can return sustainability to all of us
three of my father's main surveys in The Economist 1962-1977 explain imo where future history will take us (and so why younger half of world need friendship/sustainable adaptation with Chinese youth -both on mainland and diaspora)
 1962 consider japan approved by JF Kennedy: argued good news - 2 new economic models were emerging through japan korea south and taiwan relevant to all Asia Rising (nrxt to link the whole trading/supply chains of the far east coast down through hong kong and cross-seas at singapore)
1 rural keynsianism ie 100% productivity in village first of all food security- borlaug alumni ending starvation
2 supercity costal trade models which designed hi-tech borderless sme value chains- to build a 20 million person capital or an 8 million person superport you needed the same advances in engineering - partly why this second economic model was win-win for first time since engines begun Glasgow 1760 ; potentially able to leverage tech giant leaps 100 times ahead; the big opportunity von neumann had gifted us - knowhow action networking multiply value application unlike consuming up things
1976 entrepreneurial revolution -translated into italian by prodi - argued that future globalisation big politics big corporate would need to be triangularised by community scaled sme networks- this was both how innovation advancing human lot begins and also the only way to end poverty in the sense of 21st C being such that next girl born can thrive because every community taps in diversity/safety/ valuing child and health as conditions out of which intergenerational economic growth can spring
in 1977 fathers survey of china - argued that there was now great hope that china had found the system designs that would empower a billion people to escape from extreme poverty but ultimately education of the one child generation (its tech for human capabilities) would be pivotal ( parallel 1977 survey looked at the futures of half the world's people ie east of iran)
best chris macrae + 1 240 316 8157 washington DC
 - we are in midst of unprecedented exponential change (dad from 1960s called death of distance) the  tech legacy of von neumann (dad was his biographer due to luckily meeting him in his final years including neumann's scoping of brain science (ie ai and human i) research which he asked yale to continue in his last lecture series). Exponential risks of extinction track to  mainly western top-down errors at crossroads of tech  over last 60 years (as well as non transparent geonomic mapping of how to reconcile what mainly 10 white empires had monopoly done with machines 1760-1945 and embedded in finance - see eg keynes last chapter of general theory of money); so our 2020s destiny is conditioned by quite simple local time-stamped details but ones that have compounded so that root cause and consequence need exact opposite of academic silos- so I hope there are some simple mapping points we can agree sustainability and chinese anchors in particular are now urgently in the middle of
Both my father at the economist and I (eg co-authoring 1984 book 2025 report, retranslated to 1993 sweden's new vikings) have argued sustainability in early 21st c will depend mostly on how asians as 65% of humans advance and how von neumann (or moores law) 100 times more tech every decade from 1960s is valued by society and business.
My father (awarded Japan's Order of Rising Sun and one time scriptwriter for Prince Charles trips to Japan) had served as teen allied bomber command burma campaign - he therefore had google maps in his head 50 years ahead of most media people, and also believed the world needed peace (dad was only journalist at messina birth of EU ) ; from 1960 his Asian inclusion arguments were almost coincidental to Ezra Vogel who knew much more about Japan=China last 2000 years ( additionally  cultural consciousness of silk road's eastern dynamics not golden rule of Western Whites) and peter drucker's view of organisational systems
(none of the 10 people at the economist my father had mentored continued his work past 1993- 2 key friends died early; then the web turned against education-journalism when west coast ventures got taken over by advertising/commerce instead of permitting 2 webs - one hi-trust educational; the other blah blah. sell sell .sex sell. viral trivial and hate politicking)
although i had worked mainly in the far east eg with unilever because of family responsibilities I never got to china until i started bumping into chinese female graduates at un launch of sdgs in 2015- I got in 8 visits to beijing -guided by them around tsinghua, china centre of globalisation, a chinese elder Ying Lowrey who had worked on smes in usa for 25 years but was not jack ma's biographer in 2015 just as his fintech models (taobao not alibaba) were empowering villagers integration into supply chains; there was a fantastic global edutech conference dec 2016 in Tsinghua region (also 3 briefings by Romano Prodi to students) that I attended connected with  great womens education hero bangladesh's fazle abed;  Abed spent much of hs last decade hosting events with chinese and other asian ambassadors; unite university graduates around sdg projects the world needed in every community but which had first been massively demonstrated in asia - if you like a version of schwarzman scholars but inclusive of places linking all deepest sustainability goals challenges 
and i personally feel learnt a lot from 3 people broadcasting from cgtn you and the 2 ladies liu xin and  tian wei (they always seemed to do balanced interviews even in the middle of trump's hatred campaigns), through them I also became a fan of father and daughter Jin at AIIB ; i attended korea's annual general meet 2017 of aiib; it was fascinating watching bankers for 60 countries each coming up with excuses as to why they would not lead on infrastructure investments (even though the supercity economic model depends on that)
Being a diaspora scot and a mathematician borders (managers who maximise externalisation of risks) scare me; especially rise of nationalist ones ;   it is pretty clear historically that london trapped most of asia in colomisdation ; then bankrupted by world war 2 rushed to independence without the un or anyone helping redesign top-down systems ; this all crashed into bangladesh the first bottom up collaboration women lab ; ironically on health, food security, education bangladesh and chinese village women empowerment depended on sharing almost every village microfranchise between 1972 and 2000 especially on last mile health networking
in dads editing of 2025 from 1984 he had called for massive human awareness by 2001 of mans biggest risk being discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations; he suggested that eg public broadcast media could host a reality tv end poverty entrepreneur competition just as digital media was scaling to be as impactful as mass media
that didnt happen and pretty much every mess - reactions to 9/11, failure to do ai of epidemics as priority from 2005 instead of autonomous cars, failure to end long-term carbon investments, subprime has been rooted in the west not having either government nor big corporate systems necessary to collaboratively value Asian SDG innovations especially with 5g
I am not smart enough to understand how to thread all the politics now going on but in the event that any cgtn journalist wants to chat especially in dc where we could meet I do not see humans preventing extinction without maximising chinese youth (particularly womens dreams); due to covid we lost plans japan had to relaunch value of female athletes - so this and other ways japan and china and korea might have regained joint consciousness look as if they are being lost- in other words both cultural and education networks (not correctly valued by gdp news headlines) may still be our best chance at asian women empowerment saving us all from extinction but that needs off the record brainstorming as I have no idea what a cgtn journalist is free to cover now that trump has turned 75% of americans into seeing china as the enemy instead of looking at what asian policies of usa hurt humans (eg afghanistan is surely a human wrong caused mostly by usa); a; being a diaspora scot i have this naive idea that we need to celebrate happiness of all peoples an stop using media to spiral hatred across nations but I expect that isnt something an anchor can host generally but for example if an anchor really loves ending covid everywhere then at least in that market she needs to want to help united peoples, transparency of deep data etc

2021 afore ye go to glasgow cop26-

please map how and why - more than 3 in 4 scots earn their livelihoods worldwide not in our homeland- that requires hi-trust as well as hi-tech to try to love all cultures and nature's diversity- until mcdonalds you could use MAC OR MC TO identify our community engaging networks THAT SCALED ROUND STARTING UP THE AGE OF HUMANS AND MACHINES OF GKASGOW UNI 1760 1 2 3 - and the microfranchises they aimed to sustain  locally around each next child born - these days scots hall of fame started in 1760s around   adam smith and james watt and 195 years later glasgow engineering BA fazle abed - we hope biden unites his irish community building though cop26 -ditto we hope kamalA values gandhi- public service - but understand if he or she is too busy iN DC 2021 with covid or finding which democrats or republicans or american people speak bottom-up sustainable goals teachers and enrrepreneurs -zoom with if you are curious - fanily foundation of the economist's norman macrae- explorer of whether 100 times more tehc every decade since 1945 would end poverty or prove orwell's-big brother trumps -fears correct est1984 or the economist's entreprenerialrevolutionstarted up 1976 with italy/franciscan romano prodi

help assemble card pack 1in time for games at cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae - 60s curricula telecommuting andjapan's capitalist belt roaders; 70s curricula entreprenurial revolution and poverty-ending rural keynesianism - library of 40 annual surveys loving win-wins between nations youth biographer john von neumann


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