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Sir Fazle Abed -top 70 alumni networks & 5 scots curious about hi-trust hi-tech

7 wonders of fazle abed - poverty worlds engineer and market genius welcomes you - text +1  240 316 8157 facebook- queries norman macrae foundation of journalists and educators for sustainability


5 local to narionwide markets matching SDGs 1-5

5) Safety (100% lives matter

communities of 100000 people)

3) Health's last mile

4) Education for livelihoods

2) Food (human energy) security for all

1 Love-servant leaders/last mile Finance


5 factor version of 17 sdgs

1 end poverty- ie design world so each next child born has great chance at life

sdgs2-6 hunger health edu equality of gender, sanitation

sdgs7-12 infrastructure foe smes inclusion

sdgs 13-16 climate

goal 17 partnerships communities national corporate


5 markets of youthful nations





Sports & Arts


5 mid 20th century innovations


Engines for humanity

Satellite and other comms

Tech -computing power

Y youth can do moon races


Tech's moore exponential - 100 times moore ecery decade

0g 1970s

1g 1980s

2g 1990s

3g 2000s

4gs 20101

5gs 2020


5e's of microfranchising







5value chains

1 village

200k villages

3 national

4 transnational

5 worldwide


email to join BRACnet and help develop the MOOCs sustainability youth need to share with each other -

4 education &

17 Youth-public-private partnering

1 end poverty

2 zero hunger

3 good health wellbeing

5 gender equality

6 clean water sanitation

7 affordable clean energy

8 decent work

economic growth

9 industry, innovation, infrastructure

10 reduce inequality

11 sustainable cities communities

  12 responsible consumption and production

13 climate action

14 life below water

15 life on land

16 peace & justice========

come co-blog with us at 30 Economist blogs eg

millennial reporters wanted at partners in GAMES & book of

B01 Bangladesh economical miracle of 15 million poorest village mothers grasssroots networking -good news reporting with and and unacknowledgedgiant


online library of norman macrae--


Pre-Digital Villages Bangladesh Curricula

Bottom Up Disaster Relief coordinator and bridge to development

2 POP Trainers network modelled on Paulo Freire and Action Learning Research

3 Transforming village culture and trust by building health service networking from scratch-prioritising maternal and infant nneeds so as t increase life expectancy and reduca family size

4 Microfranchise version of microfinance - credit for lowest cost livelihoods development and savings and other financial services for poorest; value chain transformation secures livelihoods and maximises BRAC's sustainability (ultimate goal 90% self-financing and 10% funding for egdgiest innovation)

5 Largest non-governmental schools network from primary up with particular impact on girl effect

6 World class agricultural epicentre of poorest  crop science, poultry, dairy


Curricula of Post-Digital Bangladesh Villages and BRAC International

7 BRAC University -first in Bangladesh then as labs eg with Berkeley

8 BRAC Bank -rural to urban 2nd generation families including girl effect

9 Ladders prior to microcredit membership; ultra poor, and extreme challenges of open society (eg post genocide reconciliation),

10 Cashless banking completes end to end banking for poor system in Bangladesh


If you understand BRAC curricula as a benchmark easiest to naviage through all world record job creation networks



When I visit Sir Fazle Abed at the world's favorite social network of systems BRAC, I see maps emerging millennials next 3 billion jobs. Two question to you-how can we share this good news so that everyone can try it out, and if you know of any organisation youth could enjoy valuing more than BRAC please tell me-

6 Next half  billion jobs of health

5 Next half billion jobs of land - food, water, energy, zero footprint commons/infrastructures, rural-urban harmony of futures

4 First half billion jobs of everyone's a life long learner and peer to peer teacher/mentor of flow

3 First half billion jobs of youth's open source tech wizards

2 ER's First half billion jobs of redesigning purposes of all other trillion dollar markets to joyfully frees entrepreneurial livelihood

;1 First half billion jobs of professionals under 35 who align professions and public service to end poverty and invest in millennials' goals of borderless "global village" world.

 43 years after The Economist 1 2 declared open education as epicentre of youth's greatest Entrepreneurial Revolution:

planetmooc invites you to celebrate and map free education's greatest freedom enetrepreneurs: from how the world's most collaborative NGO BRAC spreads job creating edu everywhere it links to free universities such as blechers world first in 1999 to how youth most vauable use of the web moocs , khan-acs and OLA's!!!



BRACAbed ,











rsvp Wash DC YouthCReativelab hotline 1 301 881 1655


microfranchises correspondence welcome - From Entrepreneurial Revolution's search for microfranchises  started in The Economist in 1972:
Bangla Microbanks- Grameen and BRAC - the pro-youth economics significance of microbanks can systematically be audited to the extent that they turn value chains bottom-up. Born of the new nation of Bangladesh's extreme poverty in the 1970s, these banks lead the world of pro-youth economics through the the number of replicable microfranchises they innovate - catalogue of where to help develop this curriculum. Furthermore, since 1996 Bangladesh became the first place to attract partnerships in mobile village solutions to all the most vital needs youth and families have to be sustainable


help worldwide youth  networks action learn how curriculum of BRAC makes one of top 10 networks for womens livelihoods

-------------in our searches is youth world's most valuable organization - other nominations welcome most valuable for community sustaining banking, most valuable for sustaining farmers, most valued for job creating education. most effective in flowing disaster relief through to development, most affordable healthcare, most vital connections with open source technologists ...


brac's home web 1 2 3 4
fan web of sir fazle abed

About BRAC Partners

Strategic Partners

Institutional Donors

Government Alliances Corporate Alliances

Implementation Partners Knowledge Partners

Partnerships for BRAC International
please use this ning to discuss sustainability solutions that brac open sources

HAPPY 2013

Will you join collaboration entrepreneurs in pro-youth educational revolutions like MOOC (Massive Open Online Course/Curriculum) -and so linkin pro-youth economies all over the world of post 2015 millennium goals?

Coursera, Udacityand edX are defining the form, and themselves.
interesting catalogues MEP 1,

help urgently call for microeducationsummit so that post-2015 millennium goals converge win-wins  (instead of being separated tasks) and leaders wholly invest in youth's extraordinary capability mobilising collaboration technology

more on BRAC Partners

We  rely on a vast array of partners in our mission to serve the poorest  communities around the world. It is important for us to look beyond our  present role of mere service providers and invest in building a  broad-based coalition of rights-based development partners capable of  fighting the policies that drive neo-liberal urbanism, and pressing for  collective bargaining rights of the poor and marginalized. By working in  partnership, we improve our efficiency and effectiveness, and increase  our impact on poverty. We collaborate with government agencies and other  humanitarian organizations operating on the local, national and  international level, who provide us with cash and in-kind donations,  expertise, shared resources and other forms of support. All of these  programs reflect the strengths and determination of BRAC, its employees,  partners and supporters who, working hand in hand with the citizens of  Bangladesh have demonstrated the power of ideas and local action.



2011 Annual Donor Consortium Meeting Presentation [PDF-2 MB] by Executive Director

2010 BRAC Annual Reports

Audit Reports:


Financial Information

BRAC uses every dollar efficiently

A naturally thrifty organisation, we keep our overhead low - always less than 7 percent - to make more money available for our programmes. With modestly-compensated staff members, who live in simple accommodations close to the people they serve, BRAC uses every dollar efficiently. When we enter a community, we do so with the idea of assisting the largest  number of people possible, with the support and services they need most. Having honed our skills over three decades, we know how to start small and how to rapidly scale up effective, anti-poverty efforts. The growth of BRAC in Bangladesh over the past three decades is reflected in our solid financial performance. Our annual programme expenditures in 1980 were USD $780,000, which grew to USD $485 million in 2007. Underlying this staggering growth is our transformation from a small, local development organisation to a global movement fighting to end poverty.

Our Tax ID in the USA is: 20-8456741.

Our UK Registered Charity Number: 1115482


Financing BRAC International Programmes

Internationally, BRAC has built a solid financial base in Bangladesh, growing from a tiny start-up into the largest development organisation in the country. In 1980, programmes in Bangladesh were funded exclusively with donor money. However, over the years we have steadily reduced our dependence on donor contributions through growing microfinance, and developing social enterprises that have not only created employment for many poor people, but have also enabled us to generate income for our programmes. Similarly, when we first launched programmes in Afghanistan in 2002, we again found ourselves in a start-up mode, self-financing our budget in the first year. As we began to demonstrate success, we received donor funds to scale-up our programmes. As in Bangladesh, we have begun building a path to financial self-sustainability and as of 2007, 40% of annual expenditures were self-financed.

Financing BRAC Programmes in Africa

2006 marked the start of our programmes in Africa. In extending our reach to Africa, we must rely on private donors as donor countries make grants in Africa directly to national governments, rather than to organisations on the ground. Given that we are unable to access government grants on the scale needed for our programmes in Africa, we need sustained philanthropic support to continue expanding and launching new programmes, while we work toward financial self sustainability in every country where we operate.

BRAC won the CGAP Financial Transparency Award in 2005 & 2006

BRAC’s commitment to accountability and transparency has been recognised by CGAP, an independent policy and research centre dedicated to advancing financial access for the world’s poor.


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tope 10 cooperations of womens sdg university - origin fazle abed /steve jobs 2001

1 new coperation university as platform for transformative education for every age group to prevent half of all milennials time being wasted50 years of lessons from bottom billion womens develoment  on non linear education at every age groupdesigning whole g=finacial services value chain so tech supports previously unbanked - tech has capacity to make costs lower so why not porest share in benefoitsprofile fir 185 nations who main assets are natural - wholst not all will match banagldesh's…See More
Jun 21, 2023
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tope 10 cooperations of womens sdg university - origin fazle abed /steve jobs 2001

1 new coperation university as platform for transformative education for every age group to prevent half of all milennials time being wasted50 years of lessons from bottom billion womens develoment  on non linear education at every age groupdesigning whole g=finacial services value chain so tech supports previously unbanked - tech has capacity to make costs lower so why not porest share in benefoitsprofile fir 185 nations who main assets are natural - wholst not all will match banagldesh's…See More
Jun 21, 2023
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long version can open space support k20 metaverse education and end poverty's 1billiongirls

ED: Graduate students and I travelled to bangladesh 16 times during Fazle Abed's last of 5 decades designing solutions to empower 1 billion village women to build community and end poverty- this also corresponded to the first decade of my father (…See More
Feb 2, 2023
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion happy 25 to brac and digital world of poorest billions
"All%20%28for%20book%20binding%29%209x6.pdf download 3+ years of inspirational speecehes of vice chancellor vincent chang charged with fazle abed's most precious collaboration legacy brac university; challenging time abed died of brain…"
Aug 4, 2022
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UN selects spanish tongue to pilot 2 education revolutions in 2022 - Freire alumni hip hip..

unaiwho.docx  version queens 70th 6/6 help pilot unai guide and 2020s metagood- top 100 people helping Guterres roadmap UN2.0 -more details - questions note…See More
May 12, 2022
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion resources for 6 dimensional (non linear)education
"Organizations and programs: Organizations and programs:Asian University for WomenBRACCAMFEDedXFundación Escuela NuevaKhan AcademyMindsetWorksNew Education ExperimentPhET Interactive SimulationsTeach for AllSTEPP Center"
Feb 25, 2022
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resources for 6 dimensional (non linear)education

definition linear education destroys human potential by making assumption that your life has ever less value if you ever get behind the grade structure; at the same time the grade structure is standardised not designed round innovations your peoples most need as 100 times more tech challenges sustainability of our next generation the worse form of linear education makes student debt the largest personal debt and imprisons college graduates futures in ever more siloised professorial vested…See More
Feb 25, 2022
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unesco research what 5 year olds say they want to learn

the oecd has some magnificent interviews on what 5 year olds want from educationa smmplified summary of surveys from children in britain and estonia iwas offered 3 dec 2021 - this pdfplay-create-learn-what-matters-most-for-five-year-olds-211203133923.pdfwhich may still be at their website…See More
Dec 3, 2021
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion happy 25 to brac and digital world of poorest billions
"asian development bank faciliates multiple summits for asians and word to learn from women empowerment's 2 greatest cases of ending extreme poverty 2010-171 - china and bangladesh adbpoverty38525-reg-dpta.pdf"
Oct 25, 2021
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion the archives of fazle abed - and luminaries - have we missed a keynote lecture rsvp
"      download - BRAC : The Citizen-Building Network  (map) special series on Bkash : ifc (2016)  cgap (2014)  brac audit feb 2017  student intern report aug 2017  ifc 5…"
Oct 24, 2021
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion happy 25 to brac and digital world of poorest billions
"bkash lessons learned"
Oct 21, 2021
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gzero suntory climate series -desperat need a5 to a20

asia leadershup ciritical korea japan china - eun up cop26 bremnerus no leadeu regional leadasia not yet unitedturn narrative around asia bkock - lead out of badSee More
Oct 21, 2021
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion WHO's Economist WHO -celebrating entrepreneurial revolution half century - humans helping kids/teachers of 1st sustainability generation- ER's MVP Fazle Abed
"buzz worth working for 1.%20Worth%20working%20for.doc"
Oct 20, 2021
chris macrae replied to chris macrae's discussion WHO's Economist WHO -celebrating entrepreneurial revolution half century - humans helping kids/teachers of 1st sustainability generation- ER's MVP Fazle Abed
"abedgamechanges.pptx 36 of collaboration's truest orbits and most exciting goals to unite peoples "
Oct 20, 2021
Competency.AI is now a member of BRAC net, world youth community and Open Learning Campus
Oct 16, 2021
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WHO's Economist WHO -celebrating entrepreneurial revolution half century - humans helping kids/teachers of 1st sustainability generation- ER's MVP Fazle Abed

click pic for brac 2014 story of bkash 2012-4the all time laureate of the economist's entrepreneurial revolution genre is SIR FAZLE ABEDdownload from summer 2021…See More
Sep 28, 2021

Entreprenurial Revolution- The greatest human development miracle ever seen by economists co-created by a billion poorest Asian women


In 1859 Queen Vic and Economist James Wilson started banking for Commonwealth, 101 years after Adam Smith started lessons on moral sentiment market purposes. 113 years later one man Fazle Abed and 1 billion women start reconnecting - by 1984 the superbowl found its purpose steve jobs launch of personal computing... watch this space


TO 8 billion Beings- may your 2023 be kind & safe

ED: 2023 is 73rd year since my family and friends started applying von neumann's survey - what goods can privileged peoples unite who gain first access to 100 times more tech per decade? ; Dad, Norman Macrae, had survived serving as teen navigator allied bomber command Burma- so search for goods resonated with his life's purpose.

At year 25, dad at Economist published Xmas 1976 survey - to end poverty wherever next girl was born constitutions would need changing from top-down big orgs to integrate SMe networks celebrating every villages diversity.

1984 was first time I joined father co-authoring genre - if course dad norman macrae continued to mediate would elders make millennials first sustainability or extinction generation in line with Neumann's concerns- see biography of von neumann ,

Royal Automobile Club, 2008,Dads last public birthday party introduced 40 St James friends to the miracle of Bangladesh as pivotal in advancing lives of leading friends to 16 trips to Bangladesh. When we asked if we could MOOC- Sir Fazle Abed or Nobel Dr Yunus - they said only if C=Cooperation. We continue 2020s search - can Neumanns ArtsI maximise cooperations of 8 billion humans intels? Here is a whatsapp group connecting un, ny, geneva, HK and singapore africa - why not you. If you have ever played pelman

-please excuse next section -its like pelman snapping action solution of educators who inspire me most - all errors are mine alone -

any reporting errors below are mine alone 
vriti please tell john which are your best contact points - you use about 5 emails -hope i have chosen one of the 2 simplest-also i am not sure what bookmark is your fav hi level intro - is it AI tools for teaching: Metaverse for Education Newsletter Issue #22
John are there any blackout days you cant do in next 3 weeks?
vriti - if i understand you prefer people saying I have or want to develop this skill: can I help you? to people saying: what you are doing is important will you apply it to my agenda? - apologies in this email I cant live up to that
John what vriti is doing in 2023 is likely more important than anyone else in new york as a missing piece in jigsaws of whomever you do most important work with after 45 years of mediating stories that either become massively popular through artistic creativity or represent what powerful people sometime want their charitable legacy or real being to have played on life's stage Macbeth -- famous "sound and fury" speech ACT V, SCENE V To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow
to john vriti's teams are also currently scaling even more stuff on bringing the future of the metaverse to education than jeanne
vriti I cant explain why or what John might be helping one of ny's most powerful ladies launch on feb 14 - other than its something to do with women around the world linking in expoenetially more community good than men - only john can tell you parts of that mix launching first
meanwhile 2 people john is trying to help at levels way beyond my status whose mission is a bit more public
hong kong and berkeley's jeanne lim at Home - beingAI we have 
now had about 20 hours of briefing of what she's doing and i made hong kong my first travel since covid; and since first working for unilever in indonesia 1982 my experience is 70% of humans who are asian have deeper solutions youth need to spend time and intel on on regarding maps of the first 5 sdgs - all need trust to cooperate around than many american cant even imagine-
 in 2010s my 24 trips to asia included 16 to bangladesh where most people still dont have electricity grids but have doubly leaped with mobile and solar- why was the person sir fazle abed who since 1970 had most helped solve businesses a billion village women could build health around spending his last decade talking to every ambassador etc about 2 projects (each with at least 50 million new livelihoods) a new university designed to graduate the most cooperative women in the world of sdg solutions and pre-schools - either is a subject of interest vice chancellor vincent has promised john and me and others a debriefing now he bridged the 4 years of abed's death and covid having been headhunted from building shenzen-hk universities with the number 3 person at peking u; vincent grew up in a very poor taiwanese fishing family so if one person can translate the truths of conflicts youth need to sort out from japan to singapore and every chinese-english trading community in between it may be him
vincent and I have gone full circle since we met in simpler time spring 2019 at marriott times square - he helped launch global broadway with japans senior person in wall street mack whose passion is - so john and friends are due a double update from vincent once he's moved his belongings back to los angeles 
to john - vriti's teams are currently scaling even more stuff on bringing the future of the metaverse to education than jeanne though probably the top 5 things she is doing are each at urgent opportunity/threat crossroads compounded by crypto; she's also on a parallel path to what mit did 25+ years ago when the architects and civil engineers (and artistic interior design) renamed their faculty medialab! she knows the gaming community and something called sandbox that was an urban planning /design game in california circa 2010 is now what makes jeannes friend yat siu asia's number 1 designer of the metaverse at on time siu's main ny venture fund was in flatiron but not sure if still is;anyway unlike others he seems to have so far avoided crypto's tsunami due to the arrogance of ftx's 30 year old - and presumably the big banks that invested in him to fail just like subprime
John I dont know if you remember open space of harrison owen and of amy chen- developed as real global vilage town halls back in 1984 now practised in most natiosn and cultures, vriti's digital platform is truer to open space than any hackathon.  at 80 something despite harrison being a neighbor of mine I am not quite sure where among his 10000 active apprentices to try make an intro- for some reason john the day you met harrison we never got to action debrief what help he was asking for
to vriti  jeanne was in some ways lucky she was expecting to launch an nft 14 minths ago but waiting for apple's platform ; then she found apple wants to chare 30% of everything her platform does so she stopped being dependent on ceypto)- the disadvantage of that is she's doing far less public work that she hoped and far more private commercial stuff- but each will be visible -eg she is uniting all of a spanish islands ecotourism sites under one virtual reality creator so soon ecotourists wont be limited to postcards if wish you are here - they can hook their skilled peers into virtual reality experiences of best ecotoursim cooperations; meanwhile the island governor has told all hotels to join in or he will remove their star ratings ... or something along those lines - back in 2017 I met the governor of jeju south korea who was challenging his island to something 100 times bigger and randi's friends in vienna know a lawyer in hainan who is probably turning china's most southerly island into an even bigger a game (she asked me to send her a challenge if anyone has one)
to john- if i undesrtand correctly at least 2 things vriti owns (has most co-created during a very challenging time of covid) are
6000 spaces for teachers who want to change the world to unite the future of the profession around - some of these are grounded in challenges like how to help philidelphia education system with maths or tech their teenagers need even if the teachers can no longer teacher it without cooperation beyond any one school or any one supervisors district
vriti - if thats what mike peck is doing - i am sure john would like an intro (this also related to - for 20 year africa has been working on new ways of tecahing maths wizxards and thsi has become one of the most exciting presentation whenever science summits are hosted to twin un policy summits). again john is following this up - he knows the person whose company designed apple's siri apple mathematica siri - Google Search
a virtual reality conference hall or campus design which is able to design eg 10 day courses with faculty who might be best for students on a particular challenge to link in first
to vriti - john knows probably the best network for training african mathematicans to do maths that africa needs
ok i went on too long but hopefully you can see there are conversations  that benefit fro \m real life as I dont know their ordee of play and in fact depending what diaries roll out I dint think we know
recursion 1 in case you want deeper system crossroads emerging from what is the 73rd year mainly dad but now I have update von neumanns survey what god can privileged peoples unute who get first chance to network with 100 times more tech per decade?
at the beginning of this week a 4 star general in DC has said expect us to declare war on china - (as if its not enough that europe 2020s with putin looks like europe 1920s ) 
god speed everyone - in the last thinktannk before covid i got harvads leading expert on what he still calls intellectual capotalism but is probably now last chnace to huamnise ai to say declaring war on chain  was not the way - that was 2020 january that was...
i expect joseph is annoyed with me for open spacing this conversation though we could try seeing if he will talk to one of you two instead of me; johns other campus apart frim flatiron is various pieces of boston as he's an mit graduate
there's really only one bit of un i believe in after seeing it greenwashed from launch of millennium goals back in 2000; its taken 7 yeras for 9 educators reviewing 2015 sdgs to grow sdgaction-ed-tech people like jim kim jack ma melinda gatres were 3 of the founding 9 but all have disappeared from direct involvement - its now a small ny office and a huge geneva network - the office is next door to guterres at un hq - its now led by senior india civil servant amandeep gill- vriti I dont know if india development is one of your 6 movements - but it is connected to feb 14 launch john can share more with you
cheers chris
whats app +1 240 316 8157 
NY worldcrisis group 1 G6 WorldToilet Friends  ---co-chairs john and jeanne and nexteinstein and vincent and jack sim and...


in 2023 I will mainly be in DC NY and Glasgow though I miss ever one of my 60 trips to Asia started 1982 when Unilever kindly asked me to survey how they launched first national womens brand Maya Sutra - see story of next 15 years of mediating muslim womens self-confidence thanks to Unilever at brand chartering handbook

---Dad Norman would have been 100 in 2023. Lucky to survive world war 2 as teen navigator allied bomber command Burma, he probably found The Economist's most exciting scoop since founder James Wilsonwas sent by Queen Victoria 1859 to Charter Bank for India's people. Death by diarrhea after James' first state of the nation's taxation left a gap of 112 years before the people east of Calcutta ie Bangladesh got a chance to build their own nation.

The stories of Asian Village mothers building nations log Soon after dad died the Japan Ambassador to Dhaka staged 2 Remembrance parties at their embassy in Dhaka - roundtable dinners moderated by Fazle Abed. His first chosen subject what could the first quarter of a century of women cooperation universities do to changeteacher and Sustain Life . He had opened Brac U in 2001 to find out with what was now his 30 years of favorite partners and platformd designers in poverty alleviations. Abed died dec 2019 but not before planting a legacy round possibly the 7 most exciting agendas university graduates (and indeed a world of lifelong students and teachers) have ever been privileged to energise

1 AbedPlay aims to unite the world in celebrating play school teachers and kids 3-6. Under 6 year old human development accounts for half of all human development and its mind boggling that the UN and world bank took until 2016 before Abed alumni interacting with the new sdgoals saw their chance to demand worldwide community collaboration

 coming soon Abed Entrepreneurial Revolutions 2 thru 7

=Glasgow Invites you to celebrate 265th Smithian Moral Sentiments Dialogue with -101 ways that education can save your children from extinction. Smithiands have chosen this name to honor Fazle Abed who advised us to clarify why in 1997 was a movement claiming to celebrate lessons from rural women ending poverty called microctreditsummit not microeducations summit; and why in 2015 didmations promise to achieve 17 Sustainability Development Goals instead of Cooperation Development Goals. In both cases the actions we needed to celebrate (the means) surely mattered if the end game was to advabce the human lot not destroy our species Abed's body of work can be looked at in two halves; 1970-1996 designing community and nation building solutions among vilage mothers who had no acess to electricity grids. Deisging cooperations platforms when partners brough solar and mobile so that all humans could celebrate the deepest leapfrog models out of rural advancement. In their time, both systemtransforamtions were controversial : changing the western model of aid, chnaging to what UN leader Antnios Gutterres calls digital Roadmapping UN2.0 (a benchmark for government transforamtion evetwhere) WHICH DO YOU WANT TO LEARN

Cooperations around the 5 interlocking subsystems : designing finace to end poverty , end startvation, end premature death, by designing education and empowering women to be as coommunally safe and productive as men How those most inspired by Abed stood up and siad enough when year 1 review of the 17 sdgs showed their neithr resources nor solutions for edycatrion goal 4 to be attainable in 21st C let alonne the 2030 deadline which 200 nations leaders proclaimed. Relegating education to a goal when it is oir solution space is not smart. So the entrepreneurial revolutionaries set iff the next day to connect education with thiose inside the Un who practised tech chnage, health at the last mile, inclusinve trade mapping - all were in Geneva's twin of the policy making hq in NY. Initally called the Digital Cooperation movement , theirs is now the coirberstone to the 9 piece transformational jigsaw that UN leader Guterres sees as the once chnave we have to transform UN and and any sustainable partnrer including other ppace goverments to sustainability dutections not today;s current extinction directionbs

It is interesting to assess Fazle Abed's 50 years cooperation platforms through which a billion rural Asian mothers did the most to end poverty with Keynes last chapter of General Theory of Employment Money & Interest.

Keynes said increasing the world's future will be expoenentially locked in by a handful of economic scribblers whose rules legislatures rule with. Abed's model is the last one to priorise human and natural development over paper money printing chasing money. More importntly it empowers practical solutions mappable across any and every community confronting life threatesing chalenges.

Abed's contributions can be studied in 2 parts. From 1970 to 1996- how to empower communit development and nation building in a nation or regions where 90% of peoples start with no access to electricity.

That is an educational study which necessarily depends on word on mouth cooperation netwotrking and once enough literacy is attained what printed resources are shared. Then partners brugh abned solar and mobile so that his quarter of the word's humans could entrepreneur leapfrog models as the 5 media worlds of no elctricity, tele but no web, web 1 and 2 and 3 crah into each other. Thye tele world began soon after the invention of electricity with the International telgraph Union out of Switzerland. Telegrapgh telephone telex radio television satellite telcoms all bring with them the educational opportunity of hsaruing life shaping kmowhow and the threat of spreading hatred, propaganda , wars.


30 leaps in 1 billion womens productivity & human sustainability from 50 years of Fazle Abed Entrepreneurial Revolution -pdf



help pilot unai guide and 2020s metagood - if Fazle Abed was alive today which 100 people would he most linkin to UN sdgs wherever educators liked his collabs to end poverty

50 years of Resources for 6 dimensional education - adult skilling pres school 6 to 11 1 to 17 college + everyone teaches & srudies; 6 contexts of education - goal 2 feed; goal 3 health goal serving 5 100k person live matters communities ; chnage to greeen worlds; humanise ai world; transparency of finance-goverance oceanic access to 80% of world trade (not PPP but PYP POP & PWP

Please type any of these links for corresponding case studies which it has taken us a decade to catlalogue in at attempt to honour Abed's 50 year quest to empower 1 billion poorest women to end poverty.  livesmatter communities 

Intergenerational collaboration entrepreneur platforms 5.1  metavillage sustainable community building - women empowered:15000 families at a time;5.2   billion asian women,5.3  brac net; 5.4   asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5  climate smart village exchanges,5.6 meta and zoom-me up scotty BANK FOR ALL 1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6 celebrate 30 most human collaborations from developing world of last half-century - inspiring  anyone valuing UN and youth as first sustainability generation
EDUCATION  adult village entrepreneurs 4.1; primary 4.2  ; teen 4.3; university4.4 ; pre-school4.5;tech multidisciplinary luminaries 4.6 
HEALTH oral rehydration 3.1 ;para health "doordash" basic meds 3,2; scale vaccination3.3 ;tuberculosis & 3.4  Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity3.5  ; James Grant School of public health 3.6
FOOD/land security 2.1  rice; 2.2 veggie  2.3    cash crops & village fair; 2.4  poultry;2.5  dairy, 2,6  14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty ;

In General theory of money interest employment, Keynes concluded that there are 2 types of economists- those whose primary purpose is intergenerational sustainability and those whose short-termism or vested interests makes them extinction designers.Keynes lived long enough to see nuclear as the first man-made technology that could collapse civilisation on a worldwide scale not just regional destruction. Of course history shows that nature had her own risky experiments such as pandemics where the microbiology dynamics play out at smaller scales than man's science could measure. However the reason why extinction risks would multiply across the three post-war generations map round john von neumanns legacy. From 1955 he had gifted us 100 times more technology that made us ever more digitally connected than separated in all 3 dimensions - economically, socially and integrated sustainably with nature.I think I only found what my father was searching for at his last public birthday party - where 40 friends of Adam Smith's logics were briefed at London's Royal Automobile Club in February 2008 on how Bangladesh's women entrepreneurial revolution was taking its next leaps forward ever more dramatic as a post subprime multi-win game advancing into 2010s as 5th decade of resilient community and bottom-up nation building opposite to empire rule;s history and neo-colonial macroeconomics. 

My father served as a teenage navigator in allied bomber command Burma campaign. As a diaapora scot between sorties he read Adam Smith's books. Thanks to the Americans, father survived the war was among the last class to be tutored by Keynes and during the first of 5 decades at The Economist father met and became the biographer of JJoh Von Neumann. The Economist had been founded in 1843 by a Scot who invited queen victoria to apply smithian morals to changing empire processes from slavemaking and genocide to commonwealth. Therefore father attempted to linkin the first network of stakeholders of a worldwide viewspaper with the pattern rules of smith, keynes, von neumann. 15 years into sub-editing the economist, dad was freed from total anonimity to sign one annual survey. His 1960's surveys mainly focused on nations/regions that had most concerned him - starting with maps of the world from viewpoints of peoples of Japan 1962, USSR 1963, Latin America 1964 (dads 1950s unsigned editorials included being the only journalist at the birth of the EU and a years internship at New York's leading weekly). By 1970 father judged that macroeconomists who had excluded modeling of exponential risk from their profession had taken over designing globalisation. He therefore started series of surveys called future histories (debating one generation ahead billion times more tech consequences of von neumann) and entrepreneurial revolution which called for triangulairising big get bigger corporations and governements with entrepreneurial sme start ups blended with local community's deepest diversity concerns. In 1984 , i co-authored with father- he continued to customise updates up to sweden's new vikings in 1993 duting his last yeras at teh economist and his first yeaes completing von neumann's biography. During the last 25 years of dad's life and the first 25 years of the 2025 report- the tech forms we predicted from worldwide web to mocilisation to the clouds of data needed to converge neumann's artificial inteligences have spun through the generation timelines we had mapped. But societies got behind the 10 greatest risk (sustainability challenges that we had rehearsed). So when father died the Japanese ambassdor to bangladesh invited me to attend brainstorming sessions with fazle abed, who more than any other engineer had empoweted a billion asian village mothers to invite worldwide collaborations in the 5 primary societal dimensions - 1 end poverty; 2 end starvation and infant malnutrition; 3 end unnecessary deadly diseases, 4 celebrate smarter youth livelihoods in line with blending digital worlds and artificial brainpower, 5 designing 100000 people communities that include everyone's productivity and respect as well as love of each other's children's safe and happy development. That's what this ning seeks to rewind over the 50 years since 1971 that bangladesh was built bottom up and collaboratively across Asian women empowerment networks by the Bangladeshi and leading young Asian smithian engineer Fazle Abed. At we have filed cases from 13 years of visiting bangladesh -we welcome ever more detailed contributions than the millennial journalists which I shepa'd have so far understood. The 50 years connects networking games of two halves- by definition of asian villages during 1971-1996 all womens networking was person to person - there was no access to electricity grids in villages. From 1996 solar and mobile partners gravitating towards economics deepest goal (end poverty) which is why Abed's design of goal 5 collaboration platforms started to catch up with the 21sr C and APPs millennials enjoy linking in trillion times more tech both locally and worldwide than the 1960s moon race decade.

From 1962 my father (the Economist Consider Japan) started reporting 2 economic models capable of celebrating Asia Rising among the 65% of humans who are Asian and over 90% of whom had until world war 2 been left out of access to engines due to how the colonial empire era spun. Within 10 days of publication President Kennedy was asking his advisers to see how USA could celebrate this good news - a quest that was not competed due to his assassination - a sad turnng point for USA in many ways. The Asian rising model of 100% village employment my father termed rural keynesianism.  South from Japan the far east coast of Asia was celebrating a coastal supercity model through which 1960s leaps in engineering quality and advances in electronics integrated win-win sme supply chains across selected nations. This was the beginning of the 3rd Industrial Revolution defined by above zero sum knowhow exchanges opposite to past zero-sum consumption models. In 1962 these extraordinary new lives matter opportunities proceeded down far east coast - Japan, Korea South, Taiwan - soon the superport variant of this model reached hong kong and singapore along what was becoming the fastest growing world trade coastline. The 1950s saw the world recovering from world war 2 so each of Japan, Korea, Taiwan had needed to rely at least briefly on rural keysnesianism (particularly rice science of Boralaug's green revolution) until their supercity economies advanced. However rural Keynesianism was most needed on the main continent of Asia mainly left out of 200 years of engineering infrastructure .

That is where a billion people's  mapping of ending poverty 2020-1970 more correctly became womens rural keynesianism -up to a billion village mothers  have made it the core model to ending starvation and extreme poverty. Countries like China needed this model totally until the Japanese (circa 1980 read Ezra Vogel) started transfering engineering tech through Tsinghua University and to Chinese coastal cities from which time the rapid wealth production multiplied around  supercities but with nearly a quarter of the world's people starting from poverty the Chinese advance was rooted in deep rural keynsianism and the energy of women holding up half the sky (see eg Economist survey on China 1977).

The model presented below is how Bangladesh women empowerment built that nation which started 90% rural and to this day does not have a supercity coastal belt of infrastructure to advance round - as of 2020 Bangladesh is 70% rural but from 1996 with partners bringing mobile and solar, Bangladesh is collaboration home to some of the most extraordinary leapfrog models such as that have been designed by partners BRAC found and which village women app'd. 

2025=1984 Report's Final Edition

Chapter 1 3 Last chances of humans & machines

1.1 Glasgow starts up machines 1760-1945

Stories of 10 white empires -from 1776

-what did usa & canada do (new world north of tropics including new world's arctic roof)

-what happened to what portugal & Spain did - ie tropical-centre america & souther hemisphere america delineated by suez canal (also where east coast and west coast meet)

-what did eg britain france netherlands do to the old world's tri-continent- land bridg and med seae : west asia, west europe, n africa 

-mainly britain takes over the whole of south asia coastline (while circumnavigated -all change when suez canal built

-without a colonies to fuel its engineers germany becomes main warrior against euro neighbors made complex by russia's continental roof (and up to world war 1other central euro players, austrian hungarian, ottoman..the seas inside eurasi north of istanbul) 

textbooks celebrated by scotland the non-nation; the non-colony

adam smith's 2 books footnote 1.1 geo maps

the economist 1843-1995 (150 years of a weekly newspaper reporting smith and then von neumann exponential multipliers)

keynes general theory - final chapter we can see that increasingly only economists design what futures are exponenitallf possible - expect 2 segemnts : valuing sustainability graviating the core communiyu goals - end poverty, feed all, health-all, livelihood-edu all; community where all lives productivity/safety matter

those who measure 90 days sales of things

footnote 1.1 Smith's moral economics: last book before machines 1758 moral sentiments; first book of man and machines- written 1760-1776 - advantages of nations- which nations will apply mahines as if all lives matter - not london can usa (only if every state that gets machines both ends slavery and designs lives matter with its uiwu market sectors): the ne states; south east stats; lousisan purchase centre south-north states; the texas purchase the south west coat meets the russian purchase of nw coast

1.2 Birth of UN 1945-2020 - from world war 2

to triple whammy of covid lockdown & climate's last cjnace directions to lives matter out of every community

list of chalenges beyond world war 2

reboot major economies - unlike world war 1 let peoples in losing nations grow but without military

-stalin is the madman out of the major economies - how to outlast him

-up to 75% of people (in the colonised  world) still have no cacess to electricity (viillage workd has barely seen any applications of engines)- how will colonies pay forward - nb of the 75% - nearly 25% are chinese; 25% live of india south asia subconinent ; 5% asean; 5% west or central asian 

- other colonised areas african continent; islands (quarter of all indpendent nations), 

-semi-developed areas : latin america; greece m turkey, yugoslavia; parts of europe or asia directly controlled by ussr; and mainly controled by ussr

=economist reports some good news from dirst 17 yeras of Un 1945-1962

-miraculoiusly von neumann has connecetd new htech - his alumni promise 100 times more compuitation-communication every decade from 1955-2025

it makes sense to clssify win-win value opportuities as post industrial (or industrial revolution 3, 4); those before von neumann industrial revolution 1 and 2 - 1 =power of engines physically, 2 =power of communications/media emotionally- nb world war 2 shows that to date both of those machine uses have been zero-sum (ie we will need new economic models to sustain worldwide peopels)

miraculously so far usa has prevented stalin from nuclear war; it gave japan and korea south peace umbrellea- together with taiwan those 3 mid-north east asta asian  countries have developed 2 new economic models

100% ptoductive vilages (local agriculturalm leaps mainly of borlaug alumni)

-win-win trade between supercoties wiyth engineering/tech goods intengrating sme supply chains- connecetd by containerised superports and supertrains (both bullet trains where needed and city undergrounds)

in 1962 kennedy accepted asia new models calling for worldwide interdependence but within a year his and megar evers assiaaination ended american potential to joyfull map interdependence; brought new urgency to us integration of white black , latin adn asian; while kennedys mon race decade gave next generation hope;nowhere has since decalred decadr long goals valuing youth's next 100 time moore

-- from around 1970 the economist coims 2 ways of question futures sustainability in addition to asking what ir3,4 timelines will be to 2025

-future hostories - which market scetirs need leaps with tech first - the economist suggest 5 that turn out to match the ro[ 5 sdgs - and global village modeling - ie fntech food/agr/nature tech, helath-teck, edu-jovs tech, communities of lieves matetr/reseiliemcy----this model extends to wmens rural keunsianism through continetal asia that hasnt prevously been conecetd by engines

-entrepreneurial revolution - this looks at how multi-win tech connecets sme start ups and suoercities and the bodreless nature of erath data modelled for ssuatainble goverance

we can oropose ir4 needs to be about humanising artificial intel - neumans 2 first alumni labs stanford/mit

-meanwheile the 100 times more tech of ir3 conecrns all multi-win models- for example netwroking apps of life shaping knowghow multiply vlue in use unlike consuming up thinsg--- ng this means that paper money economies of consuming up things are not the major value multipliers most needed by granparent, parents youth of the united jnations of huamns and machines and nature- see 1972 as future hostory discussion of the fintech chalelnge - and the need to clarify which economists are sustainability and which are extinction modellers (short-term cash and grab building bigger not better orgs and non translarent media)

1.3Birth of UN2.1 in 2020 


    2humaneconomics.docx   download 2 page doc click through guide to world's most applied sustainability networks


1 financial services to end poverty - goal 1

2 food last mile services to end famine

3 health last mile services to end unnecessary deaths of children a...

4 lifelong livelihood teaching and learning

5 inclusive and resilient communities - prepped for disaster and re...


download 50 year report of sir fazle abed on university & developing nation   2020 -safe 2021 to you -please click here first- we want to share 2021 calendar with those excited by the view: only radical educators/community builders can save post covid youth -use reply button to add in nominations or tell to edit in your vote -coming up collaboarations year 38 of 1984' why our species will be won or lost by how we apply tech and humans to transform education- we need to all be lifelong students and teachers- through 2020s half of most valuable global new knowhow will change every 3 years while last mile service will depend on ever greater love and emotional intel as well as societal deep data apps

For those who value 260 years of adam smith scholarship- the good news is 50 years of work by sir fazle abed has proven that if you are trusted in communities facing extreme sustainbility challenges actionable knowhow multiplies value in use - so who are the 70 local to global leaders who multiplied their actionable knowhow with alumni of sir fazle- your votes our welcome- here's our current

TOP 71 to Connect sustainability goals with by 2030


50 Gates Melinda & 49 Gates Bill & 48 ban ki-moon & 47 Guterres & 46 Schwarzman 46a Rhodes 46b Mandela 46c Gandhi  & 46 d Maria Montessori 45 Smith & 44 Watt 

The royal families of 43 UK & 42 Netherlands & 41 Japan-& 40 Kennedy & 39 Moore & 38 Keiretsu and 37 Chaebol the two leading engineering networks that celebrated united engineering were Japan's keirestu (eg Toyota) , and S Korea's Chaebol (eg Samsung) chinese conglomerates (not sure if they have a term) but eg see founders of shanghai 36 Fosun for empowering world trade out of world's benchmark superport location 36bis India's Tata 36c Nilekani

35 Lee Kuan Yew (now represented by mahbubani ,34 Ka-Shing  33 Deng 1978  levering 33bis Roosevelts kindness in early 1900s

32 Deming, 31 Von Neumann, 30 Korolev & 29 paulo freire  28 saint francis & 27 marco polo 27bis Yo Yo Ma  bbc broadcasting 26 attenborough nature 25 palin cultures, ny-tokyo's own 24 Yoko Ono,

World Economic Forum and global youth shapers hubs-builder 23 Schwab and global medicine man & pop agent 22 Larry Brilliant. : 21 James Wilson & 20 Bagehot    20 bis Keynes 19 James Grant 18 soros new economics 17 Jim Y Kim  17bis widodo 17c kagame 16 Bloomberg-16 bis schwarzenneger:

15 mayor of tokyo & 14 gordon brown & sweden's 13 solberg

12 mayor of beijing chen jining &  11 mayor of paris & 10 mayor of milan & japan's richest man founder of 9 uniqlo 

8 Jack ma & 7 pony ma scholars -6 Masa Son and 5 stanford's Jerry Yang the world would not have 5G without 4 Nordica and 3 Ren Zhengfen; the world's 4G would be different without 2 serge brin and 1 kai fu-lee  the commercials world's 3G was changed by 51 bezos as well as jack ma : the world's 2G and 1G should not forget 52 berners lee 53 torvaulds 54 jobs 55 case mit beyond borders  56 quadirs 56a Reeta Roy 57 negropronte 58 joi ito and 59 rosalind picard  60 olsen

the 61 Jin and Jin family duo  62 Yue 63 musk 64 harrison owen  65 soros 66 gorbachev  67 sheikha moza and 68 queen rania 69 founder dubai and  70 varkey   ,,,millennial reporters wanted at partners in GAMES & book of a project of Family Foundation

welcome to the most inspirational youth 1 around the world and the elders (eg alumni/partners of fazle abed) who guide them safely as well at the speed of consciousness 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0 My family and friends at The Economist have also argued for Entrepreneurial Revolution (aka 4+ Industrial Revolutions-each decades of #digitalcooperation knowhow leaping ahead of all past shared knowhow) that the 1960s with its moon race , new satellite communications, moores laws promise of 100 times more tech per decade ought to have been a time when we started asking what new curriculum will youth need to explore. Peoples everywhere had the chance to enjoy/map new views of how our world and peoples were connected streaming down from space- perhaps 3rd grade teachers could have been celebrated for making a quiz out of that in the 1970s, then a quiz anticipating 1G (80s how do we design the first universal coding language to do what: 2G 1990s how do we use ecommerce to redesign any value chains that are not transparent and moral in the sense adam smith and james watt hoped for in 1760's Glasgow: 3G as we increasingly value the goals of millnnials - new scholarships of 2000s what startups will connect/groound the smartest first apps of there being no technical cost to sharing any codable solution" 4G quiz to launch the 2010s around how does our species start analysisng a whole new world of big data so that it make life better locally out of every community. G-Whiz! I am sure you can find better ways of identifying each decades missing curriculum- but those of us over in the older half of the world -over 30 will destroy our children and species if we do not admit we have failed to accelerate change in what and how youth most needed to study lifelong skills for newly sustainable economic hemisphere's . And there is another issue- I am not sure any of us even have a common map of what mother earth sees herself being/ All these issues came up in ways far more urgent and nuanced than i can report in sir fazle's Japanj Embassy Rounundatges with 50 fellow Bangladesh microentrepreneurs and women empowerment fans in 2012 - see for example how the exponential partners of bkash have multiplied

Abed Bhai's main brainstorming to unite the world is one cooperation university of global poverty- where the solutions communities most "Ultra" needed to replicate are catalogued free to adapt on what becomes the number 1 knowhow web. (I realise commerce webs will always have larger volumes of eyeballs than knowhow webs- but can you tell me today what do you see as the number 1 action learning web or family of apps- how can we unite cultures and nations around sdgs if we dont have a first reference space? Let's call this - and the world's largest open partnerships BRAC University for now. Let's assume AI training assistants will help translate and search every idea sir fazle would linkin if he were here to make the 2020s the most exciting decade to be alive for every girl, and boy, Who are the top 50 world record job creators whose knowhow could be weaved alongside sir fazles to make this vaut le voyage - at least virtually - for any peoples or place facing the most ultra deep sdgs challenge?

since 2015 the lancet has advocated teenage peer to peer health as sdg world's missing curriculum- we agree except that's also where quarter billion girls started ending poverty 50 years ago in bangladesh

we need to help launch the fazle scholars -the most loving under 25s 80% girls - you already have the master mentor in vincent but not the open space invitation so the optimal youth come first starting 1 jan 2020
e a program for eg 6 months in dhaka at brac university where 20 scholars come from beijing or hangzhou, 20 come from hong kong (this first 40 cultural cocktail critical timing) - by all means soros can nominate 20 from what used to be his budapest university , qatar or the uae with its expo coming can nominate 20 women if everyone likes and include eg bracs top 10 villagers under 30 ; maybe india  can send 20 too; maybe japan can nominate 20 who also become scholars of olympics/arts in every city
during the 6 months each scholar finds how to start up one mission for next 5 years of life and all the connections in dhaka needed to mentor that mission as well as top person in her country who will keep an eye on the ball
both yidan (ie ten cent) and jack ma alibaba need to send at least one tech staff to connect with the training too
if soros wont put up the funds to start fazle scholars at least we have a written concept we can send to gates schwarzman bloomberg  ... and viralise on youtube-
this needs doing in october and also announcing at wise before hong kong december week celebrations- sdg action education is the 21st c economy if there are to be any people left
do you have the team to do this or not?
technical note - soros was lead funder in 1996 of mobile village bangladesh including grameen phone and later bkash with quadirs mit legatum (dubai is also home open space itu-unctad) - the fazle scholars just the next leap to start up so it can be exponentially multiplied by all sdg partners including my 60-year long friend bbc david attenborough for climate scholars -he should be given first opportunity- timing is so urgent as any whistleblower knows, (trump is mentally ill - he prefers world wars to being thrown out)

related Dares 1

what is world largest ngo market about

brac1 vilage somen markets sdgs 1-6 when you have no electricity- 25 yeras work begun 1972 - chnaged aid mixing funds disstare releif and development maximising local capability- first new currency beyond gov paper money (manualk microcredit0

2 first village experiments with 2g mobile tech and solar- both linked in places wi9th no electricity- while many experiments were fast burn brac did something different - it used better communications to establish national leading positions in total value chains 1 finance 2 key foods crop science poultry diary enterprises it also planted a university and open a global headquarters for remittances and finding partners in eg africa hiti afghanistan where a national partner wanted to design at least 1 of bracs 10 best solutions from bangladesh women

3by around 2009 most of the world examples of manual microcredit had failed to find tech partners who permitted then to keep ownership for poor- brac became last survivor and so where bottom billion digital finance partners linked in now called bkash


by 2012 brac as a livelihood education partnership had sustaine over quarter a billion of livelihpoods always linked to very poorest families but now passing through generations - eg daughters of poorest vilage moet6hers afre often city leading garmen t workers-sir fazle abed was right;y recieving all the greatest education laureates but none understaoiod the whiole of brac was based on pedgaogy of oppressed

fro fen 2019 brac university now has finds and ability to search out partnerships to connect all of fazle abeds life work for the futire and all teh deepst sdg partners - this could be one ov varios celebrations hong kong dec 2 hosted by co-foudner of ten cent - yidan prize sir fazle abed

i found 4 deep new details at new york--maybe each best by email -if any of these interets you or team #1 eight annual meeting started by a turkey hub now have undp support- 40 markets around world mapped by small enterprises -eg nepals largest private employer social business leading world market for hazlenuts! #2 lots of news on africas new universities- south africa's benchmark of this idea started with mandela and branson and blecher has lost its way but ghana now has lead model and its supported at hi levels in new york offices of both facebook and google; #3 updates on wise qatar womens universkitoies- hub of 40 countrues education for refugees- although fazle abed first wise laureate they still dont understand brac; #4 training on how several hundred corporations are linking ERM ( fiduciary risk reporting) with ESG environmental social governance- while 5 years of work at price waterhouse helps me understand why this is being done, i dont really feel its getting to bottom up in time but hey the corporations connecting this are most of top western names and some from rest of world

help us link the world best news on girls webs creating jobs by being best at racing to sustainability gioals out of every community on mother earth

why do we celebrate alumni of brac and sir fazle abed as essential to world best news

brac can be explored for many different achievements- 

because understanding the 82 years of knowledge pof sir fazle abed is one of the most urgent assignents imaginable - 

the world's largest and most colaborative ngo partnership - ie the networks who seign oransiations to achieve hiuanity's most exciting goals over a geneneration not quarterly profit as the only objective

because even 22 years of annual microcreditsummit were not enough for america's leading philanthropoists and  academics to make4 an updating education curriculum out of the story of how the world poorest ghilrs built the largest new mation of the last 50 years in a way that could have changed education and technology among womens world record jobs creators

because brac partners have some of the most exciting enetrepreneurial revolutions to share thorough each of the G decades - in many copuntries beig a mobile enetrepreneur was quite costly- uniquely bangladesh, china and parts of kenya bucked the trend - see how the quadirs brough mobile vilage phones to bangladesh for about one hundredeth lof the spectrum licence fee than most other places, how kenya's ibrahim while in control of celenet started points mobile cash, how china saw mobile as thedigital entrepreneuriual revolution of all the peoples - eg see wrjc jack ma

5g 2020s AI SCI FI no longer existe- anything imaginable can be designed; 5G nobody is left out; VR- use all 5 senses to ecplore the globe or your local community; 3d printing- anything can be prototyped- even rebuolding motre dame if you had 3d scanned it; IOT- lifeless things no ,longer exust- if needed anythingcanhave a computer (robot) brain in it toi serve you; bitech a most valuable segment of IOT as well as revolution in healthservice accessibility; cyber -study the risks noting big organsiations are the most risky if they are not locally partnered in trist; 

4g 2010s

3g 2000s

2g 1990s

please lote that until 1995 vilage girls had no access to electricity - so by being the most rpodictive [people on the planet woith 0g - they have become the world's most exciting partners to leapfrog with every new g - to get references on this ask bill gates since 2011 , jack ma since 2018, leaders of mastercard foundation in canada from about 2013, leaders of mit- dubai-kenya mobile tech for the poorest from 1996 - eg the quadir family or any of their investment partners since 1996

APRIL 2019

breaking news: china telecom and the intercontinetal hotel in shenzen is the first 5g hotel in the world- its hub shows business women and men things they cant imagine millennials doing unless they live  Back from Future Herstory in 5g- clearly this is a much more effective way of going beyond trump than spending billions of dollars  on lawyers or centuries of congress's man hours
this idea connects with 20 other education revolution ideas that have multiplied since Bangladesh girls empowered by sir fazle abed became the first WISE laureate and chinas' 21st C learning hosted wise@beijing nov 2016 - tell me if we can meet or whatsapp or we chat to see if your alumni see this as good news
some more geopolitical realities from huawei's annual tech summit in shenzhen
diversity of huawei 5g's worldwide experiments: none of huawei's first 20 place contracts are in china- you can confirm this by seeing where huawei universitry trains local 5g infarstructure builders
when big investors do 5g computing - none of the most innovative SDG solutions are created on your computer's cpu- its all on the cloud and AI spaces smartest clouds are linkedin to - this sort of AI teaching assistance is also extremely important for sustainability mba students and the un's deepest fieldworkers to design- it also matters wherever big data is going to be used to empower women in the commuity - see eg 5g alumni of nilekani's billion persons digital id in india- last weeks western good news: from nyu its medical college has gone tuition free- will it or other smart city's leading universities dare to make its 5g tech lab tuition free for other women world record jobs creators next?
friends of huawei are expected to map how to linkin majority of womens world record jobs creators by 2025 -
huawei alumni are not just 5g wizards -  partners are 3 years ahead of apple on handset that make best use of 5g and foldable screens will be what billionaires want to use in their personal AI; poorest developing countries so far excluded from leading edge mobile will start leaping to 4G and 5G wherever they modernise infrstructure, - by 2022 nobody will be putting any more investment into 3g infrastructure (or it will be far more costly to add than 5g)
nations that most cooperate in mapping world trade will also helps women co-create 5g sustainability goals- what will happen to trump's big brothers networks is not something worth wasting any smart (or truth) media (let alone girls schools) time on - all optimistically in line with alumni of Entrepreneurual Revolution  in The Economist and our friends 1984 storylines of edutech's tipping points during the first quarter of century 21
paris will only achieve its objective of reopening notre dame in time for paris olympics if it makes itself a 5g cmart city- Japan's Reiwa era will invite 196 national leaders to join in a league table of 5g womens smartest cities in november and invites early demonstrations of whats possible at tokyo olympics 2020 - check out the smart reunion of stanford taiwan hangzhou tokyo geneva linked by world record jobs creator Japan's Masa-Son and his visionary AI partners
from friday sub-editors of norman macrae foundation and the blog back at +1 240 316 8157 washington dc

notes from 2016 celebrations of sir fazle abed 80th birthday party

 So now that Massive Online Open Curriculum has come full circle - we invite everyone to link in to BRAC to call for microeducationsummit and to design 7 MOOCs most needed for youth economics to free the net generation to be the most  communally productive and and purposefully collaborative tome on the planet



.M Goal Aid Networking . .Clean Energy.. .Joy of Peace and Safety..


tope 10 cooperations of womens sdg university - origin fazle abed /steve jobs 2001

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Global Digital Health Network April Meeting

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2015.9  in scaling jobs-related curriculum moocs and khan academies are likely to continue to disappoint until china versions them in much same way that yahoo and ebay and paypal missed the big pic j…

2015.9  in scaling jobs-related curriculum moocs and khan academies are likely to continue to disappoint until china versions them in much same way that yahoo and ebay and paypal missed the big pic jack ma rejigged them ;

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KERRY GLASGOWIS HUMANITY'S LAST BEST CHANCE - Join search for Sustainaabilty's Curricula

101ways-generation.docx 101 ways education can save the world WHAT IF WE DESIGNED LIFELONG LIVELIHOOD LOEARNING SO THAT so that teachers & students, parent & communities were empowered to be ahead of 100 times more tech rather than the remnants of a system that puts macihnes and their exhausts ahead of human life and nature's renewal 2016 is arguably the first time thet educatirs became front and centre to the question that Von neummn asked journalist to mediate back in 1951- what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade? It appears that while multilaterals like the Un got used in soundbite and twittering ages to claim they valued rifghts & inclusion, pubblic goods & safety, they fotgot theirUN tech twin in Genva has been practising global connectivity since 1865, that dellow Goats of V neumnn has chiared Intellectual Cooperation in the 1920s which pervesrely became the quasi trade union Unesco- it took Abedian inspired educations in 2016 ro reunite ed and tecah as well as health and trade ; 7 decades of the UN not valuing Numenn's question at its core is quite late, but if we dare graviate UN2 aeound this digital coperation question now we give the younger half if the world a chnace especially as a billion poorest women have been synchronised to deep community human development since 1970

Dear Robert - you kindly asked for a short email so that you could see if there is a CGTN anchor in east coast who might confidentially share views with my expectation of how only Asian young women cultural movements (parenting and community depth but amplified by transparent tech in life shaping markets eg health, food, nature..) can return sustainability to all of us
three of my father's main surveys in The Economist 1962-1977 explain imo where future history will take us (and so why younger half of world need friendship/sustainable adaptation with Chinese youth -both on mainland and diaspora)
 1962 consider japan approved by JF Kennedy: argued good news - 2 new economic models were emerging through japan korea south and taiwan relevant to all Asia Rising (nrxt to link the whole trading/supply chains of the far east coast down through hong kong and cross-seas at singapore)
1 rural keynsianism ie 100% productivity in village first of all food security- borlaug alumni ending starvation
2 supercity costal trade models which designed hi-tech borderless sme value chains- to build a 20 million person capital or an 8 million person superport you needed the same advances in engineering - partly why this second economic model was win-win for first time since engines begun Glasgow 1760 ; potentially able to leverage tech giant leaps 100 times ahead; the big opportunity von neumann had gifted us - knowhow action networking multiply value application unlike consuming up things
1976 entrepreneurial revolution -translated into italian by prodi - argued that future globalisation big politics big corporate would need to be triangularised by community scaled sme networks- this was both how innovation advancing human lot begins and also the only way to end poverty in the sense of 21st C being such that next girl born can thrive because every community taps in diversity/safety/ valuing child and health as conditions out of which intergenerational economic growth can spring
in 1977 fathers survey of china - argued that there was now great hope that china had found the system designs that would empower a billion people to escape from extreme poverty but ultimately education of the one child generation (its tech for human capabilities) would be pivotal ( parallel 1977 survey looked at the futures of half the world's people ie east of iran)
best chris macrae + 1 240 316 8157 washington DC
 - we are in midst of unprecedented exponential change (dad from 1960s called death of distance) the  tech legacy of von neumann (dad was his biographer due to luckily meeting him in his final years including neumann's scoping of brain science (ie ai and human i) research which he asked yale to continue in his last lecture series). Exponential risks of extinction track to  mainly western top-down errors at crossroads of tech  over last 60 years (as well as non transparent geonomic mapping of how to reconcile what mainly 10 white empires had monopoly done with machines 1760-1945 and embedded in finance - see eg keynes last chapter of general theory of money); so our 2020s destiny is conditioned by quite simple local time-stamped details but ones that have compounded so that root cause and consequence need exact opposite of academic silos- so I hope there are some simple mapping points we can agree sustainability and chinese anchors in particular are now urgently in the middle of
Both my father at the economist and I (eg co-authoring 1984 book 2025 report, retranslated to 1993 sweden's new vikings) have argued sustainability in early 21st c will depend mostly on how asians as 65% of humans advance and how von neumann (or moores law) 100 times more tech every decade from 1960s is valued by society and business.
My father (awarded Japan's Order of Rising Sun and one time scriptwriter for Prince Charles trips to Japan) had served as teen allied bomber command burma campaign - he therefore had google maps in his head 50 years ahead of most media people, and also believed the world needed peace (dad was only journalist at messina birth of EU ) ; from 1960 his Asian inclusion arguments were almost coincidental to Ezra Vogel who knew much more about Japan=China last 2000 years ( additionally  cultural consciousness of silk road's eastern dynamics not golden rule of Western Whites) and peter drucker's view of organisational systems
(none of the 10 people at the economist my father had mentored continued his work past 1993- 2 key friends died early; then the web turned against education-journalism when west coast ventures got taken over by advertising/commerce instead of permitting 2 webs - one hi-trust educational; the other blah blah. sell sell .sex sell. viral trivial and hate politicking)
although i had worked mainly in the far east eg with unilever because of family responsibilities I never got to china until i started bumping into chinese female graduates at un launch of sdgs in 2015- I got in 8 visits to beijing -guided by them around tsinghua, china centre of globalisation, a chinese elder Ying Lowrey who had worked on smes in usa for 25 years but was not jack ma's biographer in 2015 just as his fintech models (taobao not alibaba) were empowering villagers integration into supply chains; there was a fantastic global edutech conference dec 2016 in Tsinghua region (also 3 briefings by Romano Prodi to students) that I attended connected with  great womens education hero bangladesh's fazle abed;  Abed spent much of hs last decade hosting events with chinese and other asian ambassadors; unite university graduates around sdg projects the world needed in every community but which had first been massively demonstrated in asia - if you like a version of schwarzman scholars but inclusive of places linking all deepest sustainability goals challenges 
and i personally feel learnt a lot from 3 people broadcasting from cgtn you and the 2 ladies liu xin and  tian wei (they always seemed to do balanced interviews even in the middle of trump's hatred campaigns), through them I also became a fan of father and daughter Jin at AIIB ; i attended korea's annual general meet 2017 of aiib; it was fascinating watching bankers for 60 countries each coming up with excuses as to why they would not lead on infrastructure investments (even though the supercity economic model depends on that)
Being a diaspora scot and a mathematician borders (managers who maximise externalisation of risks) scare me; especially rise of nationalist ones ;   it is pretty clear historically that london trapped most of asia in colomisdation ; then bankrupted by world war 2 rushed to independence without the un or anyone helping redesign top-down systems ; this all crashed into bangladesh the first bottom up collaboration women lab ; ironically on health, food security, education bangladesh and chinese village women empowerment depended on sharing almost every village microfranchise between 1972 and 2000 especially on last mile health networking
in dads editing of 2025 from 1984 he had called for massive human awareness by 2001 of mans biggest risk being discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations; he suggested that eg public broadcast media could host a reality tv end poverty entrepreneur competition just as digital media was scaling to be as impactful as mass media
that didnt happen and pretty much every mess - reactions to 9/11, failure to do ai of epidemics as priority from 2005 instead of autonomous cars, failure to end long-term carbon investments, subprime has been rooted in the west not having either government nor big corporate systems necessary to collaboratively value Asian SDG innovations especially with 5g
I am not smart enough to understand how to thread all the politics now going on but in the event that any cgtn journalist wants to chat especially in dc where we could meet I do not see humans preventing extinction without maximising chinese youth (particularly womens dreams); due to covid we lost plans japan had to relaunch value of female athletes - so this and other ways japan and china and korea might have regained joint consciousness look as if they are being lost- in other words both cultural and education networks (not correctly valued by gdp news headlines) may still be our best chance at asian women empowerment saving us all from extinction but that needs off the record brainstorming as I have no idea what a cgtn journalist is free to cover now that trump has turned 75% of americans into seeing china as the enemy instead of looking at what asian policies of usa hurt humans (eg afghanistan is surely a human wrong caused mostly by usa); a; being a diaspora scot i have this naive idea that we need to celebrate happiness of all peoples an stop using media to spiral hatred across nations but I expect that isnt something an anchor can host generally but for example if an anchor really loves ending covid everywhere then at least in that market she needs to want to help united peoples, transparency of deep data etc

2021 afore ye go to glasgow cop26-

please map how and why - more than 3 in 4 scots earn their livelihoods worldwide not in our homeland- that requires hi-trust as well as hi-tech to try to love all cultures and nature's diversity- until mcdonalds you could use MAC OR MC TO identify our community engaging networks THAT SCALED ROUND STARTING UP THE AGE OF HUMANS AND MACHINES OF GKASGOW UNI 1760 1 2 3 - and the microfranchises they aimed to sustain  locally around each next child born - these days scots hall of fame started in 1760s around   adam smith and james watt and 195 years later glasgow engineering BA fazle abed - we hope biden unites his irish community building though cop26 -ditto we hope kamalA values gandhi- public service - but understand if he or she is too busy iN DC 2021 with covid or finding which democrats or republicans or american people speak bottom-up sustainable goals teachers and enrrepreneurs -zoom with if you are curious - fanily foundation of the economist's norman macrae- explorer of whether 100 times more tehc every decade since 1945 would end poverty or prove orwell's-big brother trumps -fears correct est1984 or the economist's entreprenerialrevolutionstarted up 1976 with italy/franciscan romano prodi

help assemble card pack 1in time for games at cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae - 60s curricula telecommuting andjapan's capitalist belt roaders; 70s curricula entreprenurial revolution and poverty-ending rural keynesianism - library of 40 annual surveys loving win-wins between nations youth biographer john von neumann


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